Thursday, March 1, 2012

Earth, Elementals, Fearies and More as Anneah, The Mother Speaks

(c) Millie Stefani

My world is the inner earth, the fairies and the elementals.  How they love the earth's blue skies, mountain ranges, trees and waters.  My world is gentle -- more forgiving.  Every tree, flower and plant have their own essence.  And all want to be acknowledged as part of the power that holds humanity in balance, like the glue that holds all the parts together.

Soon the lay lines of the earth will once again resume their humming and recalibrate the magnetics, allowing all of humanity to return to "oneness". 

The "little people" sit often with me.  They have been my protectors and wish to be acknowledged as they create the wellspring for the advancement of our civilization.  They teach the value of listening through the heart.  Each bud on the tree, every blade of grass and rock in the river have their own story.  It is time for all humans to participate in the restructuring and resurfacing of our beautiful planet.  Within the single blade of grass, all of earth's journey has been recorded.  We just need to observe and listen.

There is so much that science cannot come close to qualifying.  It is right here before us -- nothing needs to be discovered or learned.

It is so easy for me to read the earth body.  It is the human mind that causes me panic and confusion.  My world is so much simpler - each aspect knows itself and doesn't appear as anything other than what has been its original creation.  Each is content and doesn't strive to become something else.  Humans take themselves much too seriously.  It is often not fun to be mature and intellectual.  But, it is quite beautiful to have wisdom.  To truly know oneself is also to know heart wisdom, the rhythm of the planet, and the oneness to all of creation.

I have taken many excursions to the stars as an ambassador and advocate for our beautiful planet.  Not to set myself apart from others, but merely to state a fact.  Convincing other universal systems of our importance to maintain harmonic cooperation within the galaxy has not always been easy -- and I sometimes wonder the outcome.  There has been so much pain and despair on our planet and many have seemingly forgotten the true tones and steps of creation.  It quickly changes now -- the outcome will be more than we can contemplate, or believe possible.

Walk gently and mindfully upon the earth.  Plant your seeds of love, joy, health, companionship and abundance.  Be assured of a bountiful harvest. 

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