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Famous Well Known People who Meditate

While in the process of revising Peering Through the Veil: the Step-by-Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace, I received an email from the world-renowned-internet guru, Rich Schefren. In it he said that staying focused is imperative to your success. One of his suggestions for improving your focus was, not surprisingly, meditation.

When you think of meditation, you might get images of odd-looking yogis from India sitting in the lotus position for many hours. Sure, yogis from India and their followers all meditate. But so do millions of other people who look and dress similar to you or me.

If you decide to begin a meditational practice, you will be in very good company. Two of the most famous meditators were Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) and Buddha. There are many others.

Some famous well known meditators from the present and the past:

 The Dalai Lama (Religious Leader),
 Albert Einstein (Scientist),
 Mick Jagger (Singer),
 David Lynch (Filmmaker),
 Bruce Lee (Martial Artist),
 Jennifer Lopez (Singer, Actress),
 Clint Eastwood (Actor, Director, Politician),
 Rob Cohen (Director),
 Harrison Ford (Actor),
 George Lucas (Producer),
 Alice Walker (Author),
 Roberto Baggio (Soccer Pro),
 Jerry Seinfeld (Comedian),
 Phil Jackson (NBA Coach),
 Melissa Mathison (Screenwriter),
 Leonard Cohen (Singer, Songwriter, Poet),
 Orlando Bloom (Actor),
 Herbie Hancock (Musician),
 Steven Seagal (Actor),
 Belinda Carlisle (Singer),
 Frank Herbert (Author),
 William Ford Jr. (Ford Motor Company),
 Sting (Singer, Musician),
 Allen Ginsberg (Poet, Author)
 Nathaniel Dorsky (Filmmaker),
 various members of the Beatles (Singers/Musicians),
 K.D. Lang (Singer),
 Andy Kaufman (Actor),
 Cher (Singer, Actress),
 Mark Wahlberg (Actor/Singer)
 Sheryl Crow (Singer, Songwriter),
 Kate Bosworth (Actress)
 Russell Simmons (Record Label Owner),
 Richard Gere (Actor),
 Tiger Woods (Golf Pro),
 Julia Roberts (Actress),
 Gwyneth Paltrow (Actress),
 Tina Turner (Singer),
 Goldie Hawn (Actress),
 Oliver Stone (Movie Producer),
 Elle MacPherson (Supermodel)
 Deepak Chopra (Author),
 Wayne Dyer (Author),
 Paramahansa Yogananda (Guru),
 practically every author and teacher in the spiritual growth arena,
native Americans and those who practice shamanism and earth-based spirituality
 yogis and gurus from everywhere

The following people were known to be Rosicrucian Initiates or to study Alchemy. Since both include meditation as a fundamental part of the practice, I am taking the liberty of including their names here:

 Paracelsus – some consider him the Father of Modern Medicine
 The Count de St. Germain
 Isaac Newton
 Rene Descartes
 Benjamin Franklin
 Francis Bacon
 Victor Hugo
 Goethe
 Plato

Anyone who spends time observing and communing with nature does so in a meditative state. Therefore, Henry David Thoreau, should also be included in this list.

The people who participated in the Transcendental Movement, including Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thoreau, and Walt Whitman, believed in the realization of Divine truth through intuition and direct experience. This movement later lead to the founding of several New Thought churches such as Unity, Religious Science, and Divine Science.

One of the best ways to enhance intuition and encourage direct revelation is through meditation. It is how I have personally gained the wisdom and insights that I share with thousands of readers.

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Rich Guy Miller said...

Thank you for that list! It is an encouragement I hope to use for those I love (and some I don't know yet). After finding the list, I poked around your site. Love the background music and look forward to connecting. First via your ebooks! Was also looking for a place to tweet this list. Thanks again.

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