Thursday, February 2, 2012

Creation and Personal Responsibility

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Greetings Beloveds, I am Hilarion.  I come to speak to you tonight about personal responsibility. 

You came to this Planet at the beginning of time as Beings of Light, for the purpose of creating a Planet of denseness, a Planet of duality, through which you would learn and grow, and ultimately return to the Light, and to the Heart of Source.

You have succeeded most admirably in creating such denseness and duality, and for eons of time you lost yourselves within that Dimension, and it is only of recent times that you have begun to swim to the surface of that denseness, and to begin to perceive, once more, the Light within yourself.

It is important to realise Dear Ones that everything upon your Planet is your creation, your personal and your collective creation

Duality requires, of course, the creation of opposites, and you have created the opposite to Light.
Through those eons of time when you were lost in the density of your Planet, it became a matter of convenience to be able to apportion blame for all that is happening to that opposite you created.  Evil - as opposed to good, dark - as opposed to Light, and it became so easy to apportion blame for all the problems that occurred within your Planet to the “dark forces”. 

You forgot that you created the illusion of darkness for purposes of your own growth. 

In recent times we have spoken to you much about changing your perspectives, about letting go of the old paradigms, the old belief systems.  Yet, in many instances you continue to focus upon the effects created by the “dark forces”.

You are moving through this year of change, from duality into Oneness, from separation into Unity, and you cannot do that whilst continuing to blame others for what you perceive is going wrong in your world, or in your life.

It is time Dear Ones to accept personal responsibility for all that happens in your life. 

If you focus within your Heart, purely on the Oneness of all that is, on the Unity, there is no room anymore for the “dark forces” to exist, for they were but a figment of your imagination in your duality, a necessity in order for you to learn.

Now it is time to let go of that illusion of opposites.  Within Oneness there is no need for opposites in order to continue your learning. 

Your learning now comes from within your Heart, from the Light you stored within your Heart at the beginning of time when you moved into the density, and created the opposites. 

Embrace the Unity and the Oneness within your Heart.  Do not perceive events that happen on your Planet that do not accord with your beliefs to be part of someone else, or something else.

Accept full responsibility for everything that is created on the Earth at this time.

Until you accept that personal responsibility, you cannot create the New Earth of Peace and Love, Joy and Harmony.

When we ask you to let go of those aspects of the past that no longer resonate for the New Earth, we speak also of what you have called in the past “the dark forces”. They were, and are, an aspect of the illusion you created to learn your lessons.

It is time to let them go.  It is time to focus purely on the Light within your Hearts.  As you do, you multiply the Light quotient within the Earth Planet itself.

You begin to create true Oneness and Unity of purpose.

We, in other dimensions, cannot command you to do these things.  We can only draw them to your attention that you may choose whether you hold on to the past, or embrace the future, whether you continue to hold on to the “dark”, or focus on the Light.  The choice is yours.

Personal freedom of choice you have always had on the Earth Planet.  Now it is time to recognise that freedom of choice comes with responsibility.

Look into your Hearts.  Ask yourself “what is it you wish to create in the New Earth?” 

If you choose the Light, then let go of the “blame game”, let go of “the dark”, and feel the upliftment and the enlightenment within yourselves.

My blessings be upon you Dear Ones, and I thank you for sharing this with me tonight.

David J Adams 
"Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom"

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