Friday, March 16, 2012

Precession - a Fabulous Word and Concept from Buckminster Fuller

Precession. Don't ya just love it?

O.K., I realize you may not know what precession is. Its a Buckminster (I call him Bucky) Fuller word that means things often work at 90 degree angles (almost wrote angels, haha) instead of in a straight line.

Here are two applications that I know of:

First of all is how to use it with kids. This is a GREAT tip I learned from Randolph Craft, who learned it from Bucky himself. Kids, and most people actually, have a hard time accepting a compliment. You say to your son or daughter, "Honey, I'm so amazed at your drawing. You have such talent."

The kid's immediate response is to put up a big mental block or wall that rejects the idea and says, "Yeah mom, sure. You are my mother. You have to say things like that."

And we all behave pretty much like that when it comes to hearing good things about ourselves. Its sad really!

But, if you apply precession, a whole new world opens up.

Instead of looking at your son or daughter, who is right in front of you. You get them at 90% of you (a right angle), just within ear shot, and you tell someone else who is standing right in front of you how fabulous you think your son's drawing is.

When they are not the person in front of you, they put up no defenses. They hear what you say and they take it in without resistance. And, of course, they feel really good inside. And they believe that if you are telling someone else, you must actually mean it.

Another application is how it applies in your business life.

According to Randy, again who learned it from Bucky, most people work straight in front of themselves. They affirm success. And they take actions, do advertising, try to convince the person standing right in front of them to buy their gizmo or hire them for whatever service they do. They are working in a straight line, sending things straight out and expecting the results to come straight back at them.

It often doesn't work that way.

Instead, you can be working over here, putting out ideas and information on one thing and out of the blue someone contacts you about something completely different.

If you are stuck in straight line mode, you will wave them off believing that it has nothing to do with your current interest, project, or whatever. When in fact, it is how precession works. Your focus is straight ahead of you, but according to Bucky, all the best things the Universe brings to you come from a right angle.

So you have to be ever vigilant looking for the opportunities and signs that are not right in front of you, but are there nonetheless.

I'm over here working on my latest book, updating blogs, and the Universe is sending me emails from people I've never heard of, and have no idea how they found me, offering me money for something completely different.


Have a deLightful day,

I would love to hear what you have to say about this subject!

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