Friday, April 6, 2012

FAQ About Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Products

Someone recently asked about how Dancing Dolphin Essence work and how they affect a person. This was my response:

Hello Dear One:

I'm not sure if you are asking about the regular roll-ons, or the new dolphin formulas that I mentioned in the newsletter.

However, I will attempt to address both.

All Dancing Dolphin Essences, roll-ons, and mists vibrationally address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. That is because one of the  components that make up their synergy is a flower or gem essence. They contain significantly more than a traditional flower or gem essence though.

Because of my makeup and how I have been fine tuned as an instrument over the years, I am able to connect with and "bring in" numerous energies from the multiverse - that means multiple dimensions and frequencies. In every Dancing Dolphin product there is an underlying energy of loving and nurturing dolphin healing energetics, as well as the Divine Feminine and the energy of Oneness. The frequencies are often significantly higher, more finely tuned, and more nurturing than many other energy healing choices.

As with all energetic healing modalities, each person and each session is unique. Sometimes there is laughter, sometimes tears, sometimes an overwhelming sense of calm, sometimes a flash of knowing about something that had previously been hidden.

Often the dots start connecting and things begin to make sense. You may have wondered why certain people or situations showed up in your life. Suddenly the answer is there.  

The overwhelming response to Dancing Dolphin products has always been a feeling of being nurtured, loved, appreciated, accepted, and issues and disharmonies tend to simply release and go without a lot of  mayhem.

Occasionally there might be a flash of a memory that is unpleasant or an uncomfortable emotional sensation such as anger or sadness. These typically are very short lived.

When you use the essences, life just seems to unfold differently. You are at a different vibration, so the world around you often is different. Your reaction to circumstances begins to change. Your emotional ups and downs tend to balance out.

I've heard more than one report of a person being asked if they are wearing new makeup or if something else is different because they look fabulous. When you are in balance, you look and feel better and it shows. 

The links you are looking for are here: - this is the regular roll-on essence page - this is the new dolphin formulas page for specific emotionally trying issues. - this is the main website. You can read a bit about the essences on the home page. - this page goes into more detail about the essences.

The two write-up pages have not been updated in quite a while. I'm in the middle of publishing a book. Anyway, the oil base is now all organic and contains fractionated coconut, red raspberry seed, and jojoba.

The write up pages still mention olive oil and they do not yet talk about the energy of Oneness being part of the base.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Have a deLightful day,


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