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Famous Well Known People who Meditate

While in the process of revising Peering Through the Veil: the Step-by-Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace, I received an email from the world-renowned-internet guru, Rich Schefren. In it he said that staying focused is imperative to your success. One of his suggestions for improving your focus was, not surprisingly, meditation.

When you think of meditation, you might get images of odd-looking yogis from India sitting in the lotus position for many hours. Sure, yogis from India and their followers all meditate. But so do millions of other people who look and dress similar to you or me.

If you decide to begin a meditational practice, you will be in very good company. Two of the most famous meditators were Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) and Buddha. There are many others.

Some famous well known meditators from the present and the past:

 The Dalai Lama (Religious Leader),
 Albert Einstein (Scientist),
 Mick Jagger (Singer),
 David Lynch (Filmmaker),
 Bruce Lee (Martial Artist),
 Jennifer Lopez (Singer, Actress),
 Clint Eastwood (Actor, Director, Politician),
 Rob Cohen (Director),
 Harrison Ford (Actor),
 George Lucas (Producer),
 Alice Walker (Author),
 Roberto Baggio (Soccer Pro),
 Jerry Seinfeld (Comedian),
 Phil Jackson (NBA Coach),
 Melissa Mathison (Screenwriter),
 Leonard Cohen (Singer, Songwriter, Poet),
 Orlando Bloom (Actor),
 Herbie Hancock (Musician),
 Steven Seagal (Actor),
 Belinda Carlisle (Singer),
 Frank Herbert (Author),
 William Ford Jr. (Ford Motor Company),
 Sting (Singer, Musician),
 Allen Ginsberg (Poet, Author)
 Nathaniel Dorsky (Filmmaker),
 various members of the Beatles (Singers/Musicians),
 K.D. Lang (Singer),
 Andy Kaufman (Actor),
 Cher (Singer, Actress),
 Mark Wahlberg (Actor/Singer)
 Sheryl Crow (Singer, Songwriter),
 Kate Bosworth (Actress)
 Russell Simmons (Record Label Owner),
 Richard Gere (Actor),
 Tiger Woods (Golf Pro),
 Julia Roberts (Actress),
 Gwyneth Paltrow (Actress),
 Tina Turner (Singer),
 Goldie Hawn (Actress),
 Oliver Stone (Movie Producer),
 Elle MacPherson (Supermodel)
 Deepak Chopra (Author),
 Wayne Dyer (Author),
 Paramahansa Yogananda (Guru),
 practically every author and teacher in the spiritual growth arena,
native Americans and those who practice shamanism and earth-based spirituality
 yogis and gurus from everywhere

The following people were known to be Rosicrucian Initiates or to study Alchemy. Since both include meditation as a fundamental part of the practice, I am taking the liberty of including their names here:

 Paracelsus – some consider him the Father of Modern Medicine
 The Count de St. Germain
 Isaac Newton
 Rene Descartes
 Benjamin Franklin
 Francis Bacon
 Victor Hugo
 Goethe
 Plato

Anyone who spends time observing and communing with nature does so in a meditative state. Therefore, Henry David Thoreau, should also be included in this list.

The people who participated in the Transcendental Movement, including Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thoreau, and Walt Whitman, believed in the realization of Divine truth through intuition and direct experience. This movement later lead to the founding of several New Thought churches such as Unity, Religious Science, and Divine Science.

One of the best ways to enhance intuition and encourage direct revelation is through meditation. It is how I have personally gained the wisdom and insights that I share with thousands of readers.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Wellness - Taking Your Health Into Your Own Hands

I recently came across a video on Facebook describing how to make aspirin in the wilderness. I didn't actually watch the video. But I'm sure they were showing you what to do with white willow bark.

This is my response to the post:

As a person who used to work for a major pharmaceutical company making sure that everyone in North America had their aspirin manufactured, and who later became a strong proponent of wellness, herbal and other alternative health products, I caution that if you use white willow bark or any other "medicinal" herb, that you do it in great moderation.

One of the best lines I ever heard was that having a headache is not your body telling you that you are low on aspirin. It's not like being vitamin or mineral deficient.

Yet most people treat it as such. "I need an aspirin," they say to themselves.

When a person has a headache or other pain in the physical body, it means something is wrong and you should look for the root cause, not just cover it up with a pain killer. Maybe you have a food allergy. Maybe you are dehydrated. Maybe a million things. The body sends signals for a reason.

I'm not a doctor and therefore can not give you medical advice. However I can tell you a true story about a very healthy person who became quite ill because they heard a little aspirin a day was a great preventative.

A friend of mine was a very healthy fit guy who ran marathons. He came into my office one day and I immediately asked him what was wrong. His color was off. He had dark circles under his eyes. He was bruising. He told me had recently had a cut that bleed for a long time. He was exhausted.

I made him tell me everything he was doing that was different or new. I grilled him about his eating habits, his running program, his stress level. And then finally he said to me, "Well I started taking a baby aspirin every day."

So I asked him why. I asked him if his doctor had suggested it. He responded that the information had just come out that a low dose of aspirin could help prevent heart attacks or was good in some other way. I don't really remember what they said a low dose of aspirin was good for.

I asked him if he had a heart problem or some other issue that needed assistance. The answer was no. He had been exceedingly healthy. He didn't have any diseases that needed medication. He wasn't under some doctors care who told him to take the product. He had just done it on his own.

It made me mad. Here was a perfectly healthy individual who did something stupid because they heard something somewhere and it had seriously affected his health.

Eat healthy, wholesome food. Drink plenty of water. Get enough exercise and rest.

When your body sends you unpleasant signals, figure out why. If you can't do it on your own, then seek the assistance of a trained professional like your doctor, an acupuncturist, a nutritionist, a naturopathic physician, a chiropractor, or some other health professional.

Vitamin, herb, and mineral supplements can be highly beneficial. I take several of them every day. But "medicinal" herbs and medicines are not part of the body's innate makeup. They should be used with caution and care. If you aren't a trained herbalist or nutritionist, then get help when things aren't quite right with your body.

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Holidays 2011

Holidays 2011

I made this little video as a gift from my family to yours! Just click the link and enjoy.

If you click on the bottom right corner of the little video window, you can watch it full screen.

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What Will 2012 Bring You? by Michael Brill

What Will 2012 Bring You?
(c) Michael Brill 2011 - reprinted here with permission

I believe that everyone has consciously chosen:  the letters for their names, birth date, place of birth, their birth or adoptive family, and made certain they had sufficient grace to guarantee a successful life. The written guarantee included built-in soulutions for resolving every life challenge. The purpose of these choices was to allow us to combine our physical-Earthly Self with our Cosmic Self enabling us to remember our own oneness and why we chose to incarnate. (www.awakener.com Articles, “Our Abandonment Issues Are The Catalysts . . .” also the series entitled “There’s Only Plan A….”) 

Western Numerology, it is based on a system developed by the Greek mathematician Pythagoras. To study with Pythagoras, one had to pledge themselves to silence for five years.

Numerology is the science of interpreting the patterns of numbers and letters as they interact with other frequencies to create our realities. Whether one is a novice or an expert, using the basic alpha-numeric formulas of Numerology produces consistently accurate results. For example, adding the digits of the month of birth to the day of birth , then reducing any double-digit sums to a single digit, reveals an individual’s core issues and greatest strengths. The formula would be written as M+D=AN (Achievement Number). 

Some brief examples of core issues associated with the AN would be:

1 – Issues Involving the Self
2 – Issues Involving Others
3 – Issues Involving Communications and Social Interactions
4 – Issues with “Getting It Done”
5 – Issues Involving Change and Movement
6 – Issues Involving Family, Community, Relationships
7 – Issues Involving Trust, Skepticism, and Control
8 – Issues Involving Power, Money, Control, or Status
9 – Issues Involving Selflessness
0 – Issues Related to Spirit (trust and faith)

Numbers are the building blocks of potential. Potential is the catalyst for creation. Creation leads to harmony. Harmony is the foundation for unity. Within unity, partnerships are established. Partnerships generate potential. Our most important partnership is with our Cosmic  Self.

Cosmic Numerology, a branch I’ve added to the tree of Numerology, is a melding of the sciences of Numerology and quantum mechanics with the concepts of reincarnation and Gematria. Cosmic Numerology is the study of the patterns and frequencies associated with the numbers and letters that make up our realities. It can identify the behavior patterns of individuals, businesses, or countries. It also identifies the challenges and soulutions associated with those patterns. Whether it’s a name, illness, disease, address, food, chemical, mineral, color or craving, they all have one thing in common; they symbolize the interrelationships of the energies and events that affect our lives. Numbers and letters represent the codes of creation. Cosmic Numerology views these codes being generated by both conscious and unconscious choices.

Our name (including businesses, countries, pets, even fictional characters) reveals our emotional and psychological behavior patterns as well as our strengths and weaknesses. Our birthday identifies our destiny, life challenges, mental patterns, and the physical opportunities that will enable us to fulfill our life calling.  We also choose specific life challenges as well as providing for their “soulutions.” None of us would have ever chosen to come here, if we didn’t know beforehand that we have more than enough grace to successfully fulfill our part of the cosmic plan in this lifetime. You may ask “If I have sufficient grace, why has this life been so difficult?” My answer is even though we have more than enough grace to succeed, we have procrastinated for 26,000 years and have finally decided, with the coming of “The New Age,” to resolve our deepest issues in this lifetime.  
In numerology, your use, misuse, or non-use of the energies of your personal numbers influences every aspect of your daily life, including your behaviors at work, in relationships, and with family. Personal numbers can also identify potential experiences, giving us the foreknowledge that allows us to make more proactive life choices and fewer reactive choices.

In this article, I would like to discuss the vibrations of your personal year (PY) for 2012. The PY cycle lasts nine years with each preceding year setting the tone for the following year. The PY begins on January 1 and lasts until December 31. (Some numerologists count the PY as lasting from birthday to birthday.)

Throughout each nine year cycle we are given an opportunity to become less reactive and make more conscious life choices. Whatever patterns we fail to identify and begin working on as we pass through the nine year cycle will recur with more intensity in the next nine year cycle.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *
Before showing you how to determine your current Personal Year (PY), let me say something about 2011 which was a Universal 4 year (add 2+0+1+1 = 4.)   The energy of a Universal Year (UY) has the potential to maximize both the positive and negative energies of your current Personal Year. It is a hidden influence.

2011   (2+0+1+1 = 4)
Melding the energy of your personal year for 2011 with the universal 4 energy of 2011 provided an underlying energy that required paying attention to details, focusing on building a solid foundation, not procrastinating, and working hard to make things happen. On a global basis, the energy of the 4 UY had an impact on economics, commerce, housing, jobs, and financial and political stability.

Like water in a tube, many of us will slosh back and forth between the positive and negative aspects of our PY; between doing what we love and doing to be loved or to maintain control.

In 2011, as part of the underlying energy did you did you pay attention to details? Were you better organized? Did you minimize your tendency to procrastinate? Did you learn that trying to control situations was fruitless? Did you complete what you started, more often than not?

The energy of a negative 4 would indicate the potential to be: Prejudicial, a reactionary, a procrastinator, unimaginative, get lost in minutiae, stubbornness, going by the “book”, confrontational, dull, hide in logic, hateful.   (Refer to ARTICLES, An Interpretation of The Numbers 1 – 9 and 0 at www.awakener.com .)

Some of the negative aspects of the 4 UY that we just completed may be associated with:
·       Collapsing political and economic systems
·       Changes in the Earth’s foundation
·       A need to control outcomes amongst corporations, political parties, nations, governments, and individuals.
·       Procrastination, stubbornness, and reactionary behavior patterns by the above parties
·       Confrontational behaviors by the above parties

Some of the positive aspects that could have enhanced your personal year were:
·       Being more organized and systematic
·       Focusing on the tasks at hand and completing them
·       Mixing logic with intuition
·       Making the dreams and visions of the previous year more of a reality

*       *       *       *       *       *       *
A Note About 2012: A year of changes and transitions
First, don’t freak out on 12/12/12; it’s actually 12/12/2012. Second, 2012 (2+0+1+2=5) is a 5 Universal Year, change is mandated by the Universe. This is a year that demands each of us to be in our integrity. We must learn to have the courage to make ourselves our first priority by doing what we love, rejecting what doesn’t “feel right”, and having the fortitude to do what does feel right.

Five indicates the potential for second chances and new beginnings; it is a number that impacts our physical and emotional planes. Since five is the half way point of the nine personal year cycle, in one way or another, issues not resolved in the previous four years will return as challenges this year. The first five years of the personal year cycle are for self-development; the second half of the nine year cycle (6,7,8,9 PYs) involves being of service.

The presence of a five can bring changes in personal and universal cycles lasting 12 – 18 days, weeks, or months, along with opportunities to take many short trips. There are also lessons to be learned about balance and flexibility . . . one can be either too ridged or too flexible. Five is about maintaining a centeredness as everything else begins to accelerate. A positive five has the confidence and flexibility to accept the transitory nature of all things. A positive five also accepts that someday Mt. Everest will be nothing more than grains of sand on the beaches of an unnamed ocean. 2012 is about change. It is about recognizing your reactive behavior patterns, resolving abandonment issues, and making more conscious choices. The presence of the universal 5 brings opportunities for new beginnings regardless of the personal year. Use this universal energy to surf the currents of opportunity that will appear throughout your personal year. 2012 will bring big changes and many opportunities for new beginnings. Whether or not you take advantage of these opportunities, is your choice.

 When I analyze the number sequence (from left to right) that composes 2012, I see: Let go of emotional and/or sentimental attachments . . . speak up in a timely fashion . . . cooperate with others . . . seek harmony (2). The 0 as the next digit calls for forming a partnership with Spirit.  The 1 represents the Self. The positive 1 knows it is part of a cosmic oneness and moves forward making conscious choices. The second 2 represents working in partnership with both celestial and earthly beings/energies for the betterment of the humankind. 

Every number has a challenge and solution. Regardless of what personal year an individual, business, corporation or nation is experiencing in 2012, the universal yearly solution for everyone is 1 (e.g., move forward with your life.) The one universal solution calls for every individual to have more self-confidence, come from your center not your fringes, take the lead (whether it is at work, in the community, or with family. This underlying energy can either assist in building your confidence or act as a catalyst that drains it away. It can help you release fear (Failure Excuses Avoidance Repetition) and replace it with faith (Fervor Acceptance Intuiting Trust Humor.) Being both a 5 UY with a 1 Universal Solution, we are being offered a second chance for new beginnings.

The anomaly of a universal solution applying to each year of the nine year cycle is Spirit’s way of honoring our free will while offering us a solution for enhancing universal harmony. (Mathematically, it has been proven that if 15% of a group changes their base patterns, it is enough of a change to influence the other 85% to begin making changes.)

As explained in my article on abandonment issues (www.awakener.com), we hire “trainers” to push our buttons to the point that we say, “Enough!” We realize that doing to be loved or doing to maintain control generates a great deal of stress. When one of these trainers show up this year, it is vital that you recognize them. The second you feel your heart race, stomach sink, or head pound recognize that this is being caused by your reaction to the negativity directed at you by your trainer. In that moment of recognition, take a mental step to the side and say “Ah, one of my trainers has shown up; let’s see which abandonment button they will try to push today.” If you can step to the side with this recognition, their attack is no longer personal it becomes an opportunity to opt out previous behavior patterns and to start doing what you love.

How to Determine Your Personal Year (PY) for 2012
The PY is found by adding your month and day of birth together; this is called the Achievement Number (AN). Reduce the sum of your month and day of birth to a single digit. Add that digit to the current year, which has also been reduced to a single digit.

For example, 08/05 (August 5) added together equals 13. Add 1+3 for a total of 4. Then add the digits of 2012 (2+0+1+2 = 5). Next add both totals (your AN) 4 to the 5 (universal year) = 9 (personal year.)  Beginning January 1, 2012 you are in a 9 personal year.

If the sum of adding your month and day of birth together generates a second double-digit number, reduce that number to a single digit prior to determining your personal year.

October 18.  10 (Oct) + 18 = 28, next add 2 + 8 = 10, finally 1 + 0 = 1.
Your AN is 1.

To use the following chart, read down vertically from the Achievement Number, to the Personal Year, to the Universal Challenge.

For example, if your AN is 2, you are in a 7 PY with a 3 challenge and a 1 universal solution. If you’re AN is 8, your are in a 4 PY with a 9 challenge and a 1 universal solution.

With an Achievement Number of: 
1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9

2012 as a Personal Year is a:
6   7   8   9   1   2   3   4   5  

Your 2012 Personal Challenge:
2   3   4   5   6   7   8    9   1

The 2012 Universal Solution for everyone is:
1   1   1   1   1   1   1   1   1

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    * 

Interpretations for Personal Years
Regardless of your personal year, universally August is a review of the previous year’s energy, September is the final opportunity to maximize the energy of your current year, and October is a preview of the energy of the coming year.

A "One" Year   
New beginnings, making your Self your first priority.
Your own masculine energy (assertive behavior) is required to initiate your plans. This year sets the tone for the remainder of the 8 years of this cycle. You will begin to feel this energy by late October of your 9 PY. It is an ideal year for starting new projects. Do not expect to start a new personal relationship as all of your energy should be directed toward birthing the project(s) decided upon in your 7 PY (2009). If you are in a relationship, tell your partner that you need to make your Self your first priority and will give them as much of your energy as you can. 

On the first new moon of the year (or in December) “marry” your Self, thus making yourself your first priority. Buy a small piece of jewelry, a crystal, or other object and give it to your Self as a wedding gift.  (Everyone should do this not just those in a one year.)

The challenge number is six. Challenges include: not allowing perfectionist tendencies or unrealistic expectation of yourself or others to interfere with creating and manifesting that which you desire; over committing yourself to assisting others as a distraction for avoiding the need to focus on your self. (Feelings of abandonment could lead you down this path.) Also, avoid situations where you think you need to be in control for someone else’s good, they will not work out the way you expect them.
The challenges for this year include: paying attention to the details not just the concept, not scattering your energy or dissipating your time by trying to control the affairs of others. Avoid stubbornness, procrastination, and reactionary behavior patterns.

A "Two" Year
Keeping moving forward with last year’s plans, assistance will arrive. Your own feminine energy (intuition /cooperation) is required for seeking, accepting, or offering help. This is a year when the ego should be put on a shelf. This is a year for beginning or ending relationships (social, romantic, business or with your old Self). You will meet many people that will help you along your path. Since 2 is also the number for partnerships, this is a great year to strengthen your relationship with Spirit by learning to trust that everything is divinely timed. Don’t forget to “ask” the universe for what you desire; then have the patience and faith to wait for it to arrive.

The challenge number is seven. The major challenges are:  not to try to initiate anything by yourself – ask for help either from others or from Spirit; be more patient (rarely does a project take full form overnight); balancing your intuition and logic. (Use your intuition to “come up” with an idea, use your logic to develop it, and then intuitively test its practicality.) Other challenges involve impatience, being overly analytical, controlling, and anxieties associated with being embarrassed, humiliated, or judged by others to be less intelligent/successful than you perceive yourself to be.

Another main challenge associated with the seven is not feeling alone or abandoned and then going out and doing something stupid, like getting drunk and being issued a DWI or having random sex and contracting an STD. Use your alone time constructively for self analysis. Don’t wallow in self-pity.
A "Three" Year   
Social Activity and Creativity are the main themes. In the 1 year, you initiated plans or ideas. In the 2 year others were available to assist you to move forward with those plans (including Spirit, if you asked for help.) The 3 year brings opportunities to “birth” your plans or ideas. This is an ideal time to renew old friendships and form new ones. It is a year of creativity, manifestation, and for expressing your Self socially and/or through art, music, writing, or speaking. Have fun! Bring joy into people's lives. It is a time when the ideas and plans implemented in the 1 PY come to fruition. This is the best year, other than a 1 PY, to birth new ideas and projects.

The challenge number is eight. The challenges are not to become angry or frustrated when things don’t go according to your plans. Try to avoid being too flexible or too rigid in your dealings with others. Don’t worry about money or finances, have faith that it is coming. Watch out for confrontations with others, especially authority figures or superiors. Don’t be afraid to “step into your power” to facilitate changes.

A "Four" Year    
Focus on work; put your shoulder to the wheel and nose to the grindstone. Be practical. You may feel "boxed-in" or "put-upon" or a sense of limitation. Due to the amount of responsibility placed upon you, you will not be able to take a carefree vacation until early August otherwise feelings of guilt may inhibit your pleasure. Use this year to make your dreams/visions (3 PY) into reality. The 4 represents foundations. It is time to concentrate on work and to pay attention to the details. Don’t procrastinate. You cannot depend on others for help, they will not do the job to your satisfaction and it will take more time to educate them than it would to do the job yourself.
The challenge number is nine. The challenges are being afraid or anxious about releasing emotional attachments, whether they are to people, possessions, or a job. This can lead to stubbornness or control issues. Don’t over commit yourself because of feelings of guilt or a sense of obligation. If an opportunity arises in another location, don’t be afraid to leave loved ones. This is a year of change and new beginnings, not of looking over your shoulder to make certain that everyone else is okay. Be more discerning about whom, where, or for how long you are willing to be of assistance. Set your ground rules up front. Above all, do not become involved with others as an excuse to not be responsible for and to your Self.

A "Five" Year    
A year of change and a second chance for a new beginning. You are halfway through your nine year cycle. This is a year of freedom, change, being more physical (at the gym or in the bedroom.) Opportunities for new beginnings will present themselves. You can change your job, indulge the physical senses (within moderation), enjoy a flirtation, or late in the fourth quarter begin a lasting relationship. Personal freedom will be at its peak, take advantage of it. Travel will be high on your agenda this year, whether taking many short trips or long journeys. There could be changes every 12 to 18 days or weeks.

The challenge number is 1. Challenges for the year mainly revolve around a need to do everything your way. This is a control issue associated with abandonment issues and demonstrated through arrogant behavior patterns. The other side of the challenge coin may see you overly amenable, no backbone or self-confidence.   

A "Six" Year    
A year of service and responsibility. Like a 2 PY, it is also an excellent year for beginning or ending personal relationships or strengthening your relationship with Spirit. Beginning this year and lasting through the 9 PY, learn to put the needs of other's ahead of your own. It is also a good time to deal with real estate in any form --- buying, selling, renting out a property or fixing one up. Be charitable, tolerant, and forgiving. Emit love . . . do not go to bed angry.

The challenge number is two. Other challenges to avoid are co-dependency or non-cooperation, not trusting your intuition, difficulty letting go of emotional or sentimental attachments, poor communication of your feelings or ideas, and ignoring your relationship with Spirit. Let go of fear and indecisiveness, be BOLD; listen to your heart.   

Water damage could be an issue e.g., a dripping faucet, a window left open allowing rain to come in, too much or too little water for a garden. Also, watch your sweet tooth as the potential for weight gain is present.
A "Seven" Year    
A year of self-analysis as well as learning to surrender. What is decided upon now and developed throughout the 8 PY and 9 PY will determine your spiritual direction and level of conscious satisfaction during the upcoming nine year cycle. The 7 PY is the time Spirit gives you to figure out who you are and where you are going. By September 25th of the 7 PY, you must decide where you want to go, what you want to be, and how you are going to get there. (Make a physical list; you can modify your decisions during the fourth quarter, but for now it is imperative that you place your order with the Universe in writing.) These requests and intentions will begin being activated during your 1 PY.

Challenges for the year mainly revolve around a need to do everything your way. This can be a control issue associated with abandonment issues i.e., “I cannot trust anyone, even Spirit, to be reliable, trustworthy, or supportive.” The other side of the challenge coin reveals a tendency to believe you are not worthy of help. You may feel lonely at times, this feeling can cause you to go out and do something stupid, like drinking at a party and being pulled over for a DWI on the way home. THIS IS A YEAR OF PERSONAL REFLECTION, you are to spend your spare time alone, contemplating your life and life direction. Try to spend time near water (streams, ponds, rivers, lakes, oceans, even a fountain) it will help calm you down and focus.

The major challenge for the year is to learn to trust in the universe and realize that you can control nothing. This realization can lead to becoming more patient and trusting.

The challenge number is three. The challenges are: watch your sarcasm; don’t let feelings of inadequacy or being unforgiving make you do things to be loved or to maintain control; accept who you are and love your Self. Do not scatter your energy or time doing for others . . . focus on your plans. Don’t close down, be more emotionally intimate, have the courage to speak your truth from your heart. Other challenges involve having good ideas or plans but not paying sufficient attention to the details to make them successful.

An "Eight" Year 
This can be a year of financial gain or karmic paybacks. Using the lessons of faith, patience, trust, and surrender learned in your 7PY, this can be a financially successful year. This is a good year to implement business plans, receive a promotion or recognition, make money, or become more self-empowered. This is also a year for dealing with organizations or institutions, contracts, legal proceedings, and the law. (Watch the speed limits on the highways.)

Business and financial opportunities may present themselves this year, but for them to materialize you will have to learn how to allow them to unfold and not “try” to make them happen. TRUST (last year’s lesson) that everything is unfolding according to the cosmic plan that you helped create.

If you cooperated in your 2 PY, kept you nose to the grindstone in the 4 PY, and were of service in your 6 PY, then you will be rewarded either materially or financially (or both) this year; if not, this will be a very difficult year . . . one of financial hardships or karmic paybacks.

The challenge number is four. Some of your challenges this year involve letting go of  the need for control, not being  stubborn because of insecurities, not getting lost in minutiae or details, not being afraid to move forward with your dreams/ideas/visions. Recognize that you cannot control anything; you can only state your “intentions and preferences” and continue moving forward.

A " Nine" Year
This is a year of endings, letting go of attachments, realizing that trying to control anything is fruitless and frustration.  It is also a good time to travel, especially long distances. This year is the "final exam"; anything of a negative nature that has not been resolved in the previous eight years, will recur. The lesson is about loving your Self without becoming narcissistic.

Start nothing new that you wish to continue, this is the end of the nine year cycle. If you feel driven to begin something or make a purchase wait until October to begin, as this is when the energy of the 1PY begins filtering in. This is an excellent year to end negative associations or dealings with your “spiritual trainers.” (Read ARTICLES “Our Abandonment Issues Are The Catalysts . . . .) Minimize the ego's reactions to losses and emotional disappointments by realizing that you are preparing your Self for new beginnings in your 1 PY and the next nine year cycle.

The challenge number is 5. The challenges for this year include: paying attention to the details not just the concept, not scattering your energy or dissipating your time by trying to control the affairs of others, and avoiding stubbornness, procrastination, and reactionary behavior patterns.

The most important lesson to learn this year is to be able to willingly let go of both the things you love and your emotional baggage. With faith you will realize that whatever you release will always be replaced by something better.
*   *    *    *    *    *    *

To successfully make it through the turmoil of the next 18 – 21 months, I quote Shakespear:

“To thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as night the day,
You can not then be false to any one.”
                                                                            Hamlet. Act I. Scene 3


Michael is available for consultations concerning your life or business, name changes, health issues, coaching, or projections for the future. Michael can be reached through his website www.awakener.com or via Vonage computer calling service at his US number 1 561- 866-5479. He is currently living in Thailand.  His book “Numerology for Healing” won the 2009 New Mexico Book Awards. His most recent book “Numerology for Decoding Behavior” is available at bookstores or on Amazon.com.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Be on the Lookout for the Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale!

Hello Dear One:

Takara here.

I hope you are enjoying a fabulous day!

Boy the aftermath of 11/11/11 has been intense. Wild things have been happening in relationships, careers, health, and pretty much everything else. I trust you have been riding this wave in a positive way!  

Be on the lookout later Today for my Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale. 

It's that time of year when many people buy gifts to show their love and appreciation for the wonderful people in their lives. At Forchianna, we have some fabulous choices to show you truly care. These are the kind of gifts that literally change lives. 

On Sale Friday Through Monday:

Long Distance Energy Healing Sessions
Dancing Dolphin Essences
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BioElectric Shields

Details on Tonight.

Have a deLightful day,

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Using Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Products with a Group You are Leading or Facilitating

Using Dancing Dolphin Energy Products with a Group You are Leading or Facilitating

"Takara's essences are amazing! We've used them in large groups of people and they really seem to assist in the frequency shifting experience, adding even more vitality and loving energy to the consciously encoded sounds we either listen to or create."
- Jonathan Goldman, Internationally renowned pioneer in Sound Healing

Dancing Dolphin is the perfect addition to any group, ceremony, meditation circle, or workshop.

There are so many wonderful choices to assist in raising the vibration, getting into a more receptive state, calming, centering, grounding, protecting, anchoring in the energy, and so much more.

Here are a few ideas. Join the mailing list to get additional suggestions for enhancing your group facilitation with these powerful products.

Getting Started:

As you gather in a circle, go around the room introducing yourselves, or do the other preliminary opening activities for your gathering, put a drop of oil in each person's hand to rub on the back of their necks. 

Instead of letting the participants "pass the bottle," you can have a helper, or even yourself, anoint each participant with the oil. You can put the oil on the 3rd eye, the back of the neck, the temples, the high heart, etc. Or, as I always say, "Use them as desired or inspired."

An even more dramatic way to begin (or at another point in your gathering or ceremony) would be to have the participants pair up and use the oil from one of the larger bottles with a dropper cap. Put a quarter size amount of regular massage oil or lotion in the hand and add 3 to 4 drops of a Dancing Dolphin oil product. Mix it up with the fingers and then have them rub their partner's feet.

There are several good choices for beginning a circle, workshop, or ceremony. Here are a few I suggest:

Essence of Camelot - my personal favorite for starting a group. It uplifts everyone and begins a harmony among the participants. It helps things to flow. It makes everything work in a more magical synchronistic way. It assists participants in having faith and trust in each other and in you. The Blue Calcinega crystal used in this blend greatly assists in understanding the Great Mystery.

Focus or Mental Clarity - either of these essences would be good ones to start with if the topic matter is complicated. If you are teaching something like statistics, math, astrology, numerology, how to figure out your Mayan birthday, or another topic with lots of steps and details, either of these would assist your participants in "getting" it.

Divine Mother - if your workshop or group is connecting with the earth or the Divine Feminine in some way, then this essence will literally envelope them in that energy.

Liquid Light - radically increases the frequency of the gathering, raising everyone in consciousness and awareness.


Often in shamanic, earth based, wiccan, or other group gatherings, it is customary to begin by smudging or clearing each participant. This is often done with sage.

Pristine Clearing Mist was created specifically with this purpose in mind. When events are held indoors, it is often undesirable to “burn” anything. This mist allows you to spray above the head and around the energy field of each participant. It is extremely effective and works beautifully for clearing people, crystals, and spaces. Just have them remove their glasses and close their eyes before misting.

There are also a few of the oil-based products that also offer powerful clearing energy. Clearing is one such essence. Violet Flame is another powerful clearing energy that works at a much higher frequency. It is most appropriate for those who are well established on a path of raising consciousness. At the top end of the spectrum is the Platinum Fire energy which I personally work with and channel in to this realm. It is only available to individuals who work with extremely high frequency. It would be very uncomfortable for those not properly prepared.


When opening up a person’s mind and energy field to other realms of information and existence, doing shamanic or other healing work, channeling information and energy, or creating group meditational experiences, protecting yourself and each participant from potentially harmful, disharmonious energies is a critical step in the process.

I suggest using 2 of the oil products ~ one for the lower chakras (energy centers) and the other for the higher chakras (energy centers).

Diamond Protection is placed on the lower 3 chakras to protect the body, mind, and emotions from disharmony. I suggest that oil be rubbed on the tailbone for the root chakra. Oil is placed on the remainder of the chakras on the front of the body.

Crown of Glory is placed on the top 4 chakras (heart through crown). This essence not only places a powerful protection around the higher chakras, particularly the crown, to ensure a clear and pristine connection to Higher Wisdom, but it also assists in making and enhancing that connection.

If you don’t have the time, or placing oil on all the chakras seems inappropriate, then I suggest just a couple of drops of Crown of Glory right on top of the head.


During the Ceremony, Workshop, or Group

What you do during the middle of your gathering will depend a great deal on the focus and purpose for the group.

I have many products from the Personal Transformation, Divine Connection, Meditation, and even Realm lines that will assist you and your participants based on the intent of the ceremony, process, experience, or teaching you have planned.

If the purpose you have in mind does not have a Dancing Dolphin product already designed to support it, I am more than happy to create one for you just like I did for this workshop for Daniel Jacob:

"Takara's new custom blend, called "Being the Light," was a wonderful binding force for our recent event around that topic. It mixed old world magic with new world wonder and imagination. She is a genuine alchemist, healer, and guide for those who are now infusing themselves with the power of INTENTION--focused
and expressed in these vibrant, easy-to-use mixtures. We are excited to have her skills along for our journeys!"
- Daniel Jacob, http://www.reconnections.net, http://www.thestarchildren.com

Some good choices for personal healing related activities:

Release ~ a great preparation to let go of issues,

Break Through ~ blasts through issues that are stuck,

Fear Buster ~ facing and overcoming deeply held or irrational fears,

Finally Free ~ total euphoria of moving beyond the pain and hardship of the past,

Forgiveness ~ one of the most important and empowering activities in the spiritual journey,

Inner Child ~ assists in healing pain and trauma from childhood and past lives,

Reclaiming Power ~ particularly important for women or anyone who has been manipulated or disempowered and for anyone seeking to find their personal spiritual power,

Gratitude ~ works hand in hand with Forgiveness. Gratitude makes all things possible,

Reconnection ~ restoring and strengthening the Divine connection,

Surrender ~ letting Divine Will guide you, helps tone down the ego,

Health ~ assists the physical body in healing,

Divine Love ~ accepting and feeling the love of Creator,

Essence of Faerie – accessing and connecting more deeply with the elemental kingdoms for healing and manifestation

Essence of Mer - to get to much deeper levels of self, very deep and mysterious

For Shamanic Journeys, Guided Meditations, Sweat Lodge Experiences, etc.

Meditation ~ designed specifically for meditation

Quiet Place Within ~ helps to achieve a much deeper state of mind, perfect for meditating

Shaman’s Dream ~ made with the energy signature of the Datura flower, considered by Native Americans to be a sacred plant, assists in making the journey more vivid and powerful

For Working with Chakras

The Chakra Kit, a collaboration with Jonathan Goldman, contains 7 amazing essences, one for each of the 7 main energy centers. Work with them one at a time or together. Each essence contains a powerful gem, color, sound, and other frequencies designed to activate, open, balance, and harmonize the particular chakra. This is one of the most effective products on the market for working with these energy centers.

The Essence of Sound with Jonathan Goldman

I’ve known Jonathan, and his lovely wife Andi, for many years. I am honored to offer his amazing healing sound music in essence form. Each of these essences
offers a powerful healing of very high consciousness. A few of the choices include: Holy HarmonyThe Divine Name, The Lost Chord, as well as many more. These frequencies are even more effective when used with the accompanying CD playing during a meditation or toning exercise. Jonathan’s students get to experience the essence of Holy Harmony at his Healing Sounds Intensive training each year.

When Doing Earth and Water Healing

Because I personally work with earth and water healing, and because so many groups also do this work, I created the Earth Healing Kit. It contains a 1/2 oz. bottle for Earth Healing and a 1/2 oz. bottle for water healing. If this is part of your
group activity, then just drop 3 to 4 drops of the appropriate energy on the ground or in the water at the appropriate time during the meditation or ceremony.

To Complete the Ceremony, Workshop, or Gathering

Depending on the type of meditation and/or activity involved in your group events, participants may feel ungrounded or spacey, a little too “expanded” to fit back into their body. Grounding is the perfect essence to assist. It contains many grounding frequencies including hematite, black kyanite, and apache tear. Rub some on the ankles or the bottom of the feet. Eating some type of food is also very grounding.

If the group experience involved bringing in new information, energies, or aspects of self, Anchor will help them bring it fully into the body and help to integrate it into their daily life.

If the event involved physical stress or exertion, such as a sweat lodge ceremony, Thrive made from prickly pear cactus great assists in restoring the body’s vitality.

A great way to finish is by misting each participant with Completion Mist. It was originally created as a way to seal up the energy field and complete an energy healing session. It is perfect for finalizing any type of group activity that involves
healing energies.

As with most forms of energy healing, it is highly recommended that participants drink plenty of fresh water after working with these frequencies as this is very powerful energy work.

These are just a few ideas for ways to use Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Products to enhance your group gathering. Feel free to email me, takara @ dolphinempowerment dot com, to discuss ways to use them for your specific

Have a deLightful day,

P.S. Get your Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Products here! http://store.dancing-dolphin-essences.com 

Disclaimer: We do not diagnose or treat disease. This information has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Use common sense when dealing with issues.
Dancing Dolphin Essences are not intended as replacement for physician or psychiatrist care. For serious conditions, seek the advice of a trained health care professional.

To stay updated about Dancing Dolphin and Forchianna products, sign up for Takara's "Here's to Your Magnificence" Newsletter 

I would love to hear your comments!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spiritual Gifts: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

You've heard of spiritual gifts like speaking in tongues, hands on healing, prophecy, and the like.

Hopefully you have personally been working on honing your ability to see (clairvoyance), hear (clairaudience), or know (clairsentience) Divine will.

It is so wonderful when all of a sudden a person recognizes a spiritual gift or two that they have received. It is a great source of joy and wonder. And, it can also be a great source of hardship.

Every person is here evolving, learning, and growing at a pace determined by their own soul.

When someone experiences what I will call a mystical moment ~ something out of the ordinary that they can only attribute to spiritual intervention ~ it changes things.

I remember vividly when I started speaking in tongues and channeling at the age of 14. The moment that brought it on was extraordinary and unforgetable. It took me many moons to prepare myself to actually use the gifts properly.

And that's the rub.

So often, peole are given a gift, and their little ego gets all fluffed up and they think that they suddenly have all the answers, have "arrived," and no longer need to work on themselves. When the truth is, all they have is a particular gift. They still have innumerable things to work on. The gift is wonderful. But it is not the end all of their spiritual journey. It is a tiny step along the way.

In times of old, a person trained in the mystery schools for many years and with great discipline to heal their issues, to learn concentration, to hold their emotions steady and not react to circumstances, to raise their vibration and consciousness. It was very hard work and took extreme levels of dedication and commitment. Along the way they awakened many spiritual gifts. And by the time they were initiated, having completed their training and proved themselves through some sort of testing process, they could use those skills responsibly, with wisdom, and for the greater good.

You cannot teach your gift to another.

Gifts are received directly from the Divine. They are honed by humans, but the innate gift, the propensity to be a healer, a channel, a teacher, or something else, is born from within.

You can pay tons of money to be trained in something, even be certified in it, but does that make you that particular thing?

Certainly not.

Reiki is a prime example in the area of hands on healing.

Did you now that originally it was a teaching to achieve enlightenment and the physical healing taking place was just a side benefit? Reminds me of another teacher you might have heard of named Jesus. He was a teacher. According to some sources, healing became his way of gathering around people to listen to the message.

Of course Reiki, and everything else, changed significantly when it was brought to the west.

Can every person certified and trained as a Reiki Master perform the miracles of Usui, the man who invented it?

I think we all know the answer.


Becausel Usui was dedicated to his spiritual journey, studied and practiced numerous traditions, and he was given a spiritual gift.

There are thousands of Reiki "masters" all over the globe. Many of them are teaching students using their own personal twist to the teaching. If you put 10 people in a class and give them all the same training, atune all of them, give them all a little certificate that says they have completed level I, II, master, or even higher, are they all hands on healers who should be hanging out a little shingle saying "come to me?"

The answer to this question is of course, "No."

A class and a piece of paper does not a healer make.

Only 2% of the world's population has the knowledge, skills, and physical ability to be a true hands on healer. At least that is what has been revealed to me.

Take 100 students of any healnig method and have each of them give a treatment. There will be a huge variation in the level of effectiveness and positive results measured across the group.


Because some people can bring in so much energy its like turning on a fire hose and other people can only manage a trickle. Some people are born healers and regardless of what method they use, it will be very effective. And other people should find a different career.

If you can't see or sense energy, you have no idea which one you are getting. If you haven't developed a heightened intuition that gives you clear direction about what you should and should not do to make improvements in your life, then some of what you "try" is simply a waste of money, while other things could actually be taking you off track.

On the flip side, Reiki and other methods are a GREAT WAY for a person who has the predisposition to be a hands on healer to "wake up" to that fact. It is a lovely entry into the world of energy healing. And the person with the gift can use it as a doorway to begin opening up the channels and moving a little energy.

They should then take it upon themselves to learn a great deal more about energy and to hone their intuitive skills so they can assist each person they work with in the perfect way for that individual. They can do physical exercises and work with other methods to open and keep their energy channels finely tuned.

I am so blessed to have several dear friends who are true healers. Karen Schweitzer, Millie Stefani, Shikiah, and so many others have blessed me and the world with their gifts.

Reiki was my doorway to working with energy. It might also be yours. My teacher was a true, highly intuitive, hands on healer and she taught me many things. But after her teaching, my internal spirituall guidance system had me go down many other roads to learn significantly more about positive and negative energy, enlightenment, opening channels, and fine tuning my vessel for the work I am here to do.

I remember the day that I had an inner knowing that I absolutely had to attend a particular holistic expo. There were these little Tibetan monks in their beautiful orange robes with the maroon sashes and all the copper and crystal gizmos they offered for healing. My internal knowing was that I was to have a session with one of them.

As I sat there listening to some lovely music on the headphones the monk handed me, he started using one of those copper and crystal things around my body. He used it to open the chakras on the palms of my hands. They opened with so much force I literally cried with joy. I had been working with energy for many years prior to that experience.

That is just one of numerous experiences where I was guided to be at a certain place at a certain time and was "tweaked," upgraded, and fine tuned.

Previously I've shared about having to cancel a trip to swim with dolphins in Bimini so I could synchronistically meet up with Don from New Zealand so he could download energy for me for a couple of hours at Mt. Shasta.

Don and I had never met ~ at least not in this lifetime. We just both knew we had to be in Mt. Shasta that weekend. The guy came all the way from freakin' New Zealand to be there because his guides indicated that he was being asked to do a mission there. It turned out that I was the mission. Don and I are still great friends. What a powerful conduit for energy he is and how blessed I am to experience such gifts from Spirit as having Don fly all the way from New Zealand to show up in my life.

A spiritual gift is a spiritual gift. If a person was given a spiritual gift, they can not pass it along to others and have it be as strong and powerful as it was for the originator of the gift.

I can not give you the ability to access and move energy using the Language of Light that I've been doing since I was 14. I can not give you or teach you the same ability to bring in energy that I have. I can not force your body to be a finely tuned instrument designed to bring in energy and information as mine is.

So . . . I've done the next best thing.

I've brought the energy in for you and infused it in little bottles of oil for you to use. Now you don't have to have the ability to bring it in yourself, or with the same frequency, precision, or force that I can. Now all you have to do is work with the energy in the bottle that I've already brought in.

It's a beautiful system really.

It works with anything you may need it for. Whether you are dealing with issues yourself, or you work with clients, or you teach classes, or any number of other instances, you can work with the energy I've pulled in any time you want or need to.

I can not personally sit with each person who is seeking assistance. However, I can bring in energies and infuse them into a custom blend for you so that each time you use it, it is like having me sitting right there with you bringing in the energy for you. It's so much more efficient, and cost effective, to work with the energies in this manner.

Dancing Dolphin Energy Products (oils, roll-ons, and mists) amplify, enhance, and assist to deeply anchor whatever you are already doing. It takes any modality further, faster, and deeper than it is by itself.

Even though I can not teach you how to use my gift, I have much I have been given to teach. And if you use the information along with the energy I'm bringing in, it will help you:

  • reach higher levels of consciousness, 
  • access things buried deeply in your subconscious that keep you stuck,
  • find the joy and flow you have been seeking,
  • and so much more.

Get Yours Now! 

Have a truly deLightful day,


P.S. It is always amazing to me what comes out on the keyboard when I sit down to create a newsletter.

I would love to hear what you have to say about this subject!

Looks Like Armageddon ~ Or Is It? by Debbie Takara Shelor

This year has been quite eventful!

For me personally, the craziness in weather patterns began with a tornado that touched down in April just 30 minutes from my home in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

In June, Jess and I went to the American Southwest and were surrounded by wildfires raging everywhere. Albuquerque and Santa Fe had been blasted for days with smoke from the fires in Arizona. Then the fires started in New Mexico.

The entire top of the Jemez Mountains is on fire in this picture I took from Espanola, NM one evening.

I was just a couple of miles away from one of the fires as it was just getting started.

I was shopping at the Tesuque Flea Market just north of Santa Fe one day. If you have never been there, I highly recommend it. You can purchase everything at the flea market from art to African drums, from southwest turquoise jewelry to oriental rugs, from clothing from Peru to Indian fry bread. When I drove up the ramp afterwards to head back to Santa Fe, I saw this blaze (above) that had just started within the hour.

More recently there was an earthquake near Richmond, VA that made my desk chair and office jostle. If felt like I was back on the yacht in the South Pacific and it had just been hit by a big wave.

And as I'm sure you are aware, there was the hurricane that has done a great deal of damage to the homes and beaches up and down the east coast. We were not actually within the path of that hurricane. But so many of my dear friends and relatives were.

So what the heck is really happening?

For those of the Christian persuasion, the events of late seem to be pointing to the whole idea of Armageddon as described in the last book of the Bible.

New Age or Metaphysical types might say that 2012 is just around the corner and we are coming to the end of a giant cycle of time.

Scientists will tell you that throughout the history of the earth there have been numerous cycles of ice ages followed by more temperate weather patterns. What we are experiencing is apparently pretty "normal" in that respect as the earth heads into another ice age some time in the future.

Conspiracy theorists will say that the U.S. government is "messing with" weather patterns using the HAARP array and other means.

Whatever you believe, one thing is for certain: things are changing. The energies inside and outside the earth are getting wilder, and you better hang on for the ride.

You can fight it and live a bitter frightened existence. Or you can learn to flow with it, taking each day as it comes, being grateful for what you have and not allowing the inevitable changes to ruin your day, or your life.

How you navigate in life will make or break your happiness, health, and sense of fulfillment.

For those people who have a rigid picture of what today and tomorrow are supposed to look like, you are highly likely to be disappointed ~ in people, in God, in yourself and your life.

Things change. And these days, they are changing fast.

As I've said for a long time, surfing is required. Jump on up on the surfboard and learn to ride the waves of change. Because if you stay down in the turbulant seas, you are potentially going to drown. Raise your consciousness, raise your vibration, raise your eyes up to discover the endless possibilities around you.

And find your joy!

As I "tuned in" to find out which Dancing Dolphin Energy would most benefit everyone going through these tremendous changes, the answer was "Release." Release assists you in letting go of the things that no longer serve you, like limiting beliefs. It also helps you "let go" of your need for people and situations to be a certain way. That can greatly assist you in just allowing each moment to present itself and responding with greater ease.


Have a deLightful day,

I would love to hear what you have to say about this subject!
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