Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Judgment and Hatred in Our World Needs to Change

It's an overcast day and I "knew" that before I even opened my eyes this morning. Several things were bothering me. Things that make me sad and I, by myself, seem powerless to fix.
I love creating my world, experiencing miracles, synchronicity, and joy. It's so deLightful. It's so fun and invigorating. And yet . . .
Other people are creating other things. And the more I think about them, the more upset I get. 
Something needs to be done . . . 
But what?
These things are making so many people angry that they are being stupid themselves. They are becoming fearful, judgmental, and hateful towards people just because they are a particular religion or from a particular country. And that, is completely loony.

Is every American an awful person, hell bent on conquering and ruling the world?

Of course not.

But the nation is involved in war and Americans have caused devastation in lots of places, including the environment. Our history of mistreatment of people and resources isn't that great even within our own country - native Americans, slaves, non-white minorities, women, forests, rivers, I'm sure you can think of other examples - have been treated horribly over the years.

Does that mean that every American is a war mongering, egomaniac?


Some are. Others aren't. We are a nation of individuals trying to get along. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Hopefully over time we learn from our mistakes and evolve together to another level of understanding and cooperation.

In "The Cove" in Japan, they are driving pods of dolphins in and killing them almost daily. They also eat whale meat in Japan, which many people find a great offense. And I read on a post on Facebook recently that said anyone who drives a Japanese car is a whale killer.

And I thought, "That statement is just not right."

I drive a Japanese car. And I am not a whale killer.

I have several dear friends who are Japanese. They are a nation made up of individuals. And just like individuals from the USA, England, Pakistan, Ethiopia, and everywhere else, they are not all the same.  Every Japanese person is not murdering dolphins and whales.

Some are. Some aren't. Some think it's great. Others don't. That is just the way it is.

How can someone lump them all together and say "they" are evil?

That's like saying every Canadian is evil because one small group of them bludgeon baby seals to death each year. I am still mind boggled about that behavior. I know tons of Canadians. They are some of the nicest people I've ever met. My former in-laws are Canadian. Heck, even my son is Canadian. I lived there for awhile. They aren't all evil. And yet there are still people killing baby seals and it makes me fight back tears whenever I see one.

People are praying that the boats sink, killing those who are killing the dolphins and whales. And I say, "No. I pray that they find another way to support themselves and their families." Because the truth is, that is all they are trying to do. 

And then there was the post about the 14 year old girl who was raped by an older cousin and then "flogged" to death for adultery in her country recently. No matter which way I turn that over in my mind, I can't justify that behavior. I can't make it O.K. in my mind.

There is rumored to be a law being looked at making rape, not really rape, within the U.S.

And I can tell you, from personal experience, that rape is rape no matter which way you turn it. And the affects can be devastating and long lasting no matter how much psychological and emotional assistance the person receives.

And then I see a post like this and I think, if the animals can do it, and we are basically animals, then maybe we can too . . .

Years and years ago, the brother of my first fiance had been hiking at the Cascades in Giles Co., Virginia and heard what sounded like a baby crying. He went towards the sound and found a tiny fawn, stuck between some rocks. He brought the baby deer to his parents home.

I was there when he arrived and took the baby deer from his arms. It was one of the most precious moments of my life. My fiance's black lab, Bucky, wouldn't leave the deer's side. In fact, as the fawn curled up asleep, Bucky would wrap himself around it, somewhat like a protective mother.

The fawn was having trouble breathing. It's possible the mother left it to die because it wasn't going to make it anyway. At least that was what the Vet school at Virginia Tech said was probably the case. The little deer died in my arms a few days later.

Animals rarely kill other animals except for food or if they feel their young are being threatened, or if they have a disease like rabies. I wish we, humans, could do the same.

In New Mexico, in the valley where I used to live, most of the dogs were free roaming. My part pit bull part sharpei, along with my part wolf part Alaskan malamute, the blue heeler and the dalmation from two houses away, the black dog with one blue eye and one brown eye, the twins from across the valley were all great free roaming friends.

First thing in the morning, they all came to my home. They played at nipping one another and pretend fighting. They chased one another endlessly. Later on they would be at another home. Part of the day they stayed in their own yards to sleep. Then they would meet up again later. They had formed their own little pack. They never fought one another.

Whenever my former husband, Raven, took my son, Jess, and our dogs for a walk, the entire pack would go alone with him. One day, as they walked down a back country road, the dogs all ran off. When Raven and Jess looked where they were running to, they saw it was to a pack of coyotes.

It was very scary.

The coyotes could have easily pack hunted and killed one or more of the dogs. But Raven and Jess were amazed to see that these dogs treated the coyotes exactly like they treated each other. They were already friends and they played and chased just like the dogs did amongst themselves. 

However, the dogs in the neighborhood that were not allowed to roam free would become vicious and aggressive whenever any of these dogs came near. They had been "trained" to be territorial. And horrible fights would break out and some dogs were seriously injured.

Perhaps all this hatred of "the other" is simply training.

Perhaps if children had been trained since birth to get to know the people that show up in their lives and enjoy their company, even if they are different from themselves, they wouldn't hate or mistrust or mistreat them so much.

Perhaps even our animal nature has a good side. Perhaps following their lead is our way to true community, cooperation, and love.

I would love to hear what you have to say about this subject! Post your comments below. Hateful, judgmental comments will not be approved. Thought provoking, insightful comments will.

May you have a blessed day,
Debbie Takara Shelor


Dusky Lady said...

You are so right. I am astounded about the approving of rape in the US! That makes me so mad. It's those who think right isn't right, and wrong isn't wrong. Our country does have a lot of good people who fear God--even if they don't believe in Him, who love one another, and that is a connection to God.

I just truly realized today how much we all truly need each other. We go about our day, often treating all the people around us as if they are nuisances or threats.

It's when your at your most vulnerable, like I was today, that you really begin to see how a little smile, by chance meeting a friend or acquaintance in a public place and just taking the time to smile and say, "Hi, how are you doing? take care.?", or asking for help from others around you, really boosts the world up.

It's not the Government who creates peace. It's not political parties who can move people with passion to do great things in the lives of others. It is you, and me. Together.

When you feel the sudden urge to make a little gesture toward someone else--an act of kindness-or simply sharing your spark-and life force with others through beings yourself...take that chance. You never know who it will touch.

I just heard about something called "operation Beautiful" where Caitlin Boyle one day had the inspiration to put a post-it note with an encouraging message "You are beautiful" on the mirror in the women's bathroom. Women are so critical of themselves (and they have lost of other people to criticize them when they aren't doing it themselves--the media; society, parents; etc.) and the feminine spirit--creativity, intuition, tenderness, and peace--greatly 'threatens' would you say, the modern media.

Takara said...

@Dusky Lady - beautifully said. Thanks very much for sharing your insights!

I look forward to many more . . .

Dusky Lady said...

Just think about it; thin people are thought as the only stereo type of beautiful; (masculine trait) and so in this we are rejecting the very curves that symbolize the beauty of being a women.

When you read an ad, say in the paper or the Internet for help wanted--what kind of characteristics do they act like are the only 'good' characteristics for potential workers? usually it's
"Outgoing, energetic, take charge, so on and so forth.
these are all fine and good, but they are all male energy characteristics. an it is wrong to say that these are the only important, good, or useful traits. In fact, too much male energy is much of the problem. Women to do not seek domination so much as dominion. And wasn't that what we were supposed to have over the earth anyway?

Dusky Lady said...

The Native Americans were killed in a great Holocaust called the Trail of Tears. Yet, when I went to school for world history, I spend 3 weeks learning about the horrors of the Nazis, and not one word about the how the Native Americans were killed by the first Americans. Women were raped, taken. Innocent lives taken.
I wrote a poem called "Black Elk's Vision" to honor and remember all those who's lives were taken because they were Native American.

I am a 20 year old african american woman, yet still I don't understand why we only celebrate black history month, but not an apology to the many First Nation people who were killed in the Trail of Tears; whose land was taken, then they were shoved on plots of land and made to live in a way that was foreign to them. They were peaceful, in tune with the dignity of the human spirit--with nature--with living a peace. The settlers felt threatened by these people. For that reason.

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