Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You Have to Heal the Past in order to Manifest Your Dreams

If you are interested in manifesting your dreams, then you really need to look at healing your past.

In The Secret you lean that you have to get clear about what you want, visualize it, feel it, and then it will magically happen. They sort of left out the part about taking action. There are also teachers and training programs out there that teach you to figure out what you want and then take massive action in order to make it happen. There are problems with both approaches. Actions are required. The problem is that many people have a hard time sustaining actions when they have not permanently handled their fears and limiting beliefs.

When those things from the past have been healed, it is much easier to manifest your dreams. Healing the past
makes it MUCH easier. In fact when you've healed the past, the rest becomes much less effort. 

When your beliefs and dreams aren't truly in alignment - for example you want to accomplish X, but you have worthiness issues standing in the way - you tend to sabotage yourself. It is hard to stay consistent or persistent toward your dreams and goals when you haven't healed the past.  Staying focused and taking action - particularly inspired action - requires much more effort when you are fighting against your own internal demons.

When the demons are gone - forever - well its so much easier to get clear about what you want, align your feelings with that, and take actions with confidence.

It is the difference between doing and being. When things are out of alignment, you have to force them, and you have to do, do, do to get anywhere. When things are in alignment (not by force or overriding the underlying programs, but because they truly are in alignment), then opportunities, people, insights, just seem to magically show up.

Yes you have to take actions, but only inspired actions. Not the endless doing of a person trying to force their dreams to become real. But the natural allowing of the person who has become what they need to become inside in order for their outer reality to reflect their desires with little effort.

Have a fabulous day,
Debbie Shelor a.k.a. Takaara 

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