Sunday, March 3, 2013

Finding the Courage to Be Your Magnificent Self and Achieve Your Goals

From early December and continuing to this day, we have been going through a massive shift on a global scale. Consciousness is rising - thankfully - all over the planet. I personally feel like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Its not completely visible yet, but for those who are sensitive, nothing feels the same.

You need to shake off the dross from the hardship of the previous 10 years, and step into the new world and the new you - the Magnificent U. It is SO MUCH EASIER now to do so!

That doesn't mean all the pesky unpleasant life experiences aren't still around, because they are. In some case they feel monumental. But staying centered, connected to your higher wisdom . . .
being in tune with who you are and what you are here to do, what is on and off your path, is infinitely easier. At least that has been my experience. If that has not been your experience lately, then I suggest you consider eliminating the people and situations that are not working in your life. And be sure to surround yourself with like-minded people who love, honor, accept, and appreciate who you are. Join a community of some kind. Get involved in helping others.

As I mentioned in my introductory remarks for this newsletter, I'm involved in a lot of things. I am specifically involved in some of these organizations and communities to help myself and/or my business. Others, like teaching PeaceJam to middle school homeschool kids, and helping online with the event coming up in Hawaii, are done out of my love for a cause, the next generation, and dolphins.

Certain things I jump in and get involved in are done from a deep place of knowing that it is what I am to do. Not really knowing WHY I'm to do it, but knowing nonetheless. Taking over as President of the local chapter of NAPW is such a case. I have no idea how that is going to go, or the importance of my involvement. I was simply given the opportunity and my inner guidance said to take it.

I'm participate in several networking groups on Facebook. These are a perfect place to both give and receive. What I know, I freely share. What I need, I ask questions about and often receive excellent advice. There is an obvious leader in some social media groups. The leader has knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and other social media sites and through their leadership and daily or weekly steering of our activities, we are learning all about those platforms and how to utilize them for our intended purposes and greatest benefit. 

In others , like writers groups, it is very collaborative.  We share our successes, our failures, and everything in between. We ask questions, offer advice, make recommendations, and help one another out.

Just yesterday in one of the social media groups, the leader mentioned that some of the participants had privately communicated that were shy to speak up about their needs and questions because so many of us have had a certain level of success. She asked what we might say to those individuals, and what I write below was my response. When I am given a "seed," an idea, a question, and begin to answer it, I never know what is going to flow out once the initial thought is complete. The rest is pure flow, inspiration, guided communication. What flowed out felt so important to share at this time that I wanted to include it here for you.

These are my thoughts for those who are shy about speaking up - because they are new at this. We've all been there. If we didn't muster up the courage to do something WAY out of our comfort zone, we would never have achieved some of the milestones we have in life or reached some of our goals. We are all having to stretch ourselves all of the time. 

I became a bestselling author last year. Not because I'm a better writer than anyone else. Not because my newsletter subscribers were chomping at the bit to read my new book. Not because I was well networked or had a great sales page or a fabulous book cover. All those things helped. But what I had to do was send emails to complete strangers that were either famous in my field or had offered gifts and sent emails for other book promotions. It was absolutely the hardest thing EVER to do that. If I had had the time and money to pay someone else to handle my launch, I would have. But I didn't. 

It got down to the wire and I hadn't done it yet. I knew that if I didn't muster up the courage somehow and do it right now there would be no successful launch.

I had a long talk with myself that went something like this, "If I don't do this then the book will never get the attention it deserves and all that hard work, all the great edits by others, all the benefit I want to achieve by publishing will be for naught. 

So I took the plunge, held my breathe, and sent the emails one after the other. Not everyone mailed for me. But I was downright surprised at some of those who said yes to an endorsement and to others who said yes to mailing. It came in Number 2 in one of the categories on Amazon. The list went like this: 1) Eckhart Tollle - Practicing the Power of Now, 2) Debbie Takara Shelor - Peering Through the Veil, 3) Esther and Jerry Hicks - Money and the Law of Attraction, 4) Marianne Williamson for A Return to Love. 

Never in a million years did I dare dream to be surrounded by that level of company. Yet there I was and I even have a picture to prove it. 

This group is safe (meaning the people involved in the social media group). We are all here to grow our business and to help one another. That's the beauty of a networking group. If I can help you, it makes me feel good to do so and I feel blessed for having the opportunity. If you can help me, then I feel blessed and grateful for the assistance. 

Achieving your dreams isn't so much about some new technique, or a fancy website, or a gorgeous business card - its about getting uncomfortable and doing what others are not willing to do. Its about finding the courage to take the actions you know need to be taken but that are beyond your comfort zone. 

Step off the cliff into the great unknown, and we will catch you and try to help you build a bridge to get to the other side where the realization of your dreams exists.

Those words don't apply just to the networking group. They apply to everything. You MUST have a community of supporters. Millie and I often talk about what people need in order for their lives to change for the better. One of our conclusions, is that most people need just one other person who truly believes in them, who sees their potential, who is their personal cheerleader. We've done that for one another for the past 10 years. Perhaps we can do it for you as well. 

We are planning for Magnificent U to come online this year with live and virtual training. I can't wait to get the community set up where people can offer and receive support from others. Those people in remote parts of the world who feel they know no-one of like mind often email to tell me that the newsletter means so much to them. It is my vision that this online community will be a place of even deeper and more lasting support.  

Have a deLightful day,

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