Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Goddess Within by Debbie Takara Shelor

The Goddess is rising.

She rises with the new blooms of spring.

She rises with the birth of each new day and each new life.

She rises inside of every woman stepping into her true Self and true power.

She rises inside the hearts of men and women who "know" the Divine regardless of what they call it ~ God, the Tao, Great Spirit. Allah, The Force, Mother/Father God, the Goddess, whatever. When a person feels "the presence" of God, it is Shakinah they are feeling. The Presence in the temple has always been the Divine Feminine energy.

Those women who signed up to be right here, right now in their full empowerment are experiencing the Divine Feminine within like never before.

Yes I'm talking about choosing to be here, having a definite life mission, and reincarnation as a given fact. If you don't yet buy into those concepts, then stick around for awhile and read my newest book when it comes out. There was a time when I didn't believe in any of that either. But the Universe put me in situations that proved to me that they are, in fact, real.

If you feel, or sense, that you have a life purpose, but you are still experiencing blocks, or it does not seem to be unfolding for you, then it is time to get off your butt and heal everything that you haven't yet healed.

Time is up.

It's the eleventh hour.

The world is in chaos and things are only getting started. Sticking your head in the sand is not going to make it go away. You have a purpose. You have a job. You have gifts that others do not have and they are needed right here, right now.

You have to heal your feelings of being unworthy and unloved, your sense of guilt, shame, blame, victimhood, and your judgments of others and yourself. You have to move beyond all of your fears ~ of death, rejection, and the unknown.

You have to work with frequency tools like Dancing Dolphin Essences (http://www.dancing-dolphin-essences.com) or something else and raise your vibration. You have to meditate on a regular basis and take time for yourself. You have to rid yourself of the people and the situations that keep you small.

You have to evaluate your life and make changes wherever there is imbalance or disempowerment happening.

And you have to help your children to do the same.

If you are just waking up, you have to hit the ground running.

There is no more time to dilly dally and think about one day some day doing something about the things you know must change.

The time is now.

Help is only a thought away. Infinite assistance is right here.


Legions of angels, faeries, your spirit guides, and any other unseen help you might desire is right there waiting in the wings. But they are not allowed to interfere unless your life is literally in jeopardy. They do step in and prevent you from getting destroyed sometimes. But if you are just experiencing hardship, they do not have permission to interfere unless you ask for assistance.

It's as simple as saying, "I need help here."

When you have healed your wounds, overcome your fears, learned to look with compassion on yourself and others, and have a strong unwavering connection with the Divine, then you know exactly what to do and when to do it. You don't have to question should I do this or should I do that. You simply know.

You will also experience inner peace and joy most of the time.

So let's get on with it . . .

Have a deLightful day,

I would love to hear what you have to say about this subject!


Sonja Myriel said...

I am on my way healing old wounds, opening up to new insights and experiences, opening up to the GODDESS!

Thank you for this beautiful message, dear Takara! Wouldn't you like to post this at lightgrid as well?

Blessings of Love and Light

Sonja Myriel

Dusky_Lady said...

Hi Debbie. I am writing an book on empowering women; and I was wondering if I could use your poem in my book (with you as the author--giving you credit of course, and a link to your website and blog. -- Dusky_Lady

Takara said...

@Dusky_Lady ~ I'm not sure what you are considering a poem. However, if you would like to share some of my words in printed form, that would be fine with me. I prefer the following after it:

Debbie Takara Shelor, author of Life Works When You Are Happy, It Sucks When You Are Not, http://www.absolutejoynow.com


I went to your blog and tried to find contact information for you. I was unsuccessful.

Have a deLightful day,

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