Sunday, May 9, 2010

Peace and Mother's Day

Are Mother's the Answer to Peace?

I once had the great honor of being told several teaching stories by a Lakota Elder, Selo Black Crow. One of the things he told me was that when a group of women come together to pray, they can change everything. Even though he is no longer with us, his words have remained forever etched within my heart.

This video about Mother's Day for Peace was posted by one of my friends on Facebook:

The ideas presented in the Mother's Day for Peace video represent the very epitome of who I am and what I'm about. 

My love, care, and compassion have no boundaries or borders. I weep as much for the starving child in Africa as I do for the homeless child living on the streets of L.A. or the one in my own town who just lost their mother to cancer. 

I have concern not only for the safety of my own child, but for the safety of all children.

I don't just worry about the dramas going on in the lives of my best friends, but in the lives of all people  experiencing pain and suffering.

My love and concern, my blessings and thoughts of hope look beyond a person's:
  • gender,
  • age,
  • nationality,
  • religion,
  • political party,
  • lifestyle choice,
  • occupation,
  • social status,
  • skin color,
  • education level, or
  • anything else.
When we stop noticing our differences and focus on our similarities, we will know peace.
When we can put ourselves in someone else's shoes for even a brief moment, we will experience a deeper level of understanding, compassion, and forgiveness for their behavior.
When we soften our gaze, let go of our judgment and criticism of one another, we will see the beauty of each individual and it will shine forth.
When we realize that people are doing the best they can, and if they had the tools and knew another way they would make different choices, we would find forgiveness easier to give.
When we realize that God has already forgiven us, then we can forgive ourselves, and then in turn we can forgive others.

For without the forgiveness of self, there can be no forgiveness of others.
Without the love of self, there can be no love of others.
Without compassion for self, there can be no compassion for others.
Without appreciation and acceptance of self, there can be no appreciation and acceptance of another.

We are all in this together. How we choose to live our lives and interact with others is a choice. We can be angry, cynical, and judgmental about the people in our world. Or we can choose peace, acceptance, and compassion instead. One leads to unhappiness. The other to joy.

Have a delightful day,


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