Friday, March 16, 2012

Precession - a Fabulous Word and Concept from Buckminster Fuller

Precession. Don't ya just love it?

O.K., I realize you may not know what precession is. Its a Buckminster (I call him Bucky) Fuller word that means things often work at 90 degree angles (almost wrote angels, haha) instead of in a straight line.

Here are two applications that I know of:

First of all is how to use it with kids. This is a GREAT tip I learned from Randolph Craft, who learned it from Bucky himself. Kids, and most people actually, have a hard time accepting a compliment. You say to your son or daughter, "Honey, I'm so amazed at your drawing. You have such talent."

Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Equinox 2012 is Almost Here

Have you noticed how gorgeous everything outside is becoming as we get closer and closer to Spring Equinox 2012?

The trees are beginning to bud, vines are spreading their green leaves, the daffodils have popped out of the soil to show off their beauty.

Every spring things feel fresh and new.

How about the new things showing up in your world. What have you noticed?

Have a deLightful day,

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

To Everything There is a Season . . . hummm?

(c) Misty Wright Gregg

At this time of the year (March and April), it is common to hear people say we are going from “Cold and Flu Season” to “Allergy Season.”  I would speculate 100 years ago, there were no such “seasons” and I would venture to say we could skip those seasons all together if we make different lifestyle choices. 

The way we get colds, flu and those “seasonal allergies” is through our weakened immune system.  Instead of treating our symptoms with medication, we could strengthen our immune system so we are not a good host for these illnesses.   

How would we do it? 

Love Simply Is the Energy and the Essence of Source

(c) David J. Adams



The circle opens with the sounds of the Tibetan bowls and the crystal bowl and chimes

Allow the resonance of those Sound vibrations to loosen any remaining vestiges of shadows within your Being, letting go of all that is of fear, and replacing it with pure Light, that your whole Being may be Enlightened completely.

Greetings Beloveds, I am Sananda, Ambassador of Peace from the Cosmos.

When you came to this place at the beginning of time, you came filled with Divine Light, and with the energy of pure Divine Unconditional Love.

As you created your world of duality, you allowed the energies of Love to subside in your density, and move from the embrace of your Heart Chakra down into the Spleen Chakra, where it became a part of your duality – “love and hate”, “fear and love” - competing for space, and Love became just another commodity to serve your learning in the density and the duality.

Each time you moved from this place, and then returned, you came anew with the Divine Unconditional Love.

As you look into the eyes of a babe, you will see no fear.  You will see no hate.  You will see only the Divine Unconditional Love energy until, in time, the density that you have created once more snuffs out the Divine Unconditional Love.

Once again it becomes a ‘currency’ in your relationships.  It is the game that you have chosen to play for eons of time in each and every life time.  You bring with you that gift of Pure Unconditional Love, then you shift it downwards into the density and into your Spleen Chakra.

You may ask “why is it important to speak of this now?”  Well as we have been telling you for some time – it is now time to let go of old belief systems, old paradigms, old methodologies that were acceptable in the time of denseness and duality, but are no longer relevant in the new world of Love and Light and Oneness.

It is time to begin the process, if you have not already started that process, of lifting that energy of Love back from your Spleen Chakra, up into your Heart Chakra, where once again it will be pure - almost innocent - but powerful as a guiding force in your lives. 

You have been asked by Beloved Germain to look at the World through your Heart.  To do that effectively you need to lift the energy of Love back into your Heart, and let it go from your Spleen, for the energy of Love is not an emotional response in the New World as it was in the old.  It is not a carrot and a stick, as it was in the old world.

The new Earth will be pure of Love and pure of Light, so it is time to let go of those aspects of your existence that no longer serve YOU in the New Earth energies.

It is time to redefine the word “Love” in your minds.

It is time to let go of the ‘emotion’ that you have called Love previously, and to work with the pure “Energy of Love”.

The energy of Love is not unidirectional as the emotion is.  It is not about person to person.  It is about a contract between you and all that is - everyone, every Being on this Earth, every creature on this Earth.  You are capable of embracing with Love - Pure Unconditional Love.

In the past you have treated Love as a currency, almost like your bank account, and you have carefully monitored the inflow and the outflow to ensure that you are in balance, or better still, in profit. But Love is none of those – Love simply is the energy and the essence of Source.

As you embrace the pure energy of Love within your Hearts, and allow that to shine forth and embrace all those around you, and all those around the Earth - you will release yourselves from the shackles of the past.

You will feel within yourself a new sense of freedom.

The reality Dear Ones, is that you have not been enslaved by others, you have enslaved yourselves !  but that time is over.

It is time to be free, to be free to show your Love for ‘ALL THAT IS.

Take a moment to simply sit within your Heart and feel the purity of the Love Energy, unencumbered by the debts of the past.  The shackles fall away, and a new lightness takes possession of your Being, and you look out upon the World in a totally different way.

For when you sit within the Energy of Love - you feel and see yourself in a different way - no longer a slave to the emotional rollercoaster of your life - peaceful, calm, harmonious, enlightened.

Feel how joyful that is, how much your body resonates anew to the sound of Love.

I ask you to focus daily when you arise from your sleep, on the “Energy of Love”, and allow that to flow from you as you move through your daily tasks.

Let your Light shine strongly.

Do not concern yourself unduly with the reactions of others, simply BE the Light and Love that you are, and you will change the World simply by being in the Energy of Love.

I bless and thank you for sharing your special Light with me this evening.

I embrace you with the deepest Love in my Heart.

David J Adams

"Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom"

David's message about the Global Cetacean Meditation this Spring Equinox. 

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Aquamarine is the Traditional Gemstone for March 2012

(c) AnnaMariah

Are you a “Packrat” – holding on to old emotions or even physical stuff? You don’t have to have been born in March to benefit from this stone that brings to mind a feeling of coolness and the ocean and an easy sense of flow.

In ancient times aquamarine was believed to be a treasure of mermaids and was used as a talisman to bring good luck, fearlessness and protection to sailors. Some also valued it as a stone of eternal youth and happiness.

It seems fitting that a large part of March is in the water sign of Pisces and that aquamarine should be the traditional birthstone.

Spring starts on March 20th, and brings with it thoughts of cleaning out the clutter, letting go of what no longer serves and moving forward with a more positive outlook.

What in your life no longer serves you?  Are there patterns in your life you’d like to change? Have you been holding on to old hurts, grudges,  wrongs, beliefs and just plain old stuff that is weighting you down?  Are you ready to let them go? Aquamarine can help you by bringing these old emotional patterns to the light so that you may process them and let them go, finally allowing yourself to “go with the flow”. Aquamarine will also help you if you are a physical “packrat” by helping to release to attachment to your things and finally start clearing out the clutter.

Hold or wear aquamarine and imagine yourself as the woman in this picture. Feel the breeze on your face, the air is warm and caressing in a very soothing way. Imagine that with each breath you are letting old hurts go. See them as turning into tiny blue butterflies that fly off into the air over the ocean. As each butterfly leaves, you feel lighter and lighter. The tightness around your chest leaves you. You are breathing more deeply than before, you are feeling calm and strong. Breathe deeply and with each in breath feel a compassionate strength fill your entire body.

Feel the divine feminine awaken within you. Breathe in the resilient vitality of life until all your cells are filled. Your throat and solar plexus chakras are both activated and you are strong in a very gentle way that will allow you to communicate your feelings with clarity and compassion that expresses clearly what you want in alignment with your will.  Know that you have reconnected with a powerful part of yourself that can express what you need in a healthy, balanced way.

I don’t have a lot of water in my chart, and while I enjoy aquamarine, it isn’t a stone I connect with very deeply. I was having difficulty relating to aquamarine in order to write this article. So I took a lovely large stone and a strand of beads to bed with me for two nights. I woke up this morning with a vision of amethyst and aquamarine together. When I looked at my birthstone charts, I discovered that amethyst is the birthstone for March according to the astrological listing of birthstone. It seems fitting that they combine in this necklace. The two stones combined are very soothing and heighten the sense of emotional calm and further strengthen the ability to see into the root cause of emotional turmoil and let it go once and for all.

The necklace pictured is a one of a kind piece with an interesting combination of opaque aquamarine and stunningly clear amethyst. Email and mention this newsletter and get 10% off.

Discover what it's like to look fantastic in your jewelry and know that it's a partner in your soul's evolution and awaken your power and create the life you were meant to live with jewelry by Bold Bodacious Jewelry.

AnnaMariah is a gemstone empath, Reiki Master, and guardian of the stones who listens to the guidance of the stones to create transformational gemstone jewelry. Each stone is reactivated with the original energy of creation and is tasked to assist the wearer or recipient of its energy to awaken to full consciousness of who they are and what is theirs to do. In this way you step out of the darkness and into your full light of being.

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Harmony - Numerology for March 2012

Michael Brill with Takara

(c) Michael Brill. All Rights Reserved.

Everything initiated by Spirit is Plan A.  Everything initiated by us is Plan B.  Plan B takes form when we have doubts, anxieties, and fears that Spirit is not working with us but against us.  When our abandonment issues begin surfacing, we begin formulating a Plan B. (Refer to “Abandonment Issues Are The Catalysts for…“, at

In last month’s column, I wrote about the original Plan A . . . Creation. This month, I want to write about harmony. 

Numerologically, the letters of harmony convert to 40.  The 0 represents Spirit and the 4 symbolizes building foundations.  Creation, also a 40, allows Spirit (0) to manifest its energies into physical form, 4.   When we combine Harmony and Creation the cosmic plan emerges.
Without harmony there is no creation, only disintegration. Some examples of disharmony, or unbalanced energy, would be: wars, tornados, drought, floods, arguments, co-dependency, un-happy relationships, dissatisfaction with a job or relationship (family, social, professional), a hot sun and an ice cream cone, unrealistic expectations of self and others, a need for control, the need to have the last word, frustration, confrontation, justification, doing anything to excess, doing anything to be loved or to maintain control. 

How do we achieve and maintain harmony?  We can do it by the numbers.  Numbers give form and structure to our universe.  Numbers can represent either positive or negative energy.

There are visible numbers like the 40 totals of creation and harmony and there are invisible numbers.  Separating the vowels and consonants of harmony and adding their single digit totals provides us with the sum of 13; in this instance an invisible number. The number 13 is a karmic number and can be interpreted primarily as a negative influence with the potential for a positive outcome.  The negative influence has the 3 energy generating feelings of inadequacy, boastfulness, exaggeration, moodiness, poor social and communication skills, and a tendency not to complete things.  The negative one can bring lack of confidence, timidity, arrogance, passivity, aggressiveness, egocentricity, low self-esteem, fearfulness, or zealotry.  When the 1 and 3 are added together they have a sum of 4.  The negative 4 can be a procrastinator, a controller, prejudicial, a reactionary, gets lost in minutiae, stubborn, goes by their “book”, confrontational, dull, hides in logic, and can be hateful.  These negative influences all originate from abandonment issues.  These are not energies that are conducive to harmony.

A positive 13/4 (1+3=4 thus13/4) can become a visionary, a manifester, joyful, optimistic (3) that is capable of initiating, leading, breaking existing paradigms (1) and create new ways of thinking and doing (4).

Earlier I asked “how do we achieve and maintain harmony.”  We can achieve harmony with Spirit’s plan for creation by first making the transition (13/4) from either doing to be loved or trying to maintain control. Both patterns are directly related to our abandonment issues and represent negative 9 energy. Next, we must learn to allow (18/9) our Selves to be guided by what feels right in our heart (positive 9 energy).  To “allow” we must first accept responsibility for our actions which brings Self-empowerment (8), then we must begin feeling comfortable with whom we are and what we have come here to accomplish (1).  This is not an easy thing to do.  To do what feels right in your heart will often put you in direct conflict with the needs, wants, and desires of others, some of whom you will love deeply.  This is where it gets really hard. 

To live in harmony with the cosmic plan, you must be willing to give up what you love the most.  This can be a relationship, a career, family, a possession, an idea, a dream, even a twin flame.  To be willing to release what you love, you demonstrate your faith that whatever Spirit replaces it with will ultimately bring you more joy, more peace, and more trust that surrendering to the will of the Universe puts you in harmony with the act of creation.
I say this from personal experience.  By developing the courage to follow my heart and pursue my life calling, I’ve often had to say goodbye to people, things, and locations I passionately loved.  I don’t deny that saying goodbye at times brought sorrow and pain; but each time I let go of what I was holding onto, I was able to embrace new experiences that brought even more joy and happiness.
I now know and believe that Spirit provides whatever I need or desire.  Spirit has demonstrated this to me many times.  I was tired of being a renter and moving 7 times in 10 years I asked Spirit to help me buy a home, it did.  I asked Spirit to bring someone into my life that met specific requirements, it did.  I asked Spirit to increase my client base, it has.  All of this has come about because I have been able to let go of my wants, my fears of not being supported by the Universe, my ego’s need for recognition and validation, and the illusion of being separated from or ignored by Spirit.  I now see life as a restaurant, I order what I desire and expect it to arrive.  I feel and believe I am now living in harmony with Creation.

Michael is the author of Numerology for Healing and Decoding Behavior Patterns with Numerology both by Inner Traditions/Bear & CO. He has also written a textbook Know Your Numbers, Know Your Self: Discovering the Solutions to Your Life’s Challenges that describes his system of Cosmic Numerology. Michael is available for consultations and presentations; he can be reached via email at or on his cell phone 561.866.5479.

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Earth, Elementals, Fearies and More as Anneah, The Mother Speaks

(c) Millie Stefani

My world is the inner earth, the fairies and the elementals.  How they love the earth's blue skies, mountain ranges, trees and waters.  My world is gentle -- more forgiving.  Every tree, flower and plant have their own essence.  And all want to be acknowledged as part of the power that holds humanity in balance, like the glue that holds all the parts together.

Soon the lay lines of the earth will once again resume their humming and recalibrate the magnetics, allowing all of humanity to return to "oneness". 

The "little people" sit often with me.  They have been my protectors and wish to be acknowledged as they create the wellspring for the advancement of our civilization.  They teach the value of listening through the heart.  Each bud on the tree, every blade of grass and rock in the river have their own story.  It is time for all humans to participate in the restructuring and resurfacing of our beautiful planet.  Within the single blade of grass, all of earth's journey has been recorded.  We just need to observe and listen.

There is so much that science cannot come close to qualifying.  It is right here before us -- nothing needs to be discovered or learned.

It is so easy for me to read the earth body.  It is the human mind that causes me panic and confusion.  My world is so much simpler - each aspect knows itself and doesn't appear as anything other than what has been its original creation.  Each is content and doesn't strive to become something else.  Humans take themselves much too seriously.  It is often not fun to be mature and intellectual.  But, it is quite beautiful to have wisdom.  To truly know oneself is also to know heart wisdom, the rhythm of the planet, and the oneness to all of creation.

I have taken many excursions to the stars as an ambassador and advocate for our beautiful planet.  Not to set myself apart from others, but merely to state a fact.  Convincing other universal systems of our importance to maintain harmonic cooperation within the galaxy has not always been easy -- and I sometimes wonder the outcome.  There has been so much pain and despair on our planet and many have seemingly forgotten the true tones and steps of creation.  It quickly changes now -- the outcome will be more than we can contemplate, or believe possible.

Walk gently and mindfully upon the earth.  Plant your seeds of love, joy, health, companionship and abundance.  Be assured of a bountiful harvest. 

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March 2012 Astrological Perspectives From the Sky

Copyright (c) Leo Knighton Tallarico. All Rights Reserved.

March is the transition month from winter to spring. The old saying is that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, and I guess that means it begins with winter, which can bring rough weather and ends in spring, which supposedly brings more pleasant weather.

Well here in the northeast that script does not always play out as weather can be wintry in late March or even April.

And astrologically speaking March comes in like the fishes (Pisces) and out like a ram (Aries). And energetically Pisces is much more gentle than Aries.

The Sun went into Pisces on February 18/19 this year and goes into Aries for the first of spring on March 19/20.

Pisces is generally sensitive and gentle, though can be rather unpredictable. This is because it is so multifaceted as it is the last sign in the zodiac, one which encompasses all the other signs. Pisces can shape-shift and be whatever it needs to be at any given time. This is why sometimes it wrestles with having a solid indentity.

But that lack of solid identity breeds a selflessness and self sacrifice for the betterment of others or a cause. This selflessness, senstivity and gentleness often prompts others to see Pisces as passive or lacking self assertive capabilities.

But in actuality Pisces is not passive at its core; it is more to the point "in the flow". It is a mutable water sign, which shows its changeable behavior. When Pisces is in alignment with the deep inner flow at the source, it will change to positive and active when the need arises.

At Pisces time of year it is important to "live" in the soul or feeling state of consciousness. From that place one is sensitive to the "undertow" of people or situations. One can feel the emotions of others and have true empathy.

At Pisces time of year it is also conducive to enter the inner spiritual realms through meditation or spiritual practices. One is getting ready for more active times in Aries spring time.

At the end of winter, which is Pisces time, one is often seduced into deep feelings like sadness and grief, and into facing "the memories or even ghosts or demons of one's past" before the new beginnings of spring.

And this year it may be more true than usual as two planets will be retrograde for much of March. When a planet goes retrograde, it causes reflection, rewind and return.

Mars is already retrograde as March begins, as it went retrograde on January 23. It will go back direct on April 13. Mars retrograde puts our forward motion on pause, and allows us time to ponder what directions we really want to take and to reflect on what we really desire for our life. As we reflect during Mars retrograde, we often also rewind to previous times and people in our life, either in dreams or memories or actually in the flesh.

Mercury goes retrograde on March 12 and goes back direct on April 4.

Many are quite superstitious about Mercury Retrograde, and are afraid to live their lives as they usually do. There is nothing to fear or be superstitious about.

It is true during Mercury Retrograde, however, that our usual way of perceiving and communicating shifts, sometimes in very subtle ways. Often however, before too long into a Mercury Retrograde, it starts to feel like one is being in a kind of twilight zone. We are mentally taken out of our usual way of thinking and perceiving, and life can feel kind of weird.

That is why many astrologers tell people not to make major decisions or sign contracts during Mercury Retrograde.

In my experience, sometimes during Mercury Retrograde, life naturally presents to us situations where we have to make a big decision or sign some contract. If you can delay the decision or signing do it, as your mind may not be thinking as it usually does.

But if it is not feasible to delay, see the situation as "meant to be" and do your best. That generally means to not be too governed by your left brain logic, and more governed by your intuition and imaginative and creative thought process. That is what works best during Mercury Retrograde.

The usual analytical process is more frustrating. Look for spiritual signs and synchronicity, and that has a better chance to take you to the answers and solutions you need.

People often come back to us during Mercury Retrograde in memories or dreams or in actuality. This is because Mercury Retrograde is a rewind time, time to see how things used to be before we can move forward after Mercury goes back direct.

So Mercury goes back direct on April 4. After that clarity will begin to form.

And Mars goes direct on April 13/14. After that you will have a better sense of direction and of what you want and desire. You will be more ready for action and forward movement in your life.

All of these retrogrades are getting us prepared for a most transformational time period when the eclipses hit during May and June. We will discuss that more next month in the April forecast.

So most of March wil have retrograde movements of Mars and Mercury, as well as the "go with the " soulful energies of Pisces.

So no major activity is in alignment. It is not time for you to move forward yet in March. Process, heal, gain new insights, enjoy your "time off" from your ambitions.

Then on March 19/20 there is the shift into spring 2012. Spring Equinox is on March 20 at 1:14 AM EDT.

This is the moment when light and dark minutes of the day are equal. The same is true of Autumn Equinox.

The difference is that right after Autumn Equinox daylight dwindles and darkness begins to strengthen. Right after Spring Equinox the daylight minutes begin to increase until Summer Solstice when those daylight minutes are the most abundant.

So Aries, the sign that begins at the Spring Equinox, is about new beginnings and the starting of our active engines. Aries is the force of the buds coming through the branches, the yang initiating action.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign, and Mars is its ruling planet. Aries is about action and will and desire. It is also about being straight forward, direct and frank in its communication. Aries people care about being true to themselves and independent, and as such can be challenged in relationship.

And they do love a challenge, and often that challenge is in competition or confrontation like the rams batting horns.

So the Spring Equinox is a good time to feel the hope of new beginnings, but don't move forward yet.

Wait for the Aries New Moon on March 22 and the Sun conjuct Uranus in Aries on March 24 to go forward. And you really should wait further even further if you want to have more clarity and know what you really desire and where you want to go.

That will take you to April 4 when Mercury goes direct and April 13/14 when Mars goes direct.

And before that time we will be back for April's forecast.

Have a most beautiful and meaningful March.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is co-director of Spiritual Renaissance Center with his soul mate Deborah. He has been a full time professional astrologer, counselor, spiritual guide, and writer for 26 years. He specializes in assisting individuals with the transformation of their consciousness and lives during change and crisis. Knowing the big picture of one's life is essential for positive transformation, and is a big part of any consultation with Leo.

For more information about Leo's readings and consultations, contact him at or call him at 207-653-7717. He has a weekly forecast blog at, and has a website at

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