Saturday, March 5, 2011

Death is Simply a Transition and Nothing More

I just love Facebook. Sometimes it's to find out what is up with the people we care about and share what's been happening with us. Sometimes it's to announce something new we are offering in business.

But every now and then it's to be totally awestruck by a marvelous story, a gorgeous photograph, or an uplifting message.

On my blog recently I shared . . .
about a situation proving reincarnation. Then there was the story about the angel at the hospital - that happens all the time by the way.

Today's story is about a little boy who died on the operating table, went to heaven, and met his sister that he never knew he had. 

You are an eternal being living a human experience. Jesus showed humanity that we never really die.

People still fear it horribly. Yet the truth is, it is simply a transition like getting married, or graduating from high school. Things look a bit different, but the real "you" remains. Death is simply a transition to another experience.

I love technology and the world wide web. People have been having near death experiences, meeting angels, Jesus, Buddha, other  Ascended Masters, family members, and all sorts of interesting beings "on the other side" for as long as there have been people.

Children have been talking in great detail about the specifics of their previous lives to shocked and confused parents forever as well.
The problem has always been that the information was only shared with those in close proximity. And those people, through their own disbelief, naivety, or fear, failed to benefit from the message or pass it on.

Volumes have been written about actual accounts of near death experiences and stories of reincarnation. And yet the multitudes still doubt. One day they will get it ~ or not. And that's O.K. It's up to their own soul and the personal path they are on right now. It's infinitely easier to flow with it, trust, and smile rather than fear and fret.

"May you have a blessed day. May all that you take in be a blessing to you. May all that you give out be a blessing to others." ~ Debbie Takara Shelor 

Have a deLightful day,
Deb (Takara)

I would love to hear what you have to say about this subject!


David said...

The fear of death is most definitely the fear of change. As a Taurus, change has been challenging for me, and as a result, I would always be mortified by the ghosts that would show up in my house. Turns out I'm a psychopomp though, so avoiding that was not exactly going to work!

Takara said...

@David - Thanks for sharing. What, pray tell, is a psychopomp> Now I'm intrigued. Deb (Takara)

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