Saturday, February 26, 2011

Angels Are Real - And They are Among Us All the Time

It's so wonderful how stories of angels and other bits of encouragement and inspiration are so easily shared with technology. A few times each day I go onto Facebook and quickly scroll down my home page - reading all the posts by my numerous "friends." I often find myself clicking on videos hosted on YouTube, or stories posted on news sites, and any number of other interesting bits of information people have been inspired to share.

Today I came across this video shared by my good friend, Daniel Jacob. He and I have . . .
a lot in common. We both get messages from beyond this realm.

This is a news story about angels being real and that they are among us. Enjoy:

Saying I believe in Angels, isn't quite accurate. I know they exist. I've experienced them first hand on numerous occasions. At least once my life was spared in an event that I can only explain as Divine intervention.

There are still people who don't believe in things they can't experience with the 5 senses. There is so much more going on than that. Life can often be filled with miracles when you begin to experience angels and other delights of the unseen world.

Have a deLightful day,

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