Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's Not Always Easy to Walk Your Talk

(c) Debbie Takara Shelor

When you make a commitment to lead a God-centered life, with the aim of  become your Higher Self ~ embodying the Divinity that is the real you ~ dramatic changes in beliefs, behavior, and attitude are often required.

Around every corner there are opportunities to "walk your talk."

Achieving enlightenment no longer requires becoming a monk, completely devoting yourself to a particular religion or mystery school, and living apart from regular society. If you pay attention, your everyday life offers ample opportunity to learn, grow, evolve, and completely let go of the past.

Comparing yourself to Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus), Buddha, the Dalai Lama, or another Avatar, could leave you feeling significantly less than or imperfect.

On the other hand, when you choose to emulate one of these enlightened beings, learning to think as they think and act as they act, radical shifts in consciousness, synchronicity, and joy are the natural result.

Limiting beliefs, fears, judgments, expectations, and attachments to outcomes are pesky things that keep you stuck where you are right now. They simply have to be addressed. And, unfortunately, that's what makes spiritual growth really hard sometimes.

Experiencing expanded awareness and enlightenment is not simply playing around with fabulous frequencies and feeling great while doing it. It's about radical shifts mentally, emotionally, and physically at the cellular, DNA, and adamantine particle levels that leave you permanently in a higher state of consciousness ~ literally closer to God.

Raising your consciousness is a lot like climbing a mountain. In the bible it was described as climbing Jacob's Ladder. The climb is in your personal resonant vibration, your consciousness, and awareness. Along with those, a significantly greater level of compassion, forgiveness, surrender and devotion to the Divine Presence is required.

You can not reach certain levels if you judge others, hold grudges about the "wrongs" you have experienced, harbor fears and prejudices, or have a "holier than thou" attitude towards others. Any one of those can trip you up and keep you firmly stuck at a certain level, unable to even see the next level you could be at if you were only willing to let go of something.

I've been actively climbing for quite some time. And I literally sequestered myself away from society for several years. I lived on a small island in the Northwest. I lived on top of a mountain in the middle of a state park in Southern California for about a year. I lived north of Santa Fe, NM on a dirt road away from everything for over 9 years. At each of these locations, I spent a great deal of time in nature, in meditation, and in inner-reflection.

When situations occurred that got me off center ~ angry, sad, frustrated, fearful, or confused ~ I meditated, dowsed, asked for assistance from the Divine, and sought counsel from the books and wise friends and teachers I drew to myself. I needed to know "why" I felt these things so I could heal the root cause of the disharmonies within me that had caused the disharmony to show up in my life. In deep meditation I was given tools, technologies, and answers to these questions. It is my job to share those with you, so you don't have to take years out of your life and sequester yourself away in nature. There is no longer time for all of that.

I recently began experiencing and radiating a most extraordinary energy. It has taken every single  moment, meditation, change in beliefs, and act of faith that I have ever experienced to get me to the level of consciousness and awareness necessary to receive and utilize this exquisite level of frequency. I feel immensely blessed and grateful for all the people and situations that got me here.

In the title of the article I said it is sometimes hard to walk your talk. One of the things I had to do recently to move higher up the mountain of consciousness was forgive a few situations and people I had not yet forgiven. The list included a few that you may not have forgiven either.

This series of forgiveness scenarios began with the oral surgeon who cut out my wisdom teeth when I was in high school. The day of my surgery, I had a raging fever. The surgeon performed the surgery anyway. It was a horribly traumatic experience. Not only did I cry uncontrollably for several hours afterward, but I was left without access to the photographic memory I'd been born with. Even though it happened ages ago, I had never let that go. The blame was buried deep in my subconscious mind until it bubbled to the surface recently. I was still blaming the doctor for not doing the right thing. I was still blaming my parents for taking me in for surgery when I was so very ill. Mine was the first appointment of the day and they just didn't know what to do about that. If you didn't show up for your appointment, you were charged a significant amount of money. They had no idea that when I was taken back to see the doctor that I wouldn't come out until the surgery was over.

Being angry with someone because of something that happened in the past harms only one person - and that's you! It keeps you stuck in the past instead of being fully present in the now. Shame, blame, and victimhood do not serve you.  

It's so funny the things we forgive and don't forgive. I forgave the guy who raped me. I forgave my former husband for his infidelity. But I hadn't forgiven the doctor who took away my photographic memory. I guess the reason I forgave the others is that the pain from them was so significant that if I didn't forgive, I literally couldn't go on. The surgery was just a past memory that was hidden from view. My judgment of the situation was still negatively affecting me. I just didn't know that it was.

Next were some historical characters that I never even knew I was expected to forgive. And yet, that is what was required of me.

Night after night I had been reading Return of the Rebel Angels by Timothy Wyllie. In there he talks about how the Urantia Book indicates that the Lucifer Rebellion is over, and that the parties involved have been forgiven. And it hit me like a ton of bricks, I have to personally forgive not only Lucifer and those who rebelled with him, but also characters like Hitler.

Weren't you astonished awhile back when you heard about the man who went into a school of Amish kids and killed the children and then himself, and that the elders of the Amish community went to his family and said that they have forgiven this man who had murdered their children. Do you know the level of love and forgiveness it takes to do such a thing?    

I have also been reading aloud to my son my favorite series called The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East. The first 3 books in that series truly are the most remarkable teachings I have ever encountered. In a certain passage Jesus comes forth - in the flesh - and talks to those gathered. He talks to them of forgiveness and he invites in another who has also ascended and has joined him in the band of existence where he now abides. His name is Pilot. You have probably heard of him also. They embrace. Apparently it took Pilot a long time to forgive himself for the way things unfolded and the role he played in all of that. But now, many centuries later, it is as if none of that ever happened.  

I'm not saying we need to condone the actions of the past that resulted in pain and death to people and their way of life. Jewish people, black people, native people, women, the poor, and many others including animals and land have been mistreated over the eons of human existence. What I'm saying is that we have to stop being angry about it now. It's done. It's over.

Jesus has already forgiven. God has already forgiven. Now its your turn.

It is beyond our comprehension to know why certain things have occurred. We need to trust that all is in Divine timing and that the past truly is the past. We need to be responsible for our actions now and how they impact others. And we even need to be concerned with how our words and actions could potentially impact the future.

With the release of my anger and judgment over these situations and people from the past, something clicked within me and I was able to make a fairly big leap up the mountain of consciousness. It allowed me to access the new energy which I was never able to access previously.  

Finally, with this new energy, I have been able to create the Essence of Oneness - something I've known for ages that I had to do, and yet couldn't until now. It is absolutely the most extraordinary essence formula I have ever developed. Every Dancing Dolphin Roll-On and Mist now contains a single drop of the Essence of Oneness as part of its base frequency. Talk about taking things to an entirely new level! WOW.

When you are stuck at a certain level of the mountain you are climbing in consciousness, unable to ascend any further without help, these tools are there to literally lift you up so you can access and grab hold of the next higher level than where you are now. That is true whether you are a newbie on the path or you have been teaching and assisting others for decades  

Have a deLightful day,

I would love to hear what you have to say about this subject!

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