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May 2012 Astrological Perspectives From the Sky

(c) Leo Knighton Tallarico

May and June bring us the eclipses and other powerful planetary configurations that promise to shake up the world and our personal lives so we can bring positive transformation and healing to our lives.  May starts the change ball rolling, especially the second half of the month. June and the summer of 2012 intensify the energies even more.  Some may begin to feel these winds of change after the Full Moon on May 5.

There is a Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio on May 5 at 11:35 PM EDT.  The solid sturdiness of Taurus is confronted with intense Scorpionic emotional upheaval.   Is it better to engage emotionally or to keep a cool distance?

The winds of the Eclipse Season are blowing in after the Full Moon. Intensity will be increasing as get closer to that first eclipse.  We are two weeks away from the first eclipse, but usually by now some of the issues and themes associated with the eclipse storms are already forming.

On May 15 Venus, the Goddess of heart issues, love and relationship goes retrograde.  She will stay retrograde until June 27.  During this time relationhips will tend to unwind so you can better view dysfunctional patterns that need to be transformed.  There may also be a rewinding of relationships past as you will have memories, dreams, and even visits from people of your past, so you can better understand your current state of relationship.

New people may come into life who also remind you of people or patterns from the past.   During this retrograde period you will be given events that assist you in changing your relationships and toxic patterns. 

Some relationships will be transformed, and some will end or become more distant.  This is not only about romantic relationships, but also about friendships, work relationships and family ties.  Since this happens during Eclipse season also, relationship situations could be amplified and intensified.

The first eclipse is on May 20 at 7:47 PM. It is a New Moon Solar Eclipse whose path moves across the western and southwestern USA. It is at 0+ degrees of Gemini.  New Moons are times of new beginnings.  Solar Eclipses are New Moons that are exponentially stronger than the usual new moon. If you were born May 18-22 you will tend to be most affected.  You are ready for needed transformation in your life.  If you are a Sun in Gemini person or have other planets in Gemini, you will be most influenced for the next few months.

Issues of learning, information, rapid mental activity, and communication are in the spotlight surrounding this eclipse.  Do your best to stay grounded and not get scattered mentally, and be very aware of what you are saying before you say it.

The second eclipse is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on June 4 at 7:12 AM EDT. It is at 14+ degrees of Gemini/Sagittarius.  Full Moons are times of culmination and enlightenment.  Lunar Eclipses are exponentially stronger than the usual full moon. If you were born June 2-June 6 you will tend to be most affected.  You are ready for needed transformation in your life. 

Using information and communication to find meaning, solutions and inspiration is highlighted now. It is best now not to jump too fast to conclusions.  Spirits may be flying high and out of control for some.

You would need to know your total natal chart in order to know exactly what planets, and hence what areas of your life are being touched off by these eclipses. Those who have natal planets, like Venus, Mars, etc. that are connected to the degrees of the eclipses will tend to be more affected than others.

In general, however, Gemini is most affected.  Sagittarius also tends to have more change now. Pisces and Virgo are the next most influenced.

The Eclipse Season will last generally from May through July.  This is when intensity will be the greatest.   Events in personal lives and the greater world will be ignited then. Events assosciated with the eclipses may be formed even months after the Eclipse season ends, even after the intensity has subsided.

Eclipses take us out of our usual equilibrium, take us off balance, and thus help us to better move with change.

In the greater world this eclipse season will likely bring important changes that shake up our world.  Iran and Syria have become huge concerns to the western world and Israel.   The possibility of conflict is high now from May through August.   Korea may be another hot spot in the world now.

The economic struggles of Europe could also be affected now, as could the world economy. Other world challenges and natural disasters are also likely.

Please keep in mind that all these world challenges are meant to clear the way for healthier, more unifying energies and patterns to emerge.

Transformation is not usually pretty in process.  As many of you know on an individual level, important transformational times often coincide with great challenges in one's life.   Losing a job or a relationship breakup or some other difficulty is often the catlayst for healthy changes in life.

The old job was not in the best interest of our deeper soul, authentic self, or true purpose in life.   After the job loss we are forced to contemplate our life journey and make deep changes in our psyche and life that open us up to a more fullfilling careeer.

The old relationship was filled with unhealthy and abusive patterns that were reruns of earlier relationships or childhood patterns.  The end of the relationship opens us to deep healing and prepares us for healthier relationships in the future.

In the greater world the same premise exists.  An old paradigm for living on Earth, attached to a dying Pisces Age of over 2000 years, is ending.   A new Aquarian Age is being born, and the birth pains come with major difficulties in the world.

In your personal life,  many of you reading this forecast have done much inner work and experienced   many transformational and healing periods in your life.  These eclipses will help you to continue to release old patterns and energies and open you to evolve more in your consciousness and life.

Others reading this are needing more drastic change in life, so you can lead a more authentic, purposeful, and healthy life.  You may or may not know you are ready for deep change in your life. This eclipse period will help you to move out of unhealthy situations and help you to embrace positive change.

Our deeper souls are speaking louder and louder now, and many of us have become very aware that the deeper soul is what is really driving our life vehicle.  Our egos make plans based on our “logical” needs for our material lives, but deeper spiritual influences want to take us to the experiences our soul needs.

We are all in the process of evolution from an old paradigm attached to a dying age, and into a paradigm attached to an Aquarian Age or a New Earth as some say.

We are moving into more unity consciousness, knowing all is connected not separate.

The Aquarian Age is about liberation of the individual human heart and soul. It is about each individual taking responsibility for their role in our human community on our sacred Earth home.  The Aquarian Age is Diversity in Unity. It is an honoring of the uniqueness and authenticity of each individual, individuals who are part of a greater world community.  The dog eat dog survival of the fittest mentality is ending now with an old age, even if temporarily it might look quite fierce for awhile.

And this Eclipse season of the spring of 2012 will continue to show us that this survival of the fittest mentality will eventually destroy us if we do not evolve further.  Our current economic system and military invasions are reflections of this mentality which pits us one against another. 

True survival now, the next collective step in evolution, is having a consciousness that knows we are all ONE.  The nuclear weapons we have built from a contentious enmity toward one another, are symbols of the old mentality that would destroy us.  Each of us is responsible for our own consciousness, and that consciousness is preparing to know unity, that all “tribes” are united into ONE family, and that all the “dots” of the Universe and life are in meaningful and sacred connection.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is co-director of Spiritual Renaissance Center with his soul mate Deborah. He has been a full time professional astrologer, counselor, spiritual guide, and writer for 26 years. He specializes in assisting individuals with the transformation of their consciousness and lives during change and crisis. Knowing the big picture of one's life is essential for positive transformation, and is a big part of any consultation with Leo.

For more information about Leo's readings and consultations, contact him at or call him at 207-653-7717. He has a weekly forecast blog at, and has a website at

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