Sunday, January 15, 2012

Have you Been Recalled?

I was reading AnnaMariah's Intro for the latest newsletter and it hit me that recall would be a fabulous topic for this month's news.

I've been recalled. She's been recalled. And I'm sure that whether you recognized it or not, you have also probably been recalled recently.

A recall often has negative connotations, like when some manufacturer recalls something they made because there is a defect. That is not the type of recall I am referring to.

I'm talking about recalling, or remembering, your mission, your "calling," and what you are here for.

I got recalled by the dolphins. As you probably already know, they have been around me energetically for many years. But my awareness of their presence ebbs and flows.

Over the last couple of weeks, and the last few days in particular, I have been reminded of things I've known for a long time that I'm here to accomplish. These are things that I've put on a back burner, almost to the point of forgetting about them entirely, that suddenly I've been sort of hit over the head with in order to remember.

Various insights I've been given over the years as things I need to do this lifetime have suddenly come to the forefront in my mind.

This new technology Millie and I are bringing forth will accomplish at least two of the things I know I am here to do.

And the dolphins have made their presence known to me in significant ways. I started seeing orca's in my inner vision and I'm having an overwhelming feeling of dolphins being present all around me. I've also felt compelled to search for hours on the internet for the best orca images and the perfect sunset over the water.

Dreams have been intense, prophetic, and often transformational lately for many people.

What about you?

Have you suddenly been getting inspiration about something you are passionate about? Is it a reminder of something you realized long ago? Have you had any dreams that had a huge impact in your waking life?

We are in a time of conscious creation. Use the energy to propel yourself forward towards your mission and your dreams.

Have a deLightful day,

I would love to hear what you have to say about this subject!

Project Yourself From the Light Within Your Heart ~ Not the Shadows Within Your Mind

@ David J. Adams ~ with permission
Djwahl Khul through David J. Adams
The Circle opens with the sounds of the Tibetan bowls and the Crystal bowl.

Feel the sound vibrations releasing all the tensions within your physical vessel, allowing for the free flow of energy, the free flow of Light through every aspect of your Being.  Feel the upliftment.  Feel the essence of joy within your Heart pulsate with the sound vibration, creating a new energy of unity and oneness.

Greetings Beloveds, I am Djwahl Khul.  

I wish to address tonight the subject of Enlightenment and Illumination.  As has been mentioned on previous occasions, you will shortly be walking your Labyrinth of Inner Vision, and moving through the Portal of Enlightenment and Illumination. 

It is important Dear Ones, that you do not perceive this as some kind of instant happening.  The Portal is merely a doorway to
a dimensional frequency where enlightenment is possible. 

We are well aware in our dimension, that humanity loves to perceive these occasions as times of miraculous happenings, and are so frequently disappointed, when, in their minds, nothing seems to change. 

I come to remind you of the words of Beloved Spirit of Crystals and Gemstones – ‘”Enlightenment can only occur when wisdom is aligned with understanding”. 

The Earth as been suffused by the energies of understanding at the 11.11.11, and in the time since the 11.11.11, for the attainment of Enlightenment is a gradual process. 

In human terminology you could say it is a “joining up of the dots”, creating new perceptions and new perspectives on the wisdom that you have already attained through your many lifetimes. 

We speak often about “living in the now”, but unfortunately humanity sometimes takes this to mean that you should forget what has gone before, and perhaps not even dream of what is to come, but that is not so. 

The attainment of Enlightenment is an accumulative process.  You will have noticed over the last few weeks of your time, that we have raised to your awareness again “pearls of wisdom” that were gifted to you decades ago, that have been lying dormant within you, and are now raised to your awareness once again, so that you may look upon them with a new understanding, a new enlightenment.

We have raised with you the question of allowing the flow of energy when you are considering protection.  We have also raised with you the need to look at your life through your Heart.

These have all been raised with you before.  Part of what you do now -  between this time and the walking of the Portal of Enlightenment -  is to bring to your awareness all that wisdom that you have accumulated, for you will need this wisdom, you will need to share this wisdom with those around you who are just beginning to awaken.

You have all served the Earth in many ways, in many lifetimes, and you are a library of wisdom, but wisdom without understanding has no meaning.  We seek therefore to bring together the two aspects – the wisdom and the understanding - that you may attain the necessary Enlightenment for you to become truly the Light Bearers in the new Earth frequency. That you may embrace your fellow humans with your wisdom, with your understanding, and create a Oneness of Enlightenment.

I am sure you understand what I am speaking of – the time for people, humans, to use the wisdom they have been given to dominate others, is over.  This is a time of sharing - sharing your wisdom - sharing your understanding - sharing your Light.

In order to do this Dear Ones, you must first understand yourself.  You must first understand that what you put out for others to see, is what you will receive back from them. 

Another aspect of wisdom that has been given to you previously, there was much  to-do a number of years ago about the “Secret”.  There is no secret – there is only the Law of Attraction - what you put out, you receive back - amplified.

It is imperative, in this year in particular, with the energies that are flooding into the Earth at this time, amplifying the changes that are taking place, that you are conscious of what you are putting out into the world. 

It is not about being wiser or better than others.  It is simply about being your Light, and allowing others to share that Light. 

Tonight I give you another “pearl of wisdom” that has been gifted to you many times before –

“Project yourself
from the Light within your Heart,
not the shadows within your mind”.

Think on that a moment Dear Ones.  In whatever you do, and where ever you go in the coming times, project yourself from the Light within your Hearts, not the shadows within your mind. 

For as people see and feel the Light energy radiating from you, they will be calmed, and they will feel Love.  They may not initially understand what they are feeling, but they will be moved and changed by the energies that you are radiating. 

You are not sharing your Light in order to dominate others.  You are simply your Light because that is what is within your Heart. 

As you move forward on your journey, focus always on your Heart. 

Change invariably creates discomfort and doubts, and these are what is referred to as the “shadows of your mind”.  Indeed, you have an expression on your Planet when someone is certain,  you say -  “without a shadow of doubt”. 

Now Dear Ones we are asking you to let go of these “shadows of doubt”, and to know with complete certainty that the Light within your Hearts is the guidance for the whole of humanity.

From time to time as the year goes on, we may remind you of more of the wisdom that has been given to you in past times, that you may look afresh and share anew that which you already know. 

I leave you now with a blessing from the Light from within my Heart - 

Be one 

Be always within your Heart 

I bless you.

And so it is.

David J Adams
"Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom"

We would love to hear what you have to say about this subject!

Introduction to Her New Monthly Column for Here's to Your Magnificence

@ AnnaMariah (Carolyn Nau) ~ with permission

My crystal and gem jewelry designs called Bold Bodacious Jewelry came about as part of my mission to help people become more consciously empowered. If you're reading Takara's newsletter, then I probably don't need to explain to you that gemstones have energy. Phwew, there's one big thing out of the way. Just kidding, but you'd be surprised how many people look at me cross-eyed when I mention that idea.

I am a gemstone empath. In my work I  tune deeply to the energy of the stones and listen to their guidance in creating gemstone jewelry that can be supportive and even transformational in myriad ways. Combining my connection with stones and my ability to read and sense auras I have been able to work with the stones in unique ways to bring about combinations that resonate at different levels. In this case the whole is so much more than the parts.

You can look up the meanings of stones and that may give you an overview of what you can expect. But there's a magic that happens when the connection is made between the wearer and a gemstone necklace. The resulting changes may align with what the books say, and sometimes what I see is a created combined energy that is completely unique and not exactly what would be expected from those particular combinations.

My initial awakening into spiritual consciousness came about due to a stone. I was in New Zealand at the the Maori Exhibition in 1987. In one write up about the exhibit they say this of the stone "The E Tü Ake mauri stone, named Hine Kaitaka. Mauri is the life force that exists in and connects all things, living and inanimate. Hine Kaitaka is a touchstone for the exhibition, anchoring the mauri of everything on display, the visitors and the exhibition's hosts."

The stone was placed at the entry point, and you were to touch it to honor the ancestors and give thanks as you entered. I touched the stone and felt electricity run through my body from the top of my head, through my feet and into the earth. At this time in my life I had no awareness that stones had energy and was completely taken by surprise. I looked up into the eyes of an ancient Mauri woman who seemed to be smiling knowingly, and somehow almost gleefully. Only one other person in our tour group of 40 people reported feeling anything. I was deeply moved by this experience, but certainly didn't expect it to change anything in my life. HA I won't go into detail but my life turned summersaults for the next few years, I had visions, learned to read tarot cards, experienced my first past-life, oh wait, here's a surprise, a Mauri warrior. I credit this stone and my experience at that moment with activating something deep in my soul, and I've never looked back.

I was able to reconnect with this same touchstone again in 1998 at a tiny little exhibit in Arrowtown New Zealand.  It took my breath away. I was instantly on my knees communing with the stone and soaking up its love and giving back my deep gratitude for its part in my life. Shortly after that I was back in Montana at a meditation and saw and felt that stone again in my mind and I heard these words. "This touchstone holds the energy of love and hate. It's a fine balance and it's yours to choose, which will you decide."

I was reminded of this as I was listening to a call with Tantra Maat 1/13/12 as she was discussing a revelation she had recently experienced. She stated that we must find the balance between joy and sorrow love and hate, death and life, seeing them as the same, and not separate from each other. I'm simplifying here I know, but that statement brought to mind my experience of the touchstone and my initiation into the phenomenal gifts the earth has given us. She continues to give us, even now, with new stones, that have never been experienced by man before, each one bringing with it a particular quality to assist the evolution of mankind.

Tantra Maat also said that we must know who we are and what is ours to do.

As I pondered this directive I know who I am and what is mine to do. I am honored to be a guardian of the stones, and to be called to help them bring forth their light and depths to the world. Each stone I touch is reactivated with the original energy of creation and is tasked to assist the wearer or recipient of its energy to awaken to full consciousness of who they are and what is theirs to do. In this way we step out of the darkness and into our full light of being.

I look forward to sharing insights into the gifts of the earth and how they can assist you on your path.


(formerly Carolyn Nau - I'm in the process of transitioning into the fullness of being AnnaMariah as an expression of the divine on earth)
Bold, Bodacious, gemstone jewelry to help you harness your inner power. Not just jewelry, energy enhancement for your life.

We would love to hear what you have to say about this subject!
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