Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flowing with Life Instead of Fighting Against It

One of my high school buddies posted a comment about all the "bad:" things that happened to him recently. He said that even though things were not what he would like, he found himself saying "oh well" instead of getting upset. This was my comment to him:

"I've spent half my life teaching people how to not get all bent out of shape when life throws you a curve ball. In those moments of reaction, you stress yourself out which affects your health and your ability to think clearly and make good decisions. "Oh well," lets you experience the moment in its fullness and see options and solutions you never would if you were angry or upset. Flowing with life, not against it, leads to a more joy-filled life all around. Good for you . . ."

Every day we face situations that we can flow with, or fight against. Here are several of my articles to help you learn to flow:

How to Flow With Life in a Rigid World
How to Handle Change with Ease and Grace
Being Stuck in Negativity - The Negative Thinking Spin, Don't Go There!
You Know When You Are In the Universal Flow
Personal Growth Requires that when Faced With Change You Make Different Choices
On a Wing and a Prayer, Following Faith, Intuition, and Trust (Watch out - this one is mighty esoteric!)
Learning to Ride the Waves of Life (Another very esoteric, but powerful article, for you to enjoy!)


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