Thursday, September 30, 2010

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We've now been here for 2 weeks. I am exhileratingly happy. It's been at least 30 years since I had a tan this wonderful. We've made many new friends. Jess has faced and conquered many new experiences.

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Dolphin swims from the South Pacific,

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bula - Hello From Fiji

It's noon on Saturday here in the South Pacific. Wow - a great and adventurous trip so far!

We drove to D.C. on Monday. Did some last minute packing and shopping, had a fabulous Ethiopian meal.

Our flight headed out on Tuesday at 4:30 from Dulles. A 5 hour ride to L.A. We got to see the new Karate Kid movie. It was truly great. If you haven't seen it, I think you will like it.

In L.A. we had a 5 hour lay over. When I went to the counter to get our boarding passes to Fiji, I was told that without a return ticket or a ticket to somewhere else, they could not let us on the plane. Yikes! I had a picture of the boat we were boarding in Fiji as well as a letter from the captain, but that wasn't good enough. After all the money I'd been spending on preparing for the trip, I didn't have enough in any one account to purchase two full fares from Fiji to Syndey. So I had to call my mom in the middle of the night. It was around 11 East Coast time already. I said, what a horrible daughter I am. Wake your mom up in the middle of the night to ask for money. What great parents though, they bought the ticket and we were able to get our boarding passes. The ticket to Sydney is refundable.

The waiting area for the flight we were taking on Air Pacific had enough chairs to hold about 20 people. We couldn't figure out how a really tiny plane was going to fly 10 hours without refueling. Turns out its just a small waiting area. They stuck us on buses and transported us to a big jumbo jet.

The flight was the worst I've ever taken. The plane was nice enough, but neither Jess nor I could sleep. By the time we took off it was already 2:30  a.m. East Coast time. Once on the plane, I had eye shades, ear plugs, neck pillows. We added the small pillow and blanket the airline provides. We should have been golden and gone right to sleep. But neither of us could. We never did sleep.

Finally we arrived in Fiji where our sweet Fijian taxi guy picked us up at 5:30 a.m. and drove us to the Marina. What a gorgeous drive.

We boarded the Furthur and began the adventure here.

It's taken a few days to catch up on sleep. But by now, we are good to go.

This morning I woke up at 5:30 a.m., got up before anyone else and headed to the top deck. I wrote for awhile on my new book, then photographed the sunrise over one of the Fiji islands. We are anchored off shore near a gorgeous marina where we had dinner yesterday.

During low tide an island pops out of the sea. We took the dingy over and snorkeled this morning around the coral reefs. What cool fish. It was Jess' first snorkel experience. He loved it.

Later he got to kayak for the first time.

Gotta go. The internet connection is very slow. So, no pictures or anything, even though I've already taken a couple hundred.

Hello to all our friends everywhere.

Until next time,

Deb and Jess 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dolphinarium in SW Turkey closed after NGO campaign - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review

A dolphinarium in southwestern Turkey that attracted controversy due to concerns about the living conditions of the venue’s dolphins has been closed and the park’s mammals freed following efforts from civil society organizations.

“This has been an intense but effective campaign but we will only feel truly happy when the [dolphins] are finally back in the wild. This shows how much can be achieved by a collaborative effort and people working together across the world with one collective aim: a real testament to the power of the people. With modern communications and clear aims, we have shown what can be achieved,” Nichola Chapman of Dolphin Angels, one of the nongovernmental organizations that fought to secure the release of the park’s two dolphins, said over the weekend.

Dolphin Angels, along with NGOs Born Free and SAD/DEMAG, fought for many months to close the dolphinarium and free its dolphins.

Businessman Alexandr Kuznetzov and a group of investors rented land in the resort of Hisarönü from Ölüdeniz Municipality in the southwestern province of Mu�la earlier in 2010. They brought two dolphins, Tom and Misha, from the nearby district of Ka� in May and were reportedly charging tourists 50 pounds for the opportunity to swim with the mammals at the dolphinarium.

The campaign to save the animals was started by a group of British expats and Turks who organized protest marches and lobbied the Turkish government. Calling themselves the Dolphin Angels, they marched against the Dolphin Park and persuaded many travel companies to boycott the dolphinarium.

“Captivity is unacceptable for dolphins. We simply cannot stand by and allow this kind of exploitation to happen,” lawyer �ule Beder said in the wake of the announcement to close the dolphinarium. “For months we have been determined to send them back to the wild where they belong. The shabby pool is no place for these wonderful creatures.”

Negotiations with the facility’s owners and the local authority finally secured a license for NGOs to care for the dolphins.

Dolphins to be moved to Mediterranean

Together with marine experts John Knight and Doug Cartlidge and a team from British Divers Marine Life Rescue, plans have been made to move the dolphins to a special sea reserve where they will be rehabilitated and eventually released into the wild.

On Saturday, Born Free was waiting for the final paperwork to secure the dolphins’ permanent release. The move to a location off the south coast of Turkey will take five hours, a journey that may further damage the mammals’ health.

Knight, however, believes the move is a risk worth taking. “Despite the conditions, it is testimony to their natural strength they have survived so far. I am reasonably confident we can pull it off but a move from a place like this will always carry risks,” he said.

Lesley Robinson, Cath �nanur, Can �nanur, Dawne Büyük, Meral Büyük, Do�an Eraslan and many others worked tirelessly to rescue the dolphins and were supported by more than 21,000 members of the ‘Free the Ölüdeniz Dolphins’ Facebook group, created by Joanne Davies and the Cal�� Beach Forum.

“This has been an amazing journey for us all, with so many ups and downs, like a roller coaster,” Robinson said. “Now the dolphins’ own journey back to freedom has begun. There will be many more months of hard work but the experts are now there to help Tom and Misha recover their strength.”

Erdem Danyer and his assistant, I��l Aytemiz, two veterinarians who have been working together with the British team of experts, will help with the dolphins’ care and rehabilitation.

NGOs plead for continued donations

Tom and Misha’s mood seemed to improve Saturday as rescuers prepared their equipment in Fethiye. Moreover, in what must only be considered a lucky omen, a pod of wild dolphins swam over to greet the pair.

Although the dolphinarium has now been closed and arrangements made to transport the dolphins elsewhere, Born Free and Dolphin Angels are appealing for donations to help fund the rescue, which will cost the charities 150,000 pounds.

On Friday Sept. 10, there will be a jazz fundraising evening at Aksazlar Beach Club in Fethiye to help with the rehabilitation and education programs. Organizers are hoping the event, one of the first of its kind ever staged in Fethiye, will provide an opportunity to celebrate the dolphins’ release while also covering the cost of their rescue.

Meanwhile, on Oct. 3 at The Winehouse, in Üzümlü, Fethiye, there will be an auction of a specially commissioned oil painting by the well-known and highly respected British artist, Ben Maile. 

To contribute to Tom and Misha’s rescue fund, visit

For more information on Jazz at Aksaz call �emsi Toprak at + 90 532 475 24 63

For further information about the Maile painting auction, call The Winehouse in Üzümlü at +90 252 662 20 25.

This is great news!

Several years ago I left the corporate world and moved to the San Juan Islands off Washington State to co-found a non-profit for dolphins and whales. Our organization, along with many others, were working to get Lolita released. Lolita is an orca who was captured from Puget Sound and has been held captive and performing for the past 40 years. Efforts to have her released have been unsuccessful.

I find it interesting that I am about to board a plane and fly to Fiji to spend a month on board a boat whose captain I met while living in the San Juans and working on this project.

I pray that one day soon they will all swim free.

Debbie Takara Shelor

Saturday, September 4, 2010

How Do You Prefer to Receive My Information?

I've been writing for months on 3 new programs.

The first I call "The Platinum Principal." After years of being guided to learn about various topics and receiving insight directly about them, it has finally been revealed to me that everything I've been doing is related to this one all encompassing principal. This principal, once thoroughly understood and consistently applied, will completely transform your life (in a good way) and assist you in every area of life.

The next is "The Joy Weaver's Code." This is a set of guidelines, or truths, about how life works and ways to view things that are empowering and bring more joy into your life. I've been working on it with my dear friend and colleague, Millie Stefani. I don't yet have the final number, but I believe there are about 40 or so "codes."

Finally, the "Adventures of a Modern Day Mystic" is somewhat of an autobiography in which I reveal all the wild things I've experienced and some of the insights I've gained by experiencing them.

My question to you is, do you prefer things be in a live workshop, a book or workbook, audio, video, teleseminar (live phone seminar), webinar (live web seminar), or a combination? Make a comment on this post to let me know your preferences for receiving my information.

Also, I've been talking with my famous dolphin swim guide friend, Roberta Goodman, and we are discussing putting a trip together to swim with wild dolphins in Hawaii. I need to know who is interested. Comment below if you want to frolic in the ocean next spring with Robert, the dolphins, and I.   

Have a deLightful day,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Manifest Your Desires and Fall Equinox Meditations

In this issue of Magnificent News I talk about my trip in a few days to Fiji, Australia, and other islands in the South Pacific. Plus:

  • Events Coming Up - Fall Equinox Meditations and more
  • Know What you Want, Take Actions Towards It, Dreams Do Come True
  • Beta Testers Needed
  • What's On Sale
  • The Winner of this Month's Contest
  • On the Blog

Read the latest Here's to Your Magnificence newsletterr here:

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