Monday, April 30, 2012

Emeralds - Romancing the Stone

(c) AnnaMariah

There are few stones as romantic and prized as emeralds. They have been sought after, fought and even killed for. Its checkered, sometimes violent path, seems at odds to this beautiful, deep green stone that works to heal and open the heart.

Emeralds have been highly treasured since ancient times. Theosophus, the ancient Greek philosopher, believed that emerald are good for the eyes, and impart visual clarity. Shakespeare wrote, “the deep green emeralds, in whose fresh regard weak sights their sickly radiance do amend.” Personally, I connect more with Emerald’s radiance and how it assists the human and spiritual heart of the wearer.

The Heart Test

(c) David J. Adams



Greetings Beloveds, I am Djwahl Khul.  I come to speak to you tonight about the “Heart Test”.  No, Dear Ones, I do not mean a medical examination to see if your valves are working, I speak of the need to move into your Heart and find the Truth that lies within.

Throughout the ‘millennia of the mind’ you have worshiped at the altar of proof and fact and logic and reason.  All of which are important, but all of which can be manipulated to enslave the bulk of humanity, and indeed through those millennia, this has often been the case.

Four Phases of Personal Growth

© Michael Brill

As a result of our cosmic abandonment issues ( Articles) we generally reside at either end of the behavior spectrum. At one end of the spectrum is maintaining control – doing for others but not allowing others to do for you. At the opposite end of the spectrum is co-dependency – doing to be loved; both are reactive behavior patterns.

As you ponder your reactive behavior patterns or those of others, try to keep in mind that we are all going through various phases of personal growth. I visualize human beings moving through four growth phases. Those four phases are:

• Phase 1—We Do Unto Others (Ego). We live a life with no consequences for our actions. We murder, lie, cheat, steal, plunder, pillage, rape, burn, torture, and indulge our wildest fantasies.

• Phase 2—Others Do Unto Us (Ego). Whether we were aware of it or not, we had reciprocal agreements with those we victimized in Phase 1. 

May 2012 Astrological Perspectives From the Sky

(c) Leo Knighton Tallarico

May and June bring us the eclipses and other powerful planetary configurations that promise to shake up the world and our personal lives so we can bring positive transformation and healing to our lives.  May starts the change ball rolling, especially the second half of the month. June and the summer of 2012 intensify the energies even more.  Some may begin to feel these winds of change after the Full Moon on May 5.

There is a Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio on May 5 at 11:35 PM EDT.  The solid sturdiness of Taurus is confronted with intense Scorpionic emotional upheaval.   Is it better to engage emotionally or to keep a cool distance?

The winds of the Eclipse Season are blowing in after the Full Moon. Intensity will be increasing as get closer to that first eclipse.  We are two weeks away from the first eclipse, but usually by now some of the issues and themes associated with the eclipse storms are already forming.

To “B” or Not to “B”

(c) By Misty Wright Gregg

The eight B Vitamins are extremely essential to our good health and work well together in a balanced complex form.  They are:  B12, Biotin, Folic Acid, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine, Riboflavin, and Thiamin.  B-Complex is sometimes referred to as “The Happy Vitamin” because it does so many wonderful things for the body.  It aids in the health of the digestive tract and the cardiovascular system by helping to maintain elasticity in the heart.  I have found it helpful in warding off migraines.

Friday, April 6, 2012

FAQ About Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Products

Someone recently asked about how Dancing Dolphin Essence work and how they affect a person. This was my response:

Hello Dear One:

I'm not sure if you are asking about the regular roll-ons, or the new dolphin formulas that I mentioned in the newsletter.

However, I will attempt to address both.

All Dancing Dolphin Essences, roll-ons, and mists vibrationally address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. That is because one of the  components that make up their synergy is a flower or gem essence. They contain significantly more than a traditional flower or gem essence though.

Because of my makeup and how I have been fine tuned as an instrument over the years, I am able to connect with and "bring in" numerous energies from the multiverse - that means multiple dimensions and frequencies. In every Dancing Dolphin product there is an underlying energy of loving and nurturing dolphin healing energetics, as well as the Divine Feminine and the energy of Oneness. The frequencies are often significantly higher, more finely tuned, and more nurturing than many other energy healing choices.

As with all energetic healing modalities, each person and each session is unique. Sometimes there is laughter, sometimes tears, sometimes an overwhelming sense of calm, sometimes a flash of knowing about something that had previously been hidden.

Often the dots start connecting and things begin to make sense. You may have wondered why certain people or situations showed up in your life. Suddenly the answer is there.  

The overwhelming response to Dancing Dolphin products has always been a feeling of being nurtured, loved, appreciated, accepted, and issues and disharmonies tend to simply release and go without a lot of  mayhem.

Occasionally there might be a flash of a memory that is unpleasant or an uncomfortable emotional sensation such as anger or sadness. These typically are very short lived.

When you use the essences, life just seems to unfold differently. You are at a different vibration, so the world around you often is different. Your reaction to circumstances begins to change. Your emotional ups and downs tend to balance out.

I've heard more than one report of a person being asked if they are wearing new makeup or if something else is different because they look fabulous. When you are in balance, you look and feel better and it shows. 

The links you are looking for are here: - this is the regular roll-on essence page - this is the new dolphin formulas page for specific emotionally trying issues. - this is the main website. You can read a bit about the essences on the home page. - this page goes into more detail about the essences.

The two write-up pages have not been updated in quite a while. I'm in the middle of publishing a book. Anyway, the oil base is now all organic and contains fractionated coconut, red raspberry seed, and jojoba.

The write up pages still mention olive oil and they do not yet talk about the energy of Oneness being part of the base.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Have a deLightful day,


Thursday, April 5, 2012

There's Only Plan A . . . Creation

Michael Brill with Takara
There’s Only Plan A . . . Creation
© Michael Brill

In a previous column, I wrote about having the courage to allow it to happen, to trust it will happen, and then experience it happening. This month, I want to write about the original Plan A . . . Creation.

The reason most of us fail to believe there’s only Plan A, is we haven’t quite resolved our “cosmic and 3D abandonment issues.”  (, articles … abandonment issues).  We have difficulty remembering that we are part of the original creation energy.  We have occasional lightening bolts of remembrances that illuminate our higher Self for a few brief seconds and then dissolve into the illusion of separateness. 

What I would like to write about is how we can all learn to raise our consciousness by developing the courage to participate in creation by doing what we love, not to be loved or to maintain control (both connected with abandonment issues). We all consciously chose who we were going to be, what we were going to do, and how we intended to do it. We’ve encoded this information in many ways (numerology, astrology, palmistry, etc.)  knowing that, as we began the process of individuation, we would forget who we are and why we were traveling to this strange place. These choices were selected while in direct “conversations” with the GOD energies. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Here's the Real Dirt on Clean

(c) Misty Gregg 

As Earth Day (April 22nd) approaches I am reminded of the reason I created, “The Sage Soapbox.”  I was given a wakeup call in 2003 and I believe it is my responsibility to share the information I have learned since then. 

It was late November 2003, just before my 40th birthday when I heard the dreadful words from my doctor, “You have a brain tumor.”  My doctor sent me to a specialist who asked me, “What products do you use to clean your house?”  I had a whole list of products I used.  They were the same ones my mother and grandmother used.  Many of them had scary warning labels and most were heavily scented.  I loved those fragrances and in those days, I actually thought when people came to our home they would smell how clean it was!  Clean does not have a smell, but I bought into the advertising which would lead me to believe so. 

Bloodstone - The Healing Power of Crystals and Gems

(c) AnnaMariah  

What can be a more perfect gemstone for April and Easter than Bloodstone (aka Heliotrope)? Although it’s not the traditional gemstone for the month (the diamond wins that privilege) bloodstone is the Zodiac birthstone. The legend of the origin of bloodstone says that it was first formed when some drops of Christ's blood fell and stained some dark green jasper at the foot of the cross. It’s also frequently called the martyr stone and can be of great help to those who need additional courage and stamina to overcome adversity.

Are you a “Spiritual Warrior” or in service to mankind in some way.  If you are battling obstacles for the world or just in your own life, bloodstone will assist you in finding support and courage during times of adversity, while remaining attuned to what you know in your heart to be correct and true.

It's Not Always Easy to Walk Your Talk

(c) Debbie Takara Shelor

When you make a commitment to lead a God-centered life, with the aim of  become your Higher Self ~ embodying the Divinity that is the real you ~ dramatic changes in beliefs, behavior, and attitude are often required.

Around every corner there are opportunities to "walk your talk."

Achieving enlightenment no longer requires becoming a monk, completely devoting yourself to a particular religion or mystery school, and living apart from regular society. If you pay attention, your everyday life offers ample opportunity to learn, grow, evolve, and completely let go of the past.

Comparing yourself to Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus), Buddha, the Dalai Lama, or another Avatar, could leave you feeling significantly less than or imperfect.

April 2012 Astrological Perspectives from the Sky

Copyright (c) Leo Knighton Tallarico. All Rights Reserved.

We enter April, having recently experienced the fresh new air of  Spring Equinox and an Aries New Moon.   But we are also experiencing the rewind movement of Mercury and Mars retrograde as April begins.

It is like getting mixed messages from the Universe. On the one hand  Spring Equinox and an Aries New Moon bring frequencies of new beginnings, fresh starts, and active energies.   But it is usually wise to not make any big moves or big decisions until those retrograde planets go direct.

Not too long into April these planets go back direct. And your ideas and life plans can go forward.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Dancing Dolphin Formula Now Available

New Dancing Dolphin Formulas Now Available!

The new formulas address some pretty powerful issues.

I often get emails and phone calls from people who tell me they are facing various scenarios and want to know how Dancing Dolphin Essences can help them. Often, I create a custom blend for that person and any issues they face at the time.

Certain scenarios, however, have shown up often enough that a specific blend was needed to assist anyone facing that issue.

I created the Dancing Dolphin Formulas with that in mind. We gave each one a number so we wouldn't have to put the issue on the bottle. Each Dolphin Formula assists with healing the emotional wounds you experience when you are facing :

#1 - Betrayal
#2 - Abandonment
#3 - Unloveable / Unworthy
#4 - Fear of Death / Mortality
#5 - Rejection
#6 - Broken Heart
#7 - Judged / Judgment
#8 - Shame
#9 - Guilt
#10 - Sexual Abuse
#11 - Victimhood
#12 - Blind Faith
#13 - Self Esteem
#14 - Blame
#15 - Severe Trauma 
#16 - Leaving a Bad Relationship
#17 - Relocation
#18 - Post Traumatic Stress
#19 - Addiction
#20 - Birth Trauma
#21 - Miscarriage
#22 - Abortion
#23 - Still Birth
#24 - Grief
#25 - Loss
#26 - Death of a Loved One
#27 - Invaders / Bugs
#28 - Fear

Dolphin Formula Number(s)
Any Other Instructions?

Have a deLightful day,

I would love to hear what you have to say about this subject!

We Are in Awe of the Illumination that is Radiating Forth From the Earth Planet



Greetings Beloveds, I am Hilarion.

If you could but see the Illumination that has taken placed within the Ocean Consciousness of your Planet, you would be in awe as we are.  The whole of the Earth is vibrating with a frequency of Light never before seen throughout the Cosmos.

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