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The Power of Gemstones and February's Amethyst

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Gemstones have been gracing necks, ears, wrists, fingers and various other body parts for millennia. It could be that we simply like their sparkle and like decorating ourselves. but I tend to think that originally the wearer's felt that beautiful connection to the power of the stones and knew that they were here to support life-force energy on the planet.

Each stone carries a particular vibration that interacts with it's surroundings. they provide a deep energetic matrix within and surrounding our earth. What most people don't think about is that different stones reside in different areas of the earth, permeating the energetic field there and affecting those who live in that area. Hmmm, that could be an interesting research topic down the road, looking up the predominant stones in specific areas and writing about how those combinations could affect the mind, emotions and purpose of those living there, but I digress.

Since the old testament times there have been birthstones associated with each month. in the old testament, the breastplate of Aaron, a high priest, held 12 precious stones for empowerment. I find it funny that at times I'll be talking to someone who is very Christian who is afraid that gemstones energy is against God. Many of them don't know about the breastplate, my other comment is "would God really put these amazing stones here if there wasn't a purpose behind it? We were meant to find and use these energies to provide support in our earth journey."

I recently found a chart that lists the birthstones for each month based on a number of traditions.

The stone for February is predominantly amethyst. I had to laugh when I read that. without knowing the birthstone connection,  I have been stocking up on fabulous amethyst beads and focal pieces. I have some incredibly beautiful, clear stones to work with in making some deeply powerful pieces, I must have been feeling the energy of amethyst coming in and preparing to work with it.

  • Traditional, Spanish, Jewish, Ayurvedic - Amethyst
  • Zodiac - Garnet
  • biblical - Sapphire
  • Mystical - Bloodstone

Amethyst was the first gemstone I ever purchased for myself as I began my spiritual journey. I wore it constantly for a couple of years, I think. Looking back, that makes perfect sense as it opens up the crown and brow or third-eye chakras and starts a deep transformative process opening you up to spirituality, intuition, dreams with an energy of openness and acceptance. Amethyst opens the mind, relieves stress and anxiety and helps you tune to your own deeper self in a more focused way.

Inspired Love - a Bold Bodacious Jewelry design by Anna Mariah

Remember the wonder you feel as you sit and watch twilight transition into night? Amethyst  is the color of that sky and  takes you on this transition from the magic time of dusk to a conscious shift into a different place. Crossing this threshold is the lesson of humility, which Amethyst can teach us.

Putting on or holding amethyst can be like a deep sigh as your body and spirit remember who they are and what is true and important, taking you out of the worries of day to day into a space of acceptance and realization that your troubles and grief are just a speck in the theme of things. You'll find yourself less scattered and able to feel more clearly who you truly are beyond this physical life, as you open to your larger self, you step into your own destiny more clearly.

If you are wanting change in your life, amethyst will help open the pathways and gently guide you by aligning you with the divine in yourself and the universe. Surrender, go beyond the apparent duality as you become aware of your part in the greater whole. It's difficult to hold onto pain, grief, anxiety, anger and fear when you are connected to your true self and the vastness of all that is.

When you first receive an amethyst, sit in meditation with it. Ask what it's purpose is in your life and how you can best make use of it's abilities. Examples: Is this a stone you should wear or carry daily, use in meditation, or maybe put on your nightstand so it guides your dreams? Listen for your answers. I say listen, but you may have other ways of receiving information, pay attention to your primary source of guidance.

What if you don't trust this guidance, or have a clear method. Here is the method I have used for over 20 years to tune in, make decisions, listen to my heart's desire.

Do a survey or baseline assessment.
Sit quietly
Pay attention to your body. How does it feel, is it tight, in pain, where does it hurt, does it feel light, warm, cool, light, heavy?

Check in on your emotions. This doesn't have to precise, simply observe. Are you happy, sad, calm, anxious, frustrated, mad...?

What is your pace of mind? Count to ten and observe the speed, surety, texture of your counting.

Ask God or another divine being to assist you. (divine beings are ascended masters, Christ, archangels. They are not guides or regular angels, or higher powers...these are lovely, but reside in the astral plane versus the divine.

Now pick up the amethyst and ask a question about its roll in your life, or how to use it. You can use some of what I wrote above as a guideline for ideas, or you can just listen to see what comes up.

Take two "vibe raising breaths", breath in through nose deeply and out through mouth. This clarifies and strengthens your energy and connection to the divine.

Once you have a question or idea, go back through the process above. What changed?

Does your body feel lighter, did a pain leave or appear, are you energized or tired, are you more relaxed or more anxious...?

How are you feeling emotionally? Are you sad, smiling and excited, calm, peaceful....?

What's your pace of mind? Faster, slower, more sure, playful, solemn? All these give a clue as to the affect on this particular stone or choice.

You can use this process for any choice or decision you have. Simply do a before picture, then visualize an option or ask a question, then go back through the process.

I've used this process to decide on supplements and food choices, but also to make major decisions, which job, where to move, should I start that business, is the business name correct, just as examples. If you are working on creating the life you desire, this process helps you connect with not only what your human self wants, but your soul, your divine self and isn't that what you want, a life that is in alignment with your soul and your divine purpose?

If there are several options, visualize each one separately and with each question, ask your divine being of choice to be with you, just to keep things amped up and clear.

Trust what you're feeling, your body knows what your mind may not. If there are several choices, do this process with each, and write down the answers so you can more easily prepare.

You are now ready to bring your amethyst into your world as your ally in reaching past the ordinary, the obvious and reconnecting you to the wonder and strength of your true self.

Enjoy the journey back to yourself.

Have a Bodacious Day


About Carolyn:

I am a gemstone empath. I tune deeply to the energy of the stones and listen to their guidance in creating gemstone jewelry that can be supportive and transformational in myriad ways. With my ability to read and sense auras I have been able to work with the stones in unique ways to bring about combinations that resonate at different levels so the whole is much more than the parts.

I am honored to be a guardian of the stones, and to be called to help them bring forth their light and depths to the world. Each stone I touch is reactivated with the original energy of creation and is tasked to assist the wearer or recipient of its energy to awaken to full consciousness of who they are and what is theirs to do. In this way we step out of the darkness and into our full light of being.

I look forward to sharing insights into the gifts of the earth and how they can assist you on your path.

AnnaMariah, Bold Bodacious Jewelry   (formerly Carolyn Nau – I’m in the process of transitioning into the fullness of being AnnaMariah as an expression of the divine on earth)

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Anonymous said...

I love this topic and know it is true. I would like to know the power of the aquamarine-my birthstone. I have a beautiful ring I had made and I alway feel better when I wear it.
Thanks Brenda Hill

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