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Perspectives From the Sky

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This is my first forecast/consciousness report for Takara's newsletter. We will have a new forecast every month beginning on the first of every month.

We moved into a new zone last week, after the New Moon in Aquarius and Mars going retrograde.  Mars is retrograde from January 23 until April 13/14.

Our lives are on pause/rewind now while Mars is retrograde, with issues being processed on levels sometimes deeper than we know.   It sometimes may feel like you are going backwards, as if gains you have made are being lost.  You are not going backward, this back and forth movement is part of the process. But if you try to move forcefully forward while Mars is retrograde, you will be stopped as it is not time yet.  You need more time to wait and see before you are ready.

Mars is a planet of will and desire, of forcefulness and action. When it goes retrograde, we pause to decide what we truly want or desire.  We may also pause to reflect on what we are doing and where we are going.  Have we been truly picking what we really want in life?  Have we been moving in the right direction?  Are we doing what we really want and what is truly aligned for us, or are we doing what we should do or what we have been programmed to do?

While Mars is retrograde, from January 23 to Friday April 13/14, we may need to reevaluate what we have chosen for our lives.   Others may be reflecting on power and competition issues, or on anger issues, all issues associated with Mars.

Perhaps you have anger issues or issues about getting your way all the time. Or conversely perhaps you have drawn to yourself people who seek to dominate or have bad tempers or are rather selfish.

During the retrograde time period events may motivate you to look more deeply at these issues and make changes.    Mars Retrograde may be a good time to either share your power, or to learn to empower your self more.

Those on a spiritual path often believe that for the sake of peace one must repress one's personal needs or suppress one's personal power.

In reality, it is impossible for you to truly bring your best wishes for the world without your power. And if you want to be empowered you need to be in touch with your personal needs.
Nature gave you personal needs for a reason. To satisfy those needs is essential to surviving and thriving.  If you disempower your self you lose your ability to self actualize and contribute to your world.  Unselfishness and self sacrifice taken to a self defeating place is UNNATURAL.

Use this Mars retrograde time to empower your self. I do not mean to use or dominate others, but to get in touch with your natural wants and desires and your ability to use your will to manifest.

Of course it is essential to use your will in alignment with the Universe. If you are truly selfish or greedy or power hungry, you are out of alignment.

But if you feel you want to live comfortably and happy in this world, you will need to fulfill your needs.

So Mars goes back direct on April 13/14 and returns to where it began at 23 degrees of Virgo on June 19.  After April 13 you can move more fully forward, and after June 19 you will have come full circle with whatever issues came up for you at the Mars Retrograde.
Since Mars is in Virgo for the whole retrograde period, it will also be a time to get in touch with bringing more order to your life, fixing and healing what needs to fixed and healed. Also, with Mars being in Virgo be careful not to get too obsessed or worried about any of the issues that come up for you during Mars Retrograde.

Overall, we are all in transition between ages, from an old and dying Pisces age, begun over 2000 years ago, to a new Aquarian Age, beginning around 2020.

So much is shifting now in our consciousness and lives and of course in the greater world. I know it can feel overwhelming at times, as so much is being released and so much change and transformation is happening all around us.

Of course life goes on as normal in many ways too, but in other ways so much is shifting and changing.  The status quo is ripping apart. It is being held together now on life support systems.

The changing of ages has us in a transition, but the semblance of security that the old world has given us is breaking apart.  That old world can no longer hold us, as it has little love and truth and soul in it anymore.  It is an empty structure, devoid of life substance.  It seeks to perpetuate its existence with smoke and mirrors and artificial prop ups.

So your system is now trying to help you to shed toxins accumulated from the attachment to the old paradigm. Your body, soul and mind are releasing those toxins.   I know the zone you are in now may not feel very stable or secure sometimes, may not feel safe.  So you must reach deep for faith in life, faith in the Universe (God/Goddess), faith in your deeper soul.   Their process is often rather mysterious, not as left brain logical as that old world we are leaving behind.

Yes we must trust in the process now, have faith everything is moving just as should.  On the surface perhaps things sometimes look rather bleak, but looks can be deceiving.  When events seem to show us everything is falling apart, on a deeper level it is all coming together.

Look at what is falling apart in your life as your old world.  It needs to fall apart in order to make room for a new and healthier authentic you.  Your deeper soul is fighting for a sane, authentic, and healthy life, one aligned with the Universe and its progress into an Aquarian Age.

That Aquarian Age consciousness is bubbling deep inside, waiting to more fully enter our individual lives and world.  As old ways die, sometimes very painfully, we make room for new birth.

On February 2 is Imbolc, a turning point in the year, approximately half way between winter solstice and spring equinox. Our modern world celebrates it as Groundhogs Day. It is a time of initiation for many spiritually attuned souls. This date is also religiously celebrated as Candlemas.

Very Importantly this week brings Neptune moving into Pisces on Friday February 3, where it will stay until 2025.

Neptune loves to be in Pisces, where it is at home. Neptune is the God of the Sea and Pisces is the ocean.    The movement is toward the mystical depths of soul, where poetry, metaphor, symbols and synchronicity are the language.    Logic can only be used as a tool to assist the liquid soul formlessness of Neptune in Pisces.

This is such  strong movement for deeper realities, the deep realities that give meaning to our material lives.  This is process, not goal orientation, and if you want to be in tune with this important shift in our collective consciousness, listen to your inner voice inside.  If you have been wanting to practice new forms of meditation, it is a good time now to begin.

If you want to dive deep into the mysteries lying beneath our waking state, go for it.   The spiritual world wants to have more of an influence on our lives now, and its values of unity, empathy, and compassion are ready to join our voyage into the Aquarian Age.   Peace is what we are moving toward as a human family, even as war brews on the surface of our reality.   Remember that as all seems to falling apart, on deeper levels it is all coming together.

Surrounding the day February 7 is a turning point time period, as there is a Full Moon in Leo that day, while on the same day Saturn goes Retrograde.

That Full Moon in Leo is formed with Sun in Aquarius and Moon opposite in Leo. There is a need to combine our own personal need to be noticed and in charge, with a need to be sensitive and in relationship with others in the group or community. With the Moon in Leo, our creative playful side wants to come out, but it is important to be in touch also with the Sun in Aquarius need to be socially conscious and to think of what is best for our world.

Saturn changing directions that same day makes it difficult to express that playful side as Saturn is rather serious and cares most about work and planning and accomplishment.

Saturn changing directions can also feel like the hand of fate or a sense that it is now time to do something we might have been putting off. Time kind of stops in some ways while Saturn is retrograde. During that retrograde time we make plans and set up up what we will truly make time for when Saturn goes back direct.

Saturn will stay retrograde until late June, when at that time it will feel as if time has started up again in some way for your life.

Venus goes into Aries on February 8. It has been in Pisces for the last month. In Pisces, the Goddess of Love and relationship was rather sacrificial and concentrating on empathy and compassion. Now in Aries until March 5, it concentrates more on its own needs and self empowerment in matters of the heart. You will become more bold and frank in your relationships, asserting your own needs and speaking up about what improvements are needed in the relationship and what you may feel your friend or lover needs to do differently.

The Sun moves into Pisces on February 18/19 and will joined there by the Moon on February 21, forming a New Moon in Pisces. This New Moon will be conjunct recently entered Neptune in Pisces.

It is time now to let go of left brain controls and go with the flow more. Trust the process of the Universe and how it moves through your soul and life. Do not push the river to move, as it moves naturally in its own time. This time of year, for the next month, before spring equinox and an Aries New Moon in late March, it is time to go deep in your feelings.

From your deeper soul, you can release the ghosts of your past and release your demons and fears. As you release, you open more to a natural trust in the Universe and your own soul's truth.

You know that all is happening just as it is meant to happen, and you watch for the signs and symbols and synchronicities from the wisdom of the Universe and your inner voice.

You know more now that we are all one, that Unity is the law of the Universe. That renewed sense of Unity now will help you to have more empathy for others.

In next month's Perspectives from the Sky, we will talk about the Spring Equinox and we will begin to discuss the very powerful and transformational eclipses coming in May and June.

Have a most beautiful and meaningful February!

Leo Knighton Tallarico is co-director of Spiritual Renaissance Center with his soul mate Deborah. He has been a full time professional astrologer, counselor, spiritual guide, and writer for 26 years. He specializes in assisting individuals with the transformation of their consciousness and lives during change and crisis. Knowing the big picture of one's life is essential for positive transformation, and is a big part of any consultation with Leo.

For more information about Leo's readings and consultations, contact him at or call him at 207-653-7717. He has a weekly forecast blog at, and has a website at


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