Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day, Patriotism, and Being a Citizen of the World

Today's message to my readers has certainly caused lots of interesting reactions.

One reader basically called me unpatriotic. Another wanted off my mailing list because war is wrong and they couldn't believe I'd send out something remembering the fallen on memorial day. I found both reactions quite interesting.

This was my message to my newsletter readers today:


I just wanted to take this opportunity to share my deepest gratitude and appreciation for those men and women who have suffered and died so that we could be free here in the United States. Also thanks to the men and women who are currently serving or who have served in the past. And all the families and friends who have suffered because someone they love was away or lost in battle.
We take so many things in this country for granted sometimes. And we complain and criticize the politics, the wars, the "other guys" and what they are doing that is in opposition to how we think things should be done.
But the truth is without the armed forces of the United States and all they have done for us including selflessly risking their lives, we might live like so many people do in other parts of the world:

  • without a free education

  • without great literature and news easily available at the local library

  • without clean, safe water to drink

  • without free representation if you've been accused of a crime

  • without the ability to speak freely about the things you care about

  • without the ability to worship in the manner you choose

  • without the ability to get a job, own a home, own a business, get a higher education regardless of your race, nationality, religion, gender, political party, etc.

  • without the ability to change your life circumstance and go after and attain your dreams.
My son sometimes asks me where I most want to live in the world.
I may not always agree with the politics, or the wars, or the way the tax money is divvied up between programs and services provided. I am deeply saddened by our history and how we severely mistreated various groups of people like the Native Americans, the African Americans, the Chinese and other immigrants, etc. But despite all that, the answer to where I most want to live in the world is almost always within U.S. borders.
Thanks again for your service.
Many blessings to those still serving and the countless friends and family who have suffered because someone they love was lost or is currently away from home serving their country.
Within minutes of sending out the message, I got one back from a reader wanting off my list. Couldn't believe I would send such "crap." Her reaction prompted me to write this:


Up until about a year ago, I had a certain opinion about war and the military.
However, in the past year I have been surrounded by people who have been in the military, are in the military, or have lost loved ones in the military. The Unitarian Universalist church I attend did a very beautiful service for memorial day yesterday. Several members of the congregation, including a dear man I have greatly enjoyed getting to know because of our common interest in metaphysics, shared their stories of being in the military - some by choice, others by draft. Every one of them openly wept about what they saw, the people they lost, the memories they have. I was deeply moved.
The guy I began dating from high school who took me to prom 30 years ago, went in to the military right after high school and ended up in special forces. I never knew that until we started dating. He was shipped off to Teheran where he watched his buddies get blown to bits and he himself was hit and almost didn't make it. Through his eyes and with his help, I was able to see all of it from a completely different perspective.
It is not something I would chose for myself or my own son. I don't agree with the wars going on right now. And yet, as I am going deeply into world history as I homeschool my son, I am realizing that certain times when we were involved in war, it has been very important that we do so. Was it not imperative that we get involved after Pearl Harbor and help end the nightmare that was Hitler's regime? Heck, if I'd been alive and knew what was going on over there, I might have even volunteered to do something to stop it. In Korea, where my father served during the war, we were trying to prevent the spread of communism. I don't really know for sure, but I don't think communism has been a good thing.
Soldiers aren't bad people. In fact, the guy from high school is one of the kindest, most giving, compassionate, caring people that ever walked on the face of this earth. He was willing to die and he almost did. Not everyone who joins the military is of the same character. Some just want to "blow up the commies" or whatever they think. But there are a whole bunch of others who are doing it for noble reasons - for protection, for service, because they love their country, their families, their way of life.     
War, like most things, is not as simple as black and white, good and bad, right and wrong. 
To walk the journey I walk, I've been forced to look at my judgments of everything. And this was a big one for me. 
I grieve when others suffer. Soldiers and their families are no exception.
I wish you well,


Later on I went on Facebook and discovered that one of my friends had disliked the way I said "where I most want to live in the world is almost always within U.S. borders." Apparently that isn't being patriotic enough. So that comment prompted me to write the following:


I've already married a foreigner and left the U.S., lived off American soil, even became a permanent resident somewhere else - heaven forbid - LOL.

If I was willing to do something once, then perhaps I would do it again. Every day is a new day and I have no idea what my future holds. I've moved for love more than once. I've moved for work more than once. Could either of those things, or something else, take me to another foreign land? Who knows. But I am definitely open to all possibilities.

I greatly enjoyed my time with our Canadian neighbors. If it weren't so bloody cold, I might still be there.

Most of the people I know who have lived in a foreign country, even for a little while, have been greatly enriched by the experience.

My son is a dual citizen. I'm thrilled for him.

Beautiful places all over the world call out to me -  San Diego, Hawaii, Belize, New Zealand, and many more. As my friend, Brian, island hops by boat for a whole year, I see the photos he posts and wonder if that place is somewhere I might like to visit or even live for awhile.

I am human just like 6.8 billion other people. My home is earth. I want happiness, health, and freedom from tyranny for everyone on the planet regardless of country, gender, age, religion, race, economic status, education level, political view, and anything else that keeps us artificially separated.

I'm an American citizen. I live on American soil. I enjoy the people and place where I currently live.

Yet I am definitely a person of the world. I've traveled and love to do so. I love finding out about cultures, food, dress, customs and religions others enjoy. I don't like war. I don't even like arguments. I care when others are suffering - I don't care who they are or where they live.

I look at the whole of the earth and all its creatures as a mother, or even grandmother, looks on her children or her grandchildren. They are all different. Yet they are all loved and cared for. I want them all to be healthy, safe, nurtured and protected. I want them all to thrive and be happy.

I loved a soldier and he touched my soul. I felt his pain and the pain of all the soldiers and all the families that have ever dealt with the aftermath of war. This day is about remembering their loss and their gift of service.   

May they all be blessed,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wesak Full Moon and Light Activation with Water

The latest Here's to Your Magnificence newsletter is available at

It contains my latest article on the church, Jesus, angels, dolphins, and the Wesak Full Moon. I introduce a new long distance energy healing method called Light Activation with Water.

Have a deLightful day,

I would love to hear what you have to say about this subject!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Taking Responsibility for Your Health, Wealth, Happiness, Success, Love, Fulfillment, and Inner Peace

Have you ever made the conscious choice to take responsibility for your health, your wealth, your happiness, your success, your love, your sense of fulfillment and level of inner peace?

You have to do that you know!

You can be a victim, feeling like things outside yourself are the cause of your poor health, your failed relationships, your financial mess, or you anger. And as long as you believe that it is those things outside of you, the things you have no control over, that make or break your happiness, your health, your relationships, well everything in your life, then you will continue to be at the whim of the universe. You can blame the economy, your genetics, your spouse, your parents, your boss, the government and on and on about the life you are living. But the truth is, you have much more influence than you think.

If you want to improve a certain area of your life, then you have to seek out experts and learn about things you can do to change. Its you that must do the changing.

When you realize that you actually have a great deal of influence on your life circumstances, then you will realize that you can change a little or a lot and see dramatic results.

Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.

If your life isn't working, then something needs to change.

If your health is not what you'd like it to be, then you must change what you eat, drink, breathe, and even read and watch.

If your relationships aren't what you'd like them to be, then you must change how you speak, listen, react, and interact with others.

If your finances aren't what you'd like them to be, then you must change how you spend, save, invest, and otherwise use your money.

If your level of happiness and inner peace aren't what you'd like them to be, then you must change how you view the world, let go of your past, learn to meditate, forgive, connect with nature, spend time alone taking care of you, and much more.

The interesting thing about happiness is that if you discover how to be more happy, the other areas of life naturally fall in line. Finances, health, relationships, and everything tend to improve when you have a better state of mind.

Life works when you are happy, it sucks when you are not.

Have a fabulous day,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Get Healthy, Eat Healthy, Lose Weight, Have More Energy, Enjoy Life More!

Get Healthy, Eat Healthy, Lose Weight, Have More Energy, Enjoy Life More!

Can't believe people haven't figured out that you can't put crap in or on your body and expect to stay healthy. What starts on the soil, on the plant, or in the animal, ends up making your new cells. Gosh, I think it would take a rocket scientist to figure out that the only way to have healthy cells, is to feed them truly healthy food - sans chemicals. Duh! Seriously - what most people don't know about health and nutrition, I find truly scary!

For me personally, and people I know personally, the elimination of as many chemicals as possible from what we put in or on our body made a gigantic difference in our health. I went from needing 16 hours of sleep a day to only 6, with ample energy, and all body systems functioning significantly better than before. When you practically live at the doctors office and your health simply continues to get worse despite all the crap (sorry, medicine) they give you to take, you do what I did and seek alternative answers. I am NOT saying to ignore your doctor's advice or stop taking medicine that you need. I'm saying take full responsibility for your health and in addition to what the doctor suggests, learn to take better care of yourself. Study what the Bragg people have to say. Some of it sounds weird, but it definitely does work.

I know a little girl who ran barefoot across a neighbor's lawn that had been "treated" for pests and she began have severe seizures that took several years and many doctors and alternative therapies to straighten out. The pesticide is the same stuff sold at any home and garden store.

I'm all about prevention and wellness now.

I've seen miraculous changes in people's health, including my own, when they simply learn how to eat better, supplement with vitamins, minerals, and herbs, drink plenty of "good" water - not the junk that comes out of the tap, exercise regularly, get plenty of rest, eliminate soda entirely, stop smoking, stop spraying their lawns, their bodies, and their homes with toxins.

God gave us a body that was designed to function perfectly. And people who take great care of it, like the Okinawans -, reap the benefits of a very long life. The U.S. comes out 48th in life expectancy.

As a form of senior insurance, I recommend eating right, drinking plenty of pure fresh water, 

We need fewer fast foods and more organically grown veggies, less soda and more healthy tea, less french fries and more brown rice.

I'm not vegetarian. But I eat much less red meat than I do fish.

I've been healthy and I've been severally unhealthy. It took weird Chinese herbs and a complete change in eating, sleeping, exercise, and everything else patterns to get me to the level of health and vibrancy I experience today.

I've seen numerous research results indicating that the levels of various very important nutrients are much higher in organic produce than in non-organic. In many places - unfortunately not in the part of the U.S. where I live - organic is competing quite well in price with its chemical ridden cousins.

Its not just about eliminating what's not good for you. Its also about adding truly beneficial things. When you are getting truly high nutrient powerful food, and your body is utilizing it properly, the cravings for junk actually reduce significantly or goes away altogether. When people add the Xooma Xtreme X2O product I offer to their daily regimen, besides more energy, and weight loss, etc., one of the first things that happens is the reduction in desire for unhealthy stuff. Another great power food choice is blue green algae. My body loves the stuff.

As a form of senior insurance, I recommend eating right, drinking plenty of pure fresh water, exercising regularly, and supplementing daily with Xooma Xtreme X20 water enhancement product with minerals (

My main focus is the emotional/mental causes of poor health - healing the past and all that. But your health affects your ability to concentrate, make good decisions, and function in the world. A healthy body is fundamental to being in flow with the Universe.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Peace and Mother's Day

Are Mother's the Answer to Peace?

I once had the great honor of being told several teaching stories by a Lakota Elder, Selo Black Crow. One of the things he told me was that when a group of women come together to pray, they can change everything. Even though he is no longer with us, his words have remained forever etched within my heart.

This video about Mother's Day for Peace was posted by one of my friends on Facebook:

The ideas presented in the Mother's Day for Peace video represent the very epitome of who I am and what I'm about. 

My love, care, and compassion have no boundaries or borders. I weep as much for the starving child in Africa as I do for the homeless child living on the streets of L.A. or the one in my own town who just lost their mother to cancer. 

I have concern not only for the safety of my own child, but for the safety of all children.

I don't just worry about the dramas going on in the lives of my best friends, but in the lives of all people  experiencing pain and suffering.

My love and concern, my blessings and thoughts of hope look beyond a person's:
  • gender,
  • age,
  • nationality,
  • religion,
  • political party,
  • lifestyle choice,
  • occupation,
  • social status,
  • skin color,
  • education level, or
  • anything else.
When we stop noticing our differences and focus on our similarities, we will know peace.
When we can put ourselves in someone else's shoes for even a brief moment, we will experience a deeper level of understanding, compassion, and forgiveness for their behavior.
When we soften our gaze, let go of our judgment and criticism of one another, we will see the beauty of each individual and it will shine forth.
When we realize that people are doing the best they can, and if they had the tools and knew another way they would make different choices, we would find forgiveness easier to give.
When we realize that God has already forgiven us, then we can forgive ourselves, and then in turn we can forgive others.

For without the forgiveness of self, there can be no forgiveness of others.
Without the love of self, there can be no love of others.
Without compassion for self, there can be no compassion for others.
Without appreciation and acceptance of self, there can be no appreciation and acceptance of another.

We are all in this together. How we choose to live our lives and interact with others is a choice. We can be angry, cynical, and judgmental about the people in our world. Or we can choose peace, acceptance, and compassion instead. One leads to unhappiness. The other to joy.

Have a delightful day,

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shamanism Books and Earth Based Spirituality

When a person begins seeking answers to life's many mysteries, they sometimes end up on a spiritual journey. Some are drawn to study eastern religions. Others learn about angels, ascended masters, and connecting with other beings of light. And some are drawn to the native traditions known as Shamanism or earth based spirituality.

Are you drawn to books and practices related to Shamanism and Earth Based Spirituality?

There are as many shamanic paths as there are native traditions from around the globe. Shaman means "one who sees in the dark," meaning they are aware of, and can navigate, in the unseen world. I'm talking about what exists beyond the 5 senses. You can learn more about that in my article about shamanism and earth based spirituality.

Many people became aware of the Toltec tradition as a spiritual path through the writings of  Carlos Castaneda and other authors writing about a Toltec teacher from Mexico known as Don Juan.

I studied the Castaneda stuff for awhile. Met several people who had once lived in Mexico and been part of that teaching. I even met a guy who was rumored to be the actual Don Juan. I did a weekend workshop with a Toltec woman living in California. Although interesting, I found the whole Castaneda/Don Juan path of shamanism a very difficult one. It often called for very arduous physical and mental practices. Recapitulation can take years. But the bottom line for me was that all the people I met who followed that path were tense, serious, fairly unhappy people.

More recently, Miguel Ruiz introduced an even larger audience to the Toltec Path. His Four Agreements are widely studied and practiced and seem to contain none of the rigorous disciplines of the Castaneda era. One of my best friends is studying it with her Husband. A nice choice for learning how to love, play, and work with others.
The Four Agreements Toltec Wisdom Collection: 3-Book Boxed Set

If you like the earth based spiritual approach, my absolute favorite book is Shaman, Healer, Sage by Alberto Villoldo. He has several other very good books.
Shaman, Healer, Sage: How to Heal Yourself and Others with the Energy Medicine of the Americas

I'm really into spiritual adventure novels. I like them because they tell an interesting story and you get to learn about spiritual practices and techniques at the same time.

If you like the feel of being in the Andies with the shaman or "medicine" people there, a great story is The Brotherhood of the Magi by Jessie Ayani.
The Brotherhood of the Magi

The Warrior series by Dan Millman is also very thought provoking and fun.
Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives

Hank Wesselman's series is very fascinating. It forces you to contemplate a few things you might not even consider otherwise. I've met all of these authors at one time or another. Hank is in my friends list on Facebook if you want to check out more about him.
Spiritwalker: Messages from the Future

If you want to learn about Soul Retrieval, Sandra Ingerman's book is very good. She has taught people the world over. I attended one of her workshops while living in Santa Fe. I almost laughed out loud when she started talking about the ways various shaman enter the other worlds for healing. One way is by imagining going down into water. I've been leading people in guided meditations for over 15 years and I often tell them to imagine going down into water. I didn't know until her class that what I had been doing all these years could be officially called a shamanic journey. As with most of the techniques I teach, I was just using the words and imagery that came to me while in meditation and prayer.
Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self

The processes in my ebook, Freeway to Freedom, can be used in place of recapitulation (Toltec) and/or soul retrieval (various shamanic traditions). They are significantly easier, faster, and don't require nearly the hardship that the shamanic path sometimes entails.

There are numerous other books on Shamanism and Earth Based Spirituality. These are just a few that I've read over the years.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Babies

I was involved in a discussion on Facebook with the minister at the Unitarian Universalist church I attend. The discussion was about how U.S. women come up 28th on a list of best places to be a mother. We ended up talking about pregnancy. Many of those who made comments were talking about lack of health insurance and other possible causes of pregnancy complications and even death.

 "A woman in the Unites States is more than five times as likely as a woman in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece or Italy to die from pregnancy-related causes in her lifetime and her risk of maternal death is nearly 10-fold that of a woman in Ireland," the report said.

Since I've been working on a book about the topic, this is what I had to say:

Guess thats why I had mine at home in water in Canada, without a doctor or a midwife. Caution - don't try this at home. lol 
Rumor has it that lying on your back with your feet in the air was started by Louis (the something) of France who was a voyeur - wanted to watch the ladies of the court give birth, among other things. Since the aristocrats were doing it, the peasants wanted to be like them, and it traveled through Europe like the plague. Goes against gravity. Completely unnatural. 
I know tons of ladies who didn't do it the "normal" way and we had little to no pain. Some of the ladies I interviewed for a book I was writing about pregnancy had their baby completely pain free in 45 minutes flat. 
The bottom line with pregnancy is that humans have been doing it as long as there have been humans. It is natural. It is normal. It is not a medical crisis - yet in this country that is how it is treated. Everyone is freaked out and scared and it is impossible to relax and let nature take its course when one is freaked out and scared.

Most people in this country have no clue how to care for themselves. They don't exercise. They live on caffeine. They don't get enough sleep. I think it has a great deal to do with what Americans consider diet. Inexpensive "food" like giant sodas, junk food, and fried foods are the perfect ingredients for bad health - for both mother and child.

Without a well balanced diet full of trace minerals, greens, enough water, etc. the body simply can't do what it needs to do. Systems don't work, digestion doesn't happen, hormones don't operate property.  If people learned how to care for themselves, they wouldn't need nearly the amount of medical intervention - or affordable life insurance online - as they do now.

My former landlord in Santa Fe took his family to Italy. He was amazed at the difference in the people there. He said he and his family were the only fat people he saw anywhere. Everyone walked a great deal. That means they are outside and moving their body. The Mediterranean diet is also a very healthy one.

Everyone I know that had a pain free and/or quick birth took time for themselves, spent a great deal of time outside in nature, walked a lot, ate very very well, and meditated regularly. When you do those things you are not only in touch with your own body, but the body of the child you are carrying.  That is how I spent my pregnancy.

I knew the day I conceived. I knew he was a boy. I knew he was backwards. I was simply in touch with nature, my own body, and my child. That's how to have a healthy birth.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flowing with Life Instead of Fighting Against It

One of my high school buddies posted a comment about all the "bad:" things that happened to him recently. He said that even though things were not what he would like, he found himself saying "oh well" instead of getting upset. This was my comment to him:

"I've spent half my life teaching people how to not get all bent out of shape when life throws you a curve ball. In those moments of reaction, you stress yourself out which affects your health and your ability to think clearly and make good decisions. "Oh well," lets you experience the moment in its fullness and see options and solutions you never would if you were angry or upset. Flowing with life, not against it, leads to a more joy-filled life all around. Good for you . . ."

Every day we face situations that we can flow with, or fight against. Here are several of my articles to help you learn to flow:

How to Flow With Life in a Rigid World
How to Handle Change with Ease and Grace
Being Stuck in Negativity - The Negative Thinking Spin, Don't Go There!
You Know When You Are In the Universal Flow
Personal Growth Requires that when Faced With Change You Make Different Choices
On a Wing and a Prayer, Following Faith, Intuition, and Trust (Watch out - this one is mighty esoteric!)
Learning to Ride the Waves of Life (Another very esoteric, but powerful article, for you to enjoy!)

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