Monday, April 30, 2012

The Heart Test

(c) David J. Adams



Greetings Beloveds, I am Djwahl Khul.  I come to speak to you tonight about the “Heart Test”.  No, Dear Ones, I do not mean a medical examination to see if your valves are working, I speak of the need to move into your Heart and find the Truth that lies within.

Throughout the ‘millennia of the mind’ you have worshiped at the altar of proof and fact and logic and reason.  All of which are important, but all of which can be manipulated to enslave the bulk of humanity, and indeed through those millennia, this has often been the case.

Now it is the time, not to ‘worship’ at the altar, but to ‘embrace’ the “altar of Truth” within your Hearts, for Truth cannot be manipulated, and Truth cannot be used to enslave the human spirit.  It is time to let go of that ‘millennia of the mind’ and to begin a new ‘millennia of the Heart’.

It is important to embrace the Truth within your Hearts, and although logic and reason and proof and facts can all be utilised in discovering Truth, it is only within your Heart that you know Truth, and knowing is much more that being convinced.

You may recall Dear Ones, we have said at the beginning of this year that from time to time we would bring again to you “pearls of wisdom” that were gifted to you before.  In this instance, I refer to the words of Beloved Ar’Ak – Spirit Brother of this one - when he came to you and said

“Proof is not a measure of reality.

Proof is a measure of the level of one’s own scepticism”.

It may be that you did not understand what that meant at the time, so I ask you again to feed that through your Heart and ask for the Truth of it to be revealed to you.  It is saying to you that there is no such thing as proof, for the proof for one person does not convince another, whereas Truth simply IS.  It exists.  It does not need to be proven.  It does not need a range of facts to be aligned in order for you to understand it.

You need to move from the mind into the Heart in order to embrace and understand “Truth”.  Facts, hmmm , how many times Dear Ones does something have to be repeated in order for it to be considered “fact”?

It is always wise to think carefully when someone keeps on saying to you that “this is fact”, because if you feed it through your Heart and ask for the truth of it, you will see that what is being put before you is often simply an opinion, a belief, not a “fact” at all.

Logic and reason are important, but they too can be utilised and constructed in different ways, by different Beings, and different meanings can be arrived at from the same “facts”.

Take for example, the subject of “Global Warming”.  It is of amazement to us that debate upon your Planet continues about the existence or otherwise of Global Warming, of ‘climate change’.

Dear ones, feed that through your Heart, ask for the Truth of it, and immediately you will know that of course, the climate of the Earth is changing.  It is always changing!  There is no debate.  There is no need for proof and facts of this.  It is constantly changing, but it suits the purpose of some to continue the charade of debating the pros and cons of seeking proof that outstrips the proof of others.

Your Heart knows, and your Heart also knows that the Truth will not be heard until the right questions are being asked.  You see, it is not a question of whether climate change exists or not.  As I say, climate change is constant on your Planet.  It has been in a state of change since the beginning of time.  It is called Evolution.

The question that ought to addressed at this time Dear Ones, is not whether climate change is real.  The question is, “what does each of you do in order to live in harmony with this ever changing Planet?”

Once you accept the Truth within your Heart that climate change is a reality, a constant reality, you do not seek to apportion blame for this change.  Change is change Dear One.

Indeed it CAN be added to by activities of Humanity, or it CAN be balanced to a degree by activities of humanity, but these are answers to different questions.  The questions of what can each of you do to ‘live in harmony’ with this ever changing world of yours.

This why I say to you tonight Dear Ones, it is time to bring the “Heart Test” into your lives, to feed everything you read, everything you see, everything you hear into your Heart, and ask for the Truth of it for YOU.

The Truth for YOU is what is important.  For the Truth for you is what sets out your pathway in the future, for once you embrace the Truth within you, your Light will begin to shine, and you will see more clearly the appropriate pathway for you in this world.

That pathway Dear Ones is about harmony.  It is about being in harmony with the Earth.

Truth is within your Heart.  Feed everything through your Heart, and ask for the Truth of it for you.

There will still be many on your Planet who are worshiping at the “altar of the mind”.  Do not let that concern you unduly, for they will find the Light within themselves in their appropriate time.  Focus on yourselves.  Focus on the Truth within your Heart.  

Your Truth will enable you to ask the right questions.  When you ask the right questions, you receive the answers from within your own Heart -the answers of Truth – not of right or wrong, but of Truth.

I ask you to consider this Dear Ones.  Embrace the Truth within your Hearts.

I thank you and I bless you.

David J Adams
"Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom"

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