Thursday, February 2, 2012

In This Moment . . .

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All that I have is in this moment.

All that I am is in this moment.

In this moment if I find peace, it is my reality.

If at whatever time in the past I failed to live up to the "ideal" one, it no longer counts, for in this moment 

I feel wholeness and at peace with my God and all within my reality. 

And so it is that I can seek for no more purpose or richness of life than I have in this moment. To live this moment, marvel in its new beginning and breathtaking beauty, and accept whatever challenges pass my way is To Live, To Be, To Perform the Miracle of the Everlasting Grace of God, is to allow my wholeness to Be in this Blessed Moment.

My layers are peeling away, living memories so tenaciously held are being cast off like old clothes kept too long and at least given away without reservation or regret. There's a lightness previously not experienced - there's an emptiness for my clutter and confusion took up great quantities of space. 

What shall I fill my emptiness with? 

Help me my friends to fill my gaps with thoughts of wholeness, peace, gentleness of spirit and love; above all else let me love and be loved by all mankind under the Kingdom of Heaven and without reservation embrace all that I am with acceptance and approval and in so doing, accept all that you are, my beautiful friends. 

** Millie first brought these words through in 1987

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