Friday, March 18, 2011

Using the Platinum Ray to Neutralize Radiation and Nuclear Meltdown

O.K., this is not what I thought I was going to be doing today . . . However, since my inner guidance has taken over, I am now to share this.

Years ago a friend and famous Oracle, Judith Moore, said I was going to discover a way to neutralize radiation from things like Uranium. She said I would be creating and discovering several other things that were completely unrelated. I did not resonate with what she was saying at the time since much of the stuff was not in areas I tend to work with. Bottom line . . .
I flat out thought she was wrong.

Fast forward to this morning.  I have a million things to do. I'm writing (channeling) several books simultaneously. I have a presentation to give later today. I have emails to answer, phone calls to make, and a son to homeschool. Yet I found myself filing of all things.


Boxes and boxes of loose papers, folders, etc. needing to be put away.  (There is a point I promise)

I saw the messages coming in about the Nuclear meltdown and the various things to do for it. Just as I'm reading a bit of that, I came across this page of notes I channeled in one of my boxes to file. It reads:

"The platinum ray harmonizes everything. (That will be very important in a minute).

The turquoise ray is the ray of prosperity and opulence.

The sapphire blue ray is the ray of protection. It is the color of cobalt blue. It is white inside with cobalt blue outside. This is the color of Divine Love."

A few days ago I told Sonja Myriel at Lightgrid that I had a meditation to assist channels in cooling down their body when they channeled and that I didn't know where to post it on the site. Now I understand why. I am to explain it here and then alter it to a group meditation done to cool down and harmonize the reactors at the nuclear facilities. Let's all pray that Judith did in fact know what she was talking about so long ago.

Using the Platinum Ray to heal the friction caused when high frequency (whatever you are channeling ~ energy or information) comes into contact with lower frequency (the frequency of your body and this earth plane).

I always see the person seated (not sure why).

Imagine a drop of liquid platinum (sort of like liquid mercury, but definitely not that vibration, a mixture of gold and silver in color) being placed on top of their head right at the crown. Imagine it melting down into their body. It coats the entire brain, then travels down the spinal column, and out every nerve all the way to the tiniest tips of the nerves. You are coating inside and outside each of the nerves.

Friction causes heat, which causes inflammation, which causes tiredness, and speeds up the aging process. The person is literally being fried from the inside out as the high frequency energy and information comes through their body.

The vessel itself ~ the human body ~ must be purified and cleansed internally and externally. The nutrients it receives should be coming from blessed live food sources along with plenty of pure water. And I also highly recommend mineral supplements. (I use a particular kind if anyone is interested).  Minerals burn up quickly when you are channeling energy and information.

This purification assists in not only allowing the body to be more in resonance with the higher frequencies, it also allows the information to be received with less distortion.

But it is not enough. Once the nerves have begun to "heat up" from the high frequencies being received, additional steps are required to cool it down and keep it cooled down. That is the purpose of the liquid platinum visualization above.

If you have platinum jewelry, wear it. I'm wearing my wedding band (for the diamonds and platinum energy frequencies) even though I am no longer married. I just decided I was now married to my Light work and the ring is a reminder of that.

I have also created an essence I call the "Platinum Principle" to go along with the next book by the same name in the series I'm working on.  Anyway, I get that it will greatly assist channels in dealing with all this.

Back to the visualization. The liquid platinum not only cools down nerves that are already being irritated from the friction, it coats them like a lubricant. In an engine, if you don't keep the various parts well lubricated, you get friction, which causes heat, which eventually causes irreparable damage. Let the liquid platinum act as the necessary lubricant creating complete harmony between whatever frequency you are and the frequency of the information you are bringing in.

On to bigger things:

Cooling Down the Nuclear Facilities:

Just like the human body and dealing with frequencies, that is exactly what is happening inside the nuclear plants. Very high and fast frequencies are causing great irritation with the surrounding vessel ~ building in this case.

See the entire facility and surrounding area in a giant sphere of platinum light. Ask the dolphins to come and surround the sphere weaving their magic, sending the frequencies necessary to neutralize and heal everything.

Then see a giant drop of liquid platinum at the top of the sphere and then watch it melt down into the sphere and the facility and the surrounding area coating everything in liquid platinum ~ cooling, healing, neutralizing everything in it's path. Let not even a molecule go uncoated.

Do this as a group and repeat at least every 12 hours. Be sure to include this platinum healing meditation at the end of the Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing and the Global Marine Meditations behind held this weekend.

In Love and Light,

Copyright (c) 2011 Debbie Shelor

If you feel guided to share this information, please keep the information intact and link them back to this page. Thanks!

NOTE: For legal reasons, I need to say that this is not FDA approved, nor does it come with any sort of guarantee. You need to use common sense. Don't be exposed to radiation if you can at all prevent it. Take other precautions as needed. There is a great discussion going on at this link, with many good suggestions:

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