Friday, July 23, 2010

How to Have Overwhelming Gratitude and Joy Leading to More Peace and Happiness

Being in gratitude, or being thankful, is one of the most beneficial things you can do for peace of mind and to release negative thoughts and emotions. It is your way to achieve greater levels of happiness, joy, and peace. When you feel down, find something to be grateful for.

Go on a serious search for everything you can think of to be thankful for. It helps you to get out of your head and into your heart.

I sometimes feel sorry for people in North America. The land of the free, home of the brave, and big mortgages, fancy cars, and often way too many gadgets like iPods, Palm Pilots, cell phones, DVD players, large screen televisions, computers, etc. etc. We are bombarded in newspapers, on television, on billboards, and everywhere else we turn with all the things we supposedly need.

And if there isn't enough money to easily afford all that "stuff," it is sometimes easy to feel well poor, less than, like a failure, etc. Which quickly leads to feelings of unhappiness. It is a fear based thing. And love and fear can not occupy the same space. So you have to choose one over the other. If you are focused on all that things you don't have, you can not be feeling connected to Source and feeling the love and joy that naturally goes along with that. And if you are focused on all the things that you don't have and are not feeling love and joy, you will most likely never get the things you really desire. Law of attraction.

If you have read any of my books , you've probably read about all that stuff I used to have. The little red sports car, the limos in Manhattan, the cruises, the weekend getaways to fabulously fun locations.

There is alot more to the story of course. I was extremely unhappy. I had a complete stress-induced melt down and eventually left the glamorous life to find myself, love, and peace of mind.

I ended up with my husband, Raven, living a very simple life on top of a mountain in Southern California in the middle of a state park.The home had one truly unusual feature. If you placed a compass at the exact location where my chair sat at the kitchen table, it would spin around in circles. We were literally living on top of an energy vortex.

But it wasn't what was inside the house that mattered to us, it was the outside that was so glorious it still brings tears to my eyes when I think of it.

We lived literally in paradise.

All alone on a secluded mountain with deer eating fruit right off the tree outside the bedroom window, cougars leaving fresh paw prints in the snow next to the front porch, fox, and squirrel, and countless other creatures blessing us with their presence.

Every day I went outside with my notepads and pen. I had this perfect little spot. It was a grass covered circular opening in the forest. I was surrounded by trees and birds singing. The sun was smiling down on me. And I would sit and write. I wrote for hours every day for months. And while I was basking in the radiance of this nature nirvana, Raven was doing what he does best. He was off on an adventure in the woods, hiking, having conversations with the herds of deer he encountered, and lots of other simple awe inspiring pleasures that many people have never ever experienced. We were so joy-filled and happy.

Every day I walked a mile alone to the only store around, bought one or two little things, and walked a mile back. All along the way I would commune with every clump of wild flowers along my path.

The tiny little purple one's that refused to be photographed. Well every time I tried to photograph them they simply presented themselves as violet light. Beautiful, glowing, violet light with a hint of yellow. I have tons of photos like that of those little flowers. Some of them later became the Dancing Dolphin Essence "Ordination." The gorgeous and wildly uplifting yellow ones that made me feel giddy just looking at them.

The miraculous realization that the new plant I'd noticed was now growing a giant bloom. And I absolutely positively "knew" that it was only going to bloom 1 day when it opened.

And, as always happens when I'm to make an essence, I woke up promptly at 4 a.m. knowing that today was the day. I gathered my things, called in my guides and helpers, requested permission, and made "Transcendence." I can hardly put into words the power in that essence.

And there were many more.

It was a place of miracles. A place of joy, happiness, and miracles.

The miracle of getting in touch with myself, with my Creator, of sharing my life with someone I loved. The miracle of conceiving a child and feeling and observing the joyful changes of creating a new life. The miracle of Dancing Dolphin Essences being born.

The miracle of true joy. I was a certifiable bliss bunny. I have never been more happy. And I have never felt more grateful.

So you see, although I had an old car and lived in a very simple home, I experienced more happiness than most people will ever know. And we did it for almost a year. And for that short period of time, we didn't need to work. We taught the occasional class here or there with great appreciation from our students.

And then we re-entered upper middle class society and had a child.

Raven put on a suit and rode the train into the city to work at the largest bank in Canada at their main office downtown Toronto. We had radically switched gears.

Now I have to admit that I love my latest techno-gadgets. And I probably couldn't function at all without my computer. The big screen TV is so much fun to watch movies on.

I'm happy. Truly happy. And all that stuff is nice, but it isn't at all what really matters.

How you feel about yourself is what really counts.

Feeling an overwhelming love and joy in your heart because of your connection to Source is what makes all the difference. Your peace of mind and knowing that everything is as it should be is paramount.

I actually began writing this article in order to tell you about the overwhelming feeling of gratitude I experienced while visiting Taco Bell one day. I found it an unusual place to be so overcome with gratitude that I cried, but it is where it happened.

My son, Jess, is a pretty picky eater. When I discovered that he would eat a Chicken Burrito Supreme at Taco Bell I was overjoyed. So we stopped in about once a week.

We went in one day and I found myself looking around at all the little Hispanic ladies and gentlemen who work there. It was always the same lovely people who served us at lunch. And as I saw these people that I'd seen many times before, I was overcome with such a feeling of appreciation for the service they provide us, for the great tasting meal that they prepared for us to enjoy, I literally had tears running down my face.

Like everything that truly matters, it is a state of being.

Gratitude is a state of being. Love is a state of being. Joy is a state of being. Peace is a state of being. It is those states of being that you are seeking to experience, cultivate, and maintain.

I encourage you to dare to do whatever it takes to discover and become one with them.

My favorite quote:

"Life is either a daring adventure, or it is nothing." - Helen Keller

Have a deLightful day,


P.S. Dancing Dolphin Essences assist you in achieving and maintaining a specific state of being, helping you with gratitude, peace, happiness, and joy.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Judgment vs. Discernment - What's the Difference and What Can It Do For You?

Grrrr . . . Damn that guy really pisses me off. He should not be . . . I can't believe he . . . That is so wrong . . . blah blah blah

You know when you are saying things like that, you are being judgmental.

How do you know?

It is sooooooo easy!

If you are upset, angry, fuming and telling others about the rightness or wrongness of another and their behavior, you are being judgmental. If you are pointing out the faults of another, you are being judgmental. If you are making statements about someone and you are emotionally upset about them and what you are saying about them, you are being judgmental.

You need to stop that.

Over and over again you hear that judging others is a bad idea. The law of cause and effect tells you that if you judge others, you will be judged. The Golden Rule says you should treat others the way you wish to be treated.

There are a few problems with the don't judge others rule.

First, it isn't easy. In fact, it isn't easy at all.

Second, do not judge another does not mean do not have an opinion or do not use discernment. And often people misunderstand that. They think they are supposed to just forgive everyone for everything and ignore poor behavior. No. No. No. That is called being a doormat.

And God does not want you to allow yourself to be mistreated by another. That is you saying that you - a child of God - are not important, don't matter, and not worthy of Divine love and happiness. That is definitely not the case. Your ability to connect with the Divine Presence actually improves when you become empowered, improve your self esteem, start to thrive, be happy, and feel fulfilled. When you surround yourself with others who appreciate your gifts and treat you with loving kindness, everyone is better off.

I've gone into depth in previous articles about all the things we judge - from a person's appearance, to their behavior, to the friends and career they choose. We have infinite opinions about the rightness and wrongness of things.

If you are talking about someone else and you are riled up, angry, upset, or stressed, then you can be pretty sure that you are being judgmental.

So if stress, anger, and getting all riled up about things ultimately leads to disease, heart attack, and other serious physical consequences, it only makes sense to eliminate the cause.

But, where to begin?

There is no right or wrong, good or bad. There are simply beneficial and detrimental things, people, and behavior. There are things, people, and behaviors that are harmonious or disharmonious for you, your life, and your well being.

Most people believe that killing another is wrong. And you can quote scriptures and a whole pile of other stuff to back up the point. But what if you have to kill someone in order to stop them from killing you or someone you love that is unable to defend themselves?


Eating sugar is considered detrimental to your health. But what if you are stranded on a deserted island and the only thing to eat is sugar cane? In that case it could actually be the only thing to save your life.


I could literally go on forever.

Money isn't bad. It is a means to afford the products, services, and experiences that you desire. It can be used for evil purposes. It can also fund food and shelter for people in need. What you do with it will cause it to be beneficial or detrimental for yourself and others.

Lying is considered evil. Yet in order to plan a special surprise party or gift for a loved one without their knowledge, sometimes truth has to be bent a bit to pull it off.

No one is strictly good or bad, right or wrong. Various behaviors by people are beneficial or detrimental. And that is what you have to keep in mind when choosing friends, a spouse, or a work environment.

When someone does something that is hurtful, you begin stepping out of judgment by not making the person wrong. You stop looking at the person as a totality and start looking at the behavior.

Certain behaviors are just not O.K.

And its easy to know which ones those are if you go back to the Golden Rule. Harming or mistreating another is never O.K. - whether the harm and mistreatment is physical, emotional, mental, or something else.

Rape, murder, infidelity, stealing, gossip, taking advantage of others for your own gain, cruelty, etc. all go against the Golden Rule. These behaviors are just not O.K. I'm sure you can think of many more.

These behaviors are not to be condoned. They are not to be accepted. And several of them result in the person being punished and taken out of society. The wellbeing of others is in jeopardy if they are walking around free on the streets. So they are banished, sometimes for life.

If someone you love mistreats you, it is shocking and painful. If it becomes a pattern, then you need to eliminate them from your life. That is called discernment.

You have to spend time with people who appreciate and accept who you are - warts and all. If you have to pretend to be a certain way, always worried that someone won't like you if you let them see who you really are, then that is a form of lying. You have to be real.

If the people in your life are always critical, judgmental, and unkind, then you are much better off without them.

There is nothing wrong with talking about a person and their behavior to your closest friend. I am not talking about gossip here. I mean looking at a situation with someone you trust and trying to discover the "truth" about how you played a role in the behavior, if that person was running some sort of fear that caused them to behave way out of character, or if this is the "truth" about how this person behaves and you need to distance yourself.

That is how you discover what feels good to you and what does not. That is how you discern the people and situations you choose to be around.

Judgment is detrimental to both you and your health.

Discernment is healthy and very necessary to your wellbeing and self esteem.

Have a deLightful day,

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Next Long Distance Energy Healing Light Activation with Water

The next Long Distance Energy Healing Light Activation with Water session is coming up soon. Register by midnight July 14th.

It's my most easily affordable long distance energy healing session.

Have a deLightful day,

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