Thursday, March 1, 2012

Love Simply Is the Energy and the Essence of Source

(c) David J. Adams



The circle opens with the sounds of the Tibetan bowls and the crystal bowl and chimes

Allow the resonance of those Sound vibrations to loosen any remaining vestiges of shadows within your Being, letting go of all that is of fear, and replacing it with pure Light, that your whole Being may be Enlightened completely.

Greetings Beloveds, I am Sananda, Ambassador of Peace from the Cosmos.

When you came to this place at the beginning of time, you came filled with Divine Light, and with the energy of pure Divine Unconditional Love.

As you created your world of duality, you allowed the energies of Love to subside in your density, and move from the embrace of your Heart Chakra down into the Spleen Chakra, where it became a part of your duality – “love and hate”, “fear and love” - competing for space, and Love became just another commodity to serve your learning in the density and the duality.

Each time you moved from this place, and then returned, you came anew with the Divine Unconditional Love.

As you look into the eyes of a babe, you will see no fear.  You will see no hate.  You will see only the Divine Unconditional Love energy until, in time, the density that you have created once more snuffs out the Divine Unconditional Love.

Once again it becomes a ‘currency’ in your relationships.  It is the game that you have chosen to play for eons of time in each and every life time.  You bring with you that gift of Pure Unconditional Love, then you shift it downwards into the density and into your Spleen Chakra.

You may ask “why is it important to speak of this now?”  Well as we have been telling you for some time – it is now time to let go of old belief systems, old paradigms, old methodologies that were acceptable in the time of denseness and duality, but are no longer relevant in the new world of Love and Light and Oneness.

It is time to begin the process, if you have not already started that process, of lifting that energy of Love back from your Spleen Chakra, up into your Heart Chakra, where once again it will be pure - almost innocent - but powerful as a guiding force in your lives. 

You have been asked by Beloved Germain to look at the World through your Heart.  To do that effectively you need to lift the energy of Love back into your Heart, and let it go from your Spleen, for the energy of Love is not an emotional response in the New World as it was in the old.  It is not a carrot and a stick, as it was in the old world.

The new Earth will be pure of Love and pure of Light, so it is time to let go of those aspects of your existence that no longer serve YOU in the New Earth energies.

It is time to redefine the word “Love” in your minds.

It is time to let go of the ‘emotion’ that you have called Love previously, and to work with the pure “Energy of Love”.

The energy of Love is not unidirectional as the emotion is.  It is not about person to person.  It is about a contract between you and all that is - everyone, every Being on this Earth, every creature on this Earth.  You are capable of embracing with Love - Pure Unconditional Love.

In the past you have treated Love as a currency, almost like your bank account, and you have carefully monitored the inflow and the outflow to ensure that you are in balance, or better still, in profit. But Love is none of those – Love simply is the energy and the essence of Source.

As you embrace the pure energy of Love within your Hearts, and allow that to shine forth and embrace all those around you, and all those around the Earth - you will release yourselves from the shackles of the past.

You will feel within yourself a new sense of freedom.

The reality Dear Ones, is that you have not been enslaved by others, you have enslaved yourselves !  but that time is over.

It is time to be free, to be free to show your Love for ‘ALL THAT IS.

Take a moment to simply sit within your Heart and feel the purity of the Love Energy, unencumbered by the debts of the past.  The shackles fall away, and a new lightness takes possession of your Being, and you look out upon the World in a totally different way.

For when you sit within the Energy of Love - you feel and see yourself in a different way - no longer a slave to the emotional rollercoaster of your life - peaceful, calm, harmonious, enlightened.

Feel how joyful that is, how much your body resonates anew to the sound of Love.

I ask you to focus daily when you arise from your sleep, on the “Energy of Love”, and allow that to flow from you as you move through your daily tasks.

Let your Light shine strongly.

Do not concern yourself unduly with the reactions of others, simply BE the Light and Love that you are, and you will change the World simply by being in the Energy of Love.

I bless and thank you for sharing your special Light with me this evening.

I embrace you with the deepest Love in my Heart.

David J Adams

"Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom"

David's message about the Global Cetacean Meditation this Spring Equinox. 

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