Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Get Healthy, Eat Healthy, Lose Weight, Have More Energy, Enjoy Life More!

Get Healthy, Eat Healthy, Lose Weight, Have More Energy, Enjoy Life More!

Can't believe people haven't figured out that you can't put crap in or on your body and expect to stay healthy. What starts on the soil, on the plant, or in the animal, ends up making your new cells. Gosh, I think it would take a rocket scientist to figure out that the only way to have healthy cells, is to feed them truly healthy food - sans chemicals. Duh! Seriously - what most people don't know about health and nutrition, I find truly scary!

For me personally, and people I know personally, the elimination of as many chemicals as possible from what we put in or on our body made a gigantic difference in our health. I went from needing 16 hours of sleep a day to only 6, with ample energy, and all body systems functioning significantly better than before. When you practically live at the doctors office and your health simply continues to get worse despite all the crap (sorry, medicine) they give you to take, you do what I did and seek alternative answers. I am NOT saying to ignore your doctor's advice or stop taking medicine that you need. I'm saying take full responsibility for your health and in addition to what the doctor suggests, learn to take better care of yourself. Study what the Bragg people have to say. Some of it sounds weird, but it definitely does work.

I know a little girl who ran barefoot across a neighbor's lawn that had been "treated" for pests and she began have severe seizures that took several years and many doctors and alternative therapies to straighten out. The pesticide is the same stuff sold at any home and garden store.

I'm all about prevention and wellness now.

I've seen miraculous changes in people's health, including my own, when they simply learn how to eat better, supplement with vitamins, minerals, and herbs, drink plenty of "good" water - not the junk that comes out of the tap, exercise regularly, get plenty of rest, eliminate soda entirely, stop smoking, stop spraying their lawns, their bodies, and their homes with toxins.

God gave us a body that was designed to function perfectly. And people who take great care of it, like the Okinawans - http://www.okinawaprogram.com/index.html, reap the benefits of a very long life. The U.S. comes out 48th in life expectancy.

As a form of senior insurance, I recommend eating right, drinking plenty of pure fresh water, 

We need fewer fast foods and more organically grown veggies, less soda and more healthy tea, less french fries and more brown rice.

I'm not vegetarian. But I eat much less red meat than I do fish.

I've been healthy and I've been severally unhealthy. It took weird Chinese herbs and a complete change in eating, sleeping, exercise, and everything else patterns to get me to the level of health and vibrancy I experience today.

I've seen numerous research results indicating that the levels of various very important nutrients are much higher in organic produce than in non-organic. In many places - unfortunately not in the part of the U.S. where I live - organic is competing quite well in price with its chemical ridden cousins.

Its not just about eliminating what's not good for you. Its also about adding truly beneficial things. When you are getting truly high nutrient powerful food, and your body is utilizing it properly, the cravings for junk actually reduce significantly or goes away altogether. When people add the Xooma Xtreme X2O product I offer to their daily regimen, besides more energy, and weight loss, etc., one of the first things that happens is the reduction in desire for unhealthy stuff. Another great power food choice is blue green algae. My body loves the stuff.

As a form of senior insurance, I recommend eating right, drinking plenty of pure fresh water, exercising regularly, and supplementing daily with Xooma Xtreme X20 water enhancement product with minerals (http://fun.takaralinks.info/Xooma)

My main focus is the emotional/mental causes of poor health - healing the past and all that. But your health affects your ability to concentrate, make good decisions, and function in the world. A healthy body is fundamental to being in flow with the Universe.

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