Thursday, March 1, 2012

To Everything There is a Season . . . hummm?

(c) Misty Wright Gregg

At this time of the year (March and April), it is common to hear people say we are going from “Cold and Flu Season” to “Allergy Season.”  I would speculate 100 years ago, there were no such “seasons” and I would venture to say we could skip those seasons all together if we make different lifestyle choices. 

The way we get colds, flu and those “seasonal allergies” is through our weakened immune system.  Instead of treating our symptoms with medication, we could strengthen our immune system so we are not a good host for these illnesses.   

How would we do it? 

Let’s look at some things that weaken our immune system. 

Stress is at the top of the list, then sugar and carbohydrates (such as:  cookies, crackers, chips, etc.), alcohol and toxins in the environment, among others.  

To build a healthy immune system we need to do the following:

·    drink plenty of purified water

·    eat a diet rich in fresh raw vegetables, fruits, and nuts

·    sleep 6-8 hours each night (more if your body needs it)

·    breathe deeply, meditate

·    take time for yourself each day

When we think about what it takes to maintain a healthy body, I make the analogy of our body being like a car.  In order to keep a car to running well, we need to: 
  • give it fuel (food),
  • change the oil (cleanse),
  • keep the fluids up (hydrate),
  • rotate the tires (exercise), and
  • let it rest (sleep) so it will not overheat. 

Say for instance we put syrup in the gas tank of the car, it would not run properly.  If our car is running low on something it needs, the check engine light comes on, right?  The same thing happens to our body.  When we are deficient in some nutrients our body needs, it warns us with symptoms:  cough, runny nose, etc.

Our body needs the nutrients found in foods grown in nature in order to perform at its highest level.  There are approximately 119 nutrients found in food grown from the earth and we only know what 54 of them do for us.  These nutrients are there for a reason and it is important we fuel our body with them. 

If we fuel our body with processed foods and chemically based foods, our body does not recognize them as the fuel we need.  In fact, these types of foods cause damage to our bodies, just as putting syrup in the fuel tank of a car will make the engine run poorly. 
You take your car to the mechanic to fix the problems when the check engine light is on.  We can look to nature to fix the symptoms that show up in our body when our immune system is compromised.

When you feel cold and flu symptoms coming on, adding extra garlic to your diet is helpful.  Garlic has been used for well over 5000 years as an immune system stimulant.  It is a natural antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory, helps with sinus problems, and reduces LDL cholesterol and blood pressure.   

For allergies and hay fever symptoms, Alfalfa is wonderful!  In Arabic, the definition of alfalfa is, “father of all foods.”  It is a natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory.  It also cleanses the liver, blood and kidneys.  
So remember, when the check engine light comes on in your car, the mechanic will fix the problem. 

When your body gives you warning signals, look at what fuels your body and give it what it needs.

Have a Happy, Healthy Day!

Misty Wright Gregg is a preventative healthcare consultant and lives with her family in Virginia.  As the owner of the “The Sage Soapbox,” she enjoys traveling for speaking engagements and individual consultations.  Please contact her @ 540.314.2324 or via email:

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