Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dolphins and Whales Playing Together

Thanks to Steve Diaman for sharing this link.

Dolphins and whales playing together - great footage:

Have a deLightful day,

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Creating with Confidence said...

Takara, I don't imagine you'll ever see this, and I'll write anyway as I was hoping to be able to finally contact Capt Steve Diaman, who I knew from 12-15 years on Maui.

BTW,I was 12 yrs with Steve's "Movement"/Fair Field, Iowa friend M.K. who he picked up with me and "our kids" at the Maui airport on Aug 27,1992. I lived under the spell of Maui Magic until I was aware to leave. I may one day return and always hope Steve is well. Please give my email to him if you can.

Well, for what this attempt is worth. These sites are here today gone tomorrow, and I was wonderin' how ol' Steve is faring. A hui ho, Mee

Takara said...


Got your message. The system doesn't show me your email, so no idea if you will ever see this and no way to send your email to Steve. This is the website I have for him. You should be able to find an email on there:

Many blessings,

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