Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stop Making Mountains Out of Mole Hills

Stop wasting your time, attention, and emotions on things that don't matter!

There, I've said it.

Whew, that feels better.

As I periodically read the headlines in the newspaper, or some of the posts on Facebook, I see people exerting so much time, effort, and strong emotion on events and circumstances that seem so completely unimportant to me.

If it doesn't change your life, or its not something so monumental that someone will still be talking about it 50 years from now, stop wasting your time.

It reminds me of that book Don't sweat the small stuff: And its all small stuff. I haven't read the book, but the title is true enough.

My mom was telling me a story recently about some chick making an obscene gesture in the half time show at the Superbowl. O.K. I'm the one saying, "some chick." I'm sure that's not the way my mom would have worded it.

Anyway, I actually saw the half time show. I was in the kitchen when I heard the first two or three beats of the music. I broke into a broad grin as I sprinted into the next room excited to discover that Madonna was about to perform. I got there just in time to view her dramatic entry to the stage. I never saw an obscene gesture.

As mom was telling me about the obscene gesture and that it's all anyone seems to be talking about, she stopped to read to me part of the story from the newspaper. I just looked at her and said, "Mom. Please don't read that to me. I really don't care."

And I thought how truly unimportant it is in the grand scheme of things. Don't the media people have anything better and more meaningful to do than write stories and talk about things that happened in the past and are in no way affecting the future?

Apparently, the answer seems to be, "No."

"My team won last nights game." "That's great. Now what are you going to do?"

"This team and that team are playing in the Superbowl." "Well that's nice. Next."

"Some chick made an obscene gesture." O.K. that one doesn't even deserve a response.

"Can you believe the mean awful thing that guy said to that other guy the other day?" "Well that seems to be something between the two of them. What have you been up to?"

What everyone else is doing doesn't really matter.


Why allow yourself to get stressed and upset about something that doesn't really affect you?

Did you know that when you get upset and angry, you are damaging your health? Stress negatively affects your well being. It compromises your immune system. It leads to poor decision making. It causes constriction and blockages of energy and systems within your body.

Don't you deserve to treat yourself better than that?

For overall good health, it is as important to eliminate things that cause emotional stress as it is to give yourself proper nutrition.

When you seek enlightenment and reunion with the Divine, joy and inner peace are the natural result.

Anything that compromises your joyful tranquil state, you must learn to:
  • allow, 
  • ignore, 
  • forgive, or 
  • let go of quickly. 
Entertainment is wonderful. Just remember that its just entertainment and nothing more.

Sports competitions, the activities of some celebrity, which politician is cheating on his wife, how much a movie made at the box office . . . these are entertaining tid bits, but nothing to do directly with you. And, therefore, nothing worthy of getting angry over and causing damage to your health.

Don't get emotionally involved in someone else's game. Conserve your energy to better deal with your own.

If you are the one competing, then it is about who you are, what you've become, what you are capable of achieving under adverse circumstance. That is noble and worthy of your attention.

Stop being a spectator and get back into the game. What can you achieve? What skills can you hone? What difference can you make in this world?

Stop spending so much time focused on what other people are doing. Start focusing on making your own positive contribution, regardless of how big or small. I know you can!

Have a deLightful day,

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

There is Only Plan A . . . There is No Plan B

There Is Only Plan A . . . There Is No Plan B
© Michael Brill

Michael Bill and Takara at INATS 2011

Happy New 2012.  As we begin another new year, please take a moment and ask yourself, what was the most important thing you learned in 2011?  Have you incorporated what you learned into your life?  I have.  I learned that there is only “Plan A”.  There is no “Plan B”.

One of the most important things I’ve learned is that GOD knows more than me.   In that revelation, I realized there was only Plan A.  What is Plan A?  It’s knowing, believing, and trusting that the guidance you receive, when followed, becomes a joyful reality.  

Let me tell you a quick story about how I came to realize there is only Plan A.

Early in 2007 I received guidance that it was time for me to leave NW New Mexico and move to the Santa Fe area.  With no job prospects in my future, I turned in my resignation in March and told my landlord I’d be moving out by the end of June.  Most people thought I was crazy, moving some place with no job and no place to stay. 

I asked Spirit what I was to do. Spirit’s reply was, “Buy a house, get a job, and begin living happily ever after.”  Sounded like a great Plan A to me! 

In April I began receiving guidance to “move to the Pecos area.”  I had no idea where Pecos was.  I was led to a realtor that became like a sister to me.  I told her what I was looking for and what I could afford.  She said the market was tight in that price range, but she’d look.

In May I made arrangements to be in the Sante Fe/Pecos area for the first week of June offering consultations and a workshop.  I asked my realtor to see what she could find for me to look at while I was in town.   She called back towards the end of May and told me she had found a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, doublewide trailer on 1.4 acres in Pecos, New Mexico.  She also told me it was the only house in my price range in a 70-mile radius.  I told her I’d look at it on Monday after my workshop.

I began having doubts that I could “buy a house, get a job, and begin living happily ever after” all within the week I planned to be in the area.  I started developing “Plan B”.  Plan B involved finding a cheap place to rent while I explored the area and decided where to live and work.  My biggest concern was using up my deposit money on a rental place. 

After wallowing in the ocean of emotional uncertainty for a few days, I said to my Self, “Spirit gave me this information.  I’ve been working on surrendering to the will of the Universe for four years.  This was like taking a final exam. Could I trust enough to make a leap into the unknown knowing that I would be safe? I had moved seven times in ten years, each time starting over from ground zero. I had asked for a base, a place of my own for the last two years.

My last day at school was Friday June 2.  I said goodbye to my friends and co-workers and drove off to begin a new life in Santa Fe.

The first week of June turned out to be the most joyful and fulfilling seven days of my life!  On Friday, June 2nd I resigned my teaching position.  Saturday and Sunday I was booked solid with consultations from my workshop.  Monday, I looked at the house.  It was everything I had asked from Spirit two years earlier.  On Tuesday, I made an offer for it.  On Wednesday, I signed a contract on it.  On Thursday, I got a new job.  On Friday, I drove home and started packing.   It unfolded exactly as Spirit said it would!  It was Plan A.  (A more detailed account is at my website

I’ve come to realize there is only Plan A, there is no Plan B.  Plan A is faith based and Plan B is fear based.  The second you begin to doubt Plan A will happen, you step into fear and immediately start preparing a Plan B.   The key to a successful Plan A is to harmonize your frequency and intentions with those of the Universe, i.e., let go of your agenda and accept Spirit’s guidance and gentle nudgings.

If your intention is to have your “Plan A’s” manifest, let go of any attachment to the outcome.  Plan B’s are the result of doubting Spirit supports our dreams; that’s why we are seldom satisfied with the outcome of a Plan B.  How do you guarantee the success of Plan A, follow your heart and do what you love, not to be loved or to maintain control.  Doing what you love, activates your divine energy and allows you to surrender to the will of the Universe.  Surrendering and allowing is what we are all being tested on.   

2012 is a 5 Universal Year (2+0+1+2=5).  Everyone, regardless of the personal year they are in will experience a year of change and opportunities for new beginnings. The most amazing thing about 2012 is that it is a 5 Universal Year with a 1 Universal Solution. Both 5 and 1 deal with new beginnings. Remember to stay focused on yourself this year. (Visit Michael’s previous article to see what 2012 has in store for you.)

One final thought. Think about something you would like to accomplish. Call it Plan A. Can you feel the excitement as you visualize making this plan a reality? Suppose this plan does not work out the way you expected. Now, say out loud, “I guess I’ll go to Plan B.” Can you sense the difference in the energy between following Plan A and Plan B? Can you hear the defeat in your voice? Why not just create a new Plan A?


Michael is the author of Numerology for Healing and Decoding Behavior Patterns with Numerology both by Inner Traditions/Bear & CO. He has also written a textbook Know Your Numbers, Know Your Self: Discovering the Solutions to Your Life’s Challenges that describes his system of Cosmic Numerology. Michael is available for consultations and presentations; he can be reached via email at or on his cell phone 561.866.5479.

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Perspectives From the Sky

Copyright (c) Leo Knighton Tallarico. All Rights Reserved.

This is my first forecast/consciousness report for Takara's newsletter. We will have a new forecast every month beginning on the first of every month.

We moved into a new zone last week, after the New Moon in Aquarius and Mars going retrograde.  Mars is retrograde from January 23 until April 13/14.

Our lives are on pause/rewind now while Mars is retrograde, with issues being processed on levels sometimes deeper than we know.   It sometimes may feel like you are going backwards, as if gains you have made are being lost.  You are not going backward, this back and forth movement is part of the process. But if you try to move forcefully forward while Mars is retrograde, you will be stopped as it is not time yet.  You need more time to wait and see before you are ready.

Mars is a planet of will and desire, of forcefulness and action. When it goes retrograde, we pause to decide what we truly want or desire.  We may also pause to reflect on what we are doing and where we are going.  Have we been truly picking what we really want in life?  Have we been moving in the right direction?  Are we doing what we really want and what is truly aligned for us, or are we doing what we should do or what we have been programmed to do?

While Mars is retrograde, from January 23 to Friday April 13/14, we may need to reevaluate what we have chosen for our lives.   Others may be reflecting on power and competition issues, or on anger issues, all issues associated with Mars.

Perhaps you have anger issues or issues about getting your way all the time. Or conversely perhaps you have drawn to yourself people who seek to dominate or have bad tempers or are rather selfish.

During the retrograde time period events may motivate you to look more deeply at these issues and make changes.    Mars Retrograde may be a good time to either share your power, or to learn to empower your self more.

Those on a spiritual path often believe that for the sake of peace one must repress one's personal needs or suppress one's personal power.

In reality, it is impossible for you to truly bring your best wishes for the world without your power. And if you want to be empowered you need to be in touch with your personal needs.
Nature gave you personal needs for a reason. To satisfy those needs is essential to surviving and thriving.  If you disempower your self you lose your ability to self actualize and contribute to your world.  Unselfishness and self sacrifice taken to a self defeating place is UNNATURAL.

Use this Mars retrograde time to empower your self. I do not mean to use or dominate others, but to get in touch with your natural wants and desires and your ability to use your will to manifest.

Of course it is essential to use your will in alignment with the Universe. If you are truly selfish or greedy or power hungry, you are out of alignment.

But if you feel you want to live comfortably and happy in this world, you will need to fulfill your needs.

So Mars goes back direct on April 13/14 and returns to where it began at 23 degrees of Virgo on June 19.  After April 13 you can move more fully forward, and after June 19 you will have come full circle with whatever issues came up for you at the Mars Retrograde.
Since Mars is in Virgo for the whole retrograde period, it will also be a time to get in touch with bringing more order to your life, fixing and healing what needs to fixed and healed. Also, with Mars being in Virgo be careful not to get too obsessed or worried about any of the issues that come up for you during Mars Retrograde.

Overall, we are all in transition between ages, from an old and dying Pisces age, begun over 2000 years ago, to a new Aquarian Age, beginning around 2020.

So much is shifting now in our consciousness and lives and of course in the greater world. I know it can feel overwhelming at times, as so much is being released and so much change and transformation is happening all around us.

Of course life goes on as normal in many ways too, but in other ways so much is shifting and changing.  The status quo is ripping apart. It is being held together now on life support systems.

The changing of ages has us in a transition, but the semblance of security that the old world has given us is breaking apart.  That old world can no longer hold us, as it has little love and truth and soul in it anymore.  It is an empty structure, devoid of life substance.  It seeks to perpetuate its existence with smoke and mirrors and artificial prop ups.

So your system is now trying to help you to shed toxins accumulated from the attachment to the old paradigm. Your body, soul and mind are releasing those toxins.   I know the zone you are in now may not feel very stable or secure sometimes, may not feel safe.  So you must reach deep for faith in life, faith in the Universe (God/Goddess), faith in your deeper soul.   Their process is often rather mysterious, not as left brain logical as that old world we are leaving behind.

Yes we must trust in the process now, have faith everything is moving just as should.  On the surface perhaps things sometimes look rather bleak, but looks can be deceiving.  When events seem to show us everything is falling apart, on a deeper level it is all coming together.

Look at what is falling apart in your life as your old world.  It needs to fall apart in order to make room for a new and healthier authentic you.  Your deeper soul is fighting for a sane, authentic, and healthy life, one aligned with the Universe and its progress into an Aquarian Age.

That Aquarian Age consciousness is bubbling deep inside, waiting to more fully enter our individual lives and world.  As old ways die, sometimes very painfully, we make room for new birth.

On February 2 is Imbolc, a turning point in the year, approximately half way between winter solstice and spring equinox. Our modern world celebrates it as Groundhogs Day. It is a time of initiation for many spiritually attuned souls. This date is also religiously celebrated as Candlemas.

Very Importantly this week brings Neptune moving into Pisces on Friday February 3, where it will stay until 2025.

Neptune loves to be in Pisces, where it is at home. Neptune is the God of the Sea and Pisces is the ocean.    The movement is toward the mystical depths of soul, where poetry, metaphor, symbols and synchronicity are the language.    Logic can only be used as a tool to assist the liquid soul formlessness of Neptune in Pisces.

This is such  strong movement for deeper realities, the deep realities that give meaning to our material lives.  This is process, not goal orientation, and if you want to be in tune with this important shift in our collective consciousness, listen to your inner voice inside.  If you have been wanting to practice new forms of meditation, it is a good time now to begin.

If you want to dive deep into the mysteries lying beneath our waking state, go for it.   The spiritual world wants to have more of an influence on our lives now, and its values of unity, empathy, and compassion are ready to join our voyage into the Aquarian Age.   Peace is what we are moving toward as a human family, even as war brews on the surface of our reality.   Remember that as all seems to falling apart, on deeper levels it is all coming together.

Surrounding the day February 7 is a turning point time period, as there is a Full Moon in Leo that day, while on the same day Saturn goes Retrograde.

That Full Moon in Leo is formed with Sun in Aquarius and Moon opposite in Leo. There is a need to combine our own personal need to be noticed and in charge, with a need to be sensitive and in relationship with others in the group or community. With the Moon in Leo, our creative playful side wants to come out, but it is important to be in touch also with the Sun in Aquarius need to be socially conscious and to think of what is best for our world.

Saturn changing directions that same day makes it difficult to express that playful side as Saturn is rather serious and cares most about work and planning and accomplishment.

Saturn changing directions can also feel like the hand of fate or a sense that it is now time to do something we might have been putting off. Time kind of stops in some ways while Saturn is retrograde. During that retrograde time we make plans and set up up what we will truly make time for when Saturn goes back direct.

Saturn will stay retrograde until late June, when at that time it will feel as if time has started up again in some way for your life.

Venus goes into Aries on February 8. It has been in Pisces for the last month. In Pisces, the Goddess of Love and relationship was rather sacrificial and concentrating on empathy and compassion. Now in Aries until March 5, it concentrates more on its own needs and self empowerment in matters of the heart. You will become more bold and frank in your relationships, asserting your own needs and speaking up about what improvements are needed in the relationship and what you may feel your friend or lover needs to do differently.

The Sun moves into Pisces on February 18/19 and will joined there by the Moon on February 21, forming a New Moon in Pisces. This New Moon will be conjunct recently entered Neptune in Pisces.

It is time now to let go of left brain controls and go with the flow more. Trust the process of the Universe and how it moves through your soul and life. Do not push the river to move, as it moves naturally in its own time. This time of year, for the next month, before spring equinox and an Aries New Moon in late March, it is time to go deep in your feelings.

From your deeper soul, you can release the ghosts of your past and release your demons and fears. As you release, you open more to a natural trust in the Universe and your own soul's truth.

You know that all is happening just as it is meant to happen, and you watch for the signs and symbols and synchronicities from the wisdom of the Universe and your inner voice.

You know more now that we are all one, that Unity is the law of the Universe. That renewed sense of Unity now will help you to have more empathy for others.

In next month's Perspectives from the Sky, we will talk about the Spring Equinox and we will begin to discuss the very powerful and transformational eclipses coming in May and June.

Have a most beautiful and meaningful February!

Leo Knighton Tallarico is co-director of Spiritual Renaissance Center with his soul mate Deborah. He has been a full time professional astrologer, counselor, spiritual guide, and writer for 26 years. He specializes in assisting individuals with the transformation of their consciousness and lives during change and crisis. Knowing the big picture of one's life is essential for positive transformation, and is a big part of any consultation with Leo.

For more information about Leo's readings and consultations, contact him at or call him at 207-653-7717. He has a weekly forecast blog at, and has a website at


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In This Moment . . .

Copyright (c) Millie Stefani. All Rights Reserved. 

All that I have is in this moment.

All that I am is in this moment.

In this moment if I find peace, it is my reality.

If at whatever time in the past I failed to live up to the "ideal" one, it no longer counts, for in this moment 

I feel wholeness and at peace with my God and all within my reality. 

And so it is that I can seek for no more purpose or richness of life than I have in this moment. To live this moment, marvel in its new beginning and breathtaking beauty, and accept whatever challenges pass my way is To Live, To Be, To Perform the Miracle of the Everlasting Grace of God, is to allow my wholeness to Be in this Blessed Moment.

My layers are peeling away, living memories so tenaciously held are being cast off like old clothes kept too long and at least given away without reservation or regret. There's a lightness previously not experienced - there's an emptiness for my clutter and confusion took up great quantities of space. 

What shall I fill my emptiness with? 

Help me my friends to fill my gaps with thoughts of wholeness, peace, gentleness of spirit and love; above all else let me love and be loved by all mankind under the Kingdom of Heaven and without reservation embrace all that I am with acceptance and approval and in so doing, accept all that you are, my beautiful friends. 

** Millie first brought these words through in 1987

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Creation and Personal Responsibility

Copyright (c) David J. Adams. All Rights Reserved.




Greetings Beloveds, I am Hilarion.  I come to speak to you tonight about personal responsibility. 

You came to this Planet at the beginning of time as Beings of Light, for the purpose of creating a Planet of denseness, a Planet of duality, through which you would learn and grow, and ultimately return to the Light, and to the Heart of Source.

You have succeeded most admirably in creating such denseness and duality, and for eons of time you lost yourselves within that Dimension, and it is only of recent times that you have begun to swim to the surface of that denseness, and to begin to perceive, once more, the Light within yourself.

It is important to realise Dear Ones that everything upon your Planet is your creation, your personal and your collective creation

Duality requires, of course, the creation of opposites, and you have created the opposite to Light.
Through those eons of time when you were lost in the density of your Planet, it became a matter of convenience to be able to apportion blame for all that is happening to that opposite you created.  Evil - as opposed to good, dark - as opposed to Light, and it became so easy to apportion blame for all the problems that occurred within your Planet to the “dark forces”. 

You forgot that you created the illusion of darkness for purposes of your own growth. 

In recent times we have spoken to you much about changing your perspectives, about letting go of the old paradigms, the old belief systems.  Yet, in many instances you continue to focus upon the effects created by the “dark forces”.

You are moving through this year of change, from duality into Oneness, from separation into Unity, and you cannot do that whilst continuing to blame others for what you perceive is going wrong in your world, or in your life.

It is time Dear Ones to accept personal responsibility for all that happens in your life. 

If you focus within your Heart, purely on the Oneness of all that is, on the Unity, there is no room anymore for the “dark forces” to exist, for they were but a figment of your imagination in your duality, a necessity in order for you to learn.

Now it is time to let go of that illusion of opposites.  Within Oneness there is no need for opposites in order to continue your learning. 

Your learning now comes from within your Heart, from the Light you stored within your Heart at the beginning of time when you moved into the density, and created the opposites. 

Embrace the Unity and the Oneness within your Heart.  Do not perceive events that happen on your Planet that do not accord with your beliefs to be part of someone else, or something else.

Accept full responsibility for everything that is created on the Earth at this time.

Until you accept that personal responsibility, you cannot create the New Earth of Peace and Love, Joy and Harmony.

When we ask you to let go of those aspects of the past that no longer resonate for the New Earth, we speak also of what you have called in the past “the dark forces”. They were, and are, an aspect of the illusion you created to learn your lessons.

It is time to let them go.  It is time to focus purely on the Light within your Hearts.  As you do, you multiply the Light quotient within the Earth Planet itself.

You begin to create true Oneness and Unity of purpose.

We, in other dimensions, cannot command you to do these things.  We can only draw them to your attention that you may choose whether you hold on to the past, or embrace the future, whether you continue to hold on to the “dark”, or focus on the Light.  The choice is yours.

Personal freedom of choice you have always had on the Earth Planet.  Now it is time to recognise that freedom of choice comes with responsibility.

Look into your Hearts.  Ask yourself “what is it you wish to create in the New Earth?” 

If you choose the Light, then let go of the “blame game”, let go of “the dark”, and feel the upliftment and the enlightenment within yourselves.

My blessings be upon you Dear Ones, and I thank you for sharing this with me tonight.

David J Adams 
"Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom"

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The Power of Gemstones and February's Amethyst

 Copyright (c) Carolyn Nau. All Rights Reserved.

Gemstones have been gracing necks, ears, wrists, fingers and various other body parts for millennia. It could be that we simply like their sparkle and like decorating ourselves. but I tend to think that originally the wearer's felt that beautiful connection to the power of the stones and knew that they were here to support life-force energy on the planet.

Each stone carries a particular vibration that interacts with it's surroundings. they provide a deep energetic matrix within and surrounding our earth. What most people don't think about is that different stones reside in different areas of the earth, permeating the energetic field there and affecting those who live in that area. Hmmm, that could be an interesting research topic down the road, looking up the predominant stones in specific areas and writing about how those combinations could affect the mind, emotions and purpose of those living there, but I digress.

Since the old testament times there have been birthstones associated with each month. in the old testament, the breastplate of Aaron, a high priest, held 12 precious stones for empowerment. I find it funny that at times I'll be talking to someone who is very Christian who is afraid that gemstones energy is against God. Many of them don't know about the breastplate, my other comment is "would God really put these amazing stones here if there wasn't a purpose behind it? We were meant to find and use these energies to provide support in our earth journey."

I recently found a chart that lists the birthstones for each month based on a number of traditions.

The stone for February is predominantly amethyst. I had to laugh when I read that. without knowing the birthstone connection,  I have been stocking up on fabulous amethyst beads and focal pieces. I have some incredibly beautiful, clear stones to work with in making some deeply powerful pieces, I must have been feeling the energy of amethyst coming in and preparing to work with it.

  • Traditional, Spanish, Jewish, Ayurvedic - Amethyst
  • Zodiac - Garnet
  • biblical - Sapphire
  • Mystical - Bloodstone

Amethyst was the first gemstone I ever purchased for myself as I began my spiritual journey. I wore it constantly for a couple of years, I think. Looking back, that makes perfect sense as it opens up the crown and brow or third-eye chakras and starts a deep transformative process opening you up to spirituality, intuition, dreams with an energy of openness and acceptance. Amethyst opens the mind, relieves stress and anxiety and helps you tune to your own deeper self in a more focused way.

Inspired Love - a Bold Bodacious Jewelry design by Anna Mariah

Remember the wonder you feel as you sit and watch twilight transition into night? Amethyst  is the color of that sky and  takes you on this transition from the magic time of dusk to a conscious shift into a different place. Crossing this threshold is the lesson of humility, which Amethyst can teach us.

Putting on or holding amethyst can be like a deep sigh as your body and spirit remember who they are and what is true and important, taking you out of the worries of day to day into a space of acceptance and realization that your troubles and grief are just a speck in the theme of things. You'll find yourself less scattered and able to feel more clearly who you truly are beyond this physical life, as you open to your larger self, you step into your own destiny more clearly.

If you are wanting change in your life, amethyst will help open the pathways and gently guide you by aligning you with the divine in yourself and the universe. Surrender, go beyond the apparent duality as you become aware of your part in the greater whole. It's difficult to hold onto pain, grief, anxiety, anger and fear when you are connected to your true self and the vastness of all that is.

When you first receive an amethyst, sit in meditation with it. Ask what it's purpose is in your life and how you can best make use of it's abilities. Examples: Is this a stone you should wear or carry daily, use in meditation, or maybe put on your nightstand so it guides your dreams? Listen for your answers. I say listen, but you may have other ways of receiving information, pay attention to your primary source of guidance.

What if you don't trust this guidance, or have a clear method. Here is the method I have used for over 20 years to tune in, make decisions, listen to my heart's desire.

Do a survey or baseline assessment.
Sit quietly
Pay attention to your body. How does it feel, is it tight, in pain, where does it hurt, does it feel light, warm, cool, light, heavy?

Check in on your emotions. This doesn't have to precise, simply observe. Are you happy, sad, calm, anxious, frustrated, mad...?

What is your pace of mind? Count to ten and observe the speed, surety, texture of your counting.

Ask God or another divine being to assist you. (divine beings are ascended masters, Christ, archangels. They are not guides or regular angels, or higher powers...these are lovely, but reside in the astral plane versus the divine.

Now pick up the amethyst and ask a question about its roll in your life, or how to use it. You can use some of what I wrote above as a guideline for ideas, or you can just listen to see what comes up.

Take two "vibe raising breaths", breath in through nose deeply and out through mouth. This clarifies and strengthens your energy and connection to the divine.

Once you have a question or idea, go back through the process above. What changed?

Does your body feel lighter, did a pain leave or appear, are you energized or tired, are you more relaxed or more anxious...?

How are you feeling emotionally? Are you sad, smiling and excited, calm, peaceful....?

What's your pace of mind? Faster, slower, more sure, playful, solemn? All these give a clue as to the affect on this particular stone or choice.

You can use this process for any choice or decision you have. Simply do a before picture, then visualize an option or ask a question, then go back through the process.

I've used this process to decide on supplements and food choices, but also to make major decisions, which job, where to move, should I start that business, is the business name correct, just as examples. If you are working on creating the life you desire, this process helps you connect with not only what your human self wants, but your soul, your divine self and isn't that what you want, a life that is in alignment with your soul and your divine purpose?

If there are several options, visualize each one separately and with each question, ask your divine being of choice to be with you, just to keep things amped up and clear.

Trust what you're feeling, your body knows what your mind may not. If there are several choices, do this process with each, and write down the answers so you can more easily prepare.

You are now ready to bring your amethyst into your world as your ally in reaching past the ordinary, the obvious and reconnecting you to the wonder and strength of your true self.

Enjoy the journey back to yourself.

Have a Bodacious Day


About Carolyn:

I am a gemstone empath. I tune deeply to the energy of the stones and listen to their guidance in creating gemstone jewelry that can be supportive and transformational in myriad ways. With my ability to read and sense auras I have been able to work with the stones in unique ways to bring about combinations that resonate at different levels so the whole is much more than the parts.

I am honored to be a guardian of the stones, and to be called to help them bring forth their light and depths to the world. Each stone I touch is reactivated with the original energy of creation and is tasked to assist the wearer or recipient of its energy to awaken to full consciousness of who they are and what is theirs to do. In this way we step out of the darkness and into our full light of being.

I look forward to sharing insights into the gifts of the earth and how they can assist you on your path.

AnnaMariah, Bold Bodacious Jewelry   (formerly Carolyn Nau – I’m in the process of transitioning into the fullness of being AnnaMariah as an expression of the divine on earth)

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