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When Dreams Become Reality - Attaining the Magnificent Self

Its been almost 20 years since I gave up "normal" life. The high powered engineering/management job was financially rewarding, yet entirely too stressful. I care a great deal about people and felt immense empathy for the employees who reported to me. I worried about the job and the people more than was healthy.

You've read the story of how I left corporate life - jumping off the cliff into the great unknown - moving to an island, co-founding a non-profit for dolphins and whales, and changing my name. Even though I left the East Coast, seeds had been sown with people and ideas I had forgotten. They were secretly being nurtured and have been growing all this time.   

I used to find it difficult to explain who I am, what I do, and how I assist others. I raise them up vibrationally. I provide them with insights that are often life changing. I help them heal the past they can be fully in the now and consciously create the future they desire. I help them become empowered, confident, Divinely connected and in flow. All of those statements are true. Yet it was never really enough to get to the "core" of who I am and what it is my mission to bring forth to enrich other people's lives.

I live in a completely different reality.

I lead a human life like everyone else of course. I homeschool my son. I buy groceries at the story. I put gas in my car. I watch TV, talk on the phone, pay bills, enjoy dinner and wine with friends. I also have joys and some frustrations and concerns like everyone else. 

Yet at the same time, there is a whole other reality that goes on in my life. I know things. I often know what to do, what to say, and where to be. It isn't a guess. It is an absolute knowing that leads to extraordinary results. Highly unusual things happen in my life. 

People call that I never imaged would even know who I am - some I've never met including famous authors and teachers. Others I met long ago, being one of thousands of people they have met or taught. Yet even after many years, they know exactly who I am. Sometimes they call me completely unexpectedly as happened this past week when I got a call from Australia. The person on the other end of the phone is the only person I've ever met this lifetime that I "know" to be a true Master / Adept / Avatar. She received my name and phone number while in meditation. Who needs Google or a phone book when you operate at that level I guess. Meeting her 15 or so years ago changed my life. Having her call me was such an amazing and unexpected blessing.

Other times I follow those subtle thoughts (inner guidance) and I contact someone else. They not only remember me, but my email or call is often the answer to their immediate prayer. That also happened this past week. I had not seen or heard from this person in 18 or so years. She is an internationally recognized authority in her field. I've looked for her 3 or 4 times online with no success. I received the inner prompting to "try again" and following subtle hints and inspiration, I altered the google search in several unusual ways and was successful at finding and contacting her. As soon as she received my email, she gave me a call. We talked for about an hour. We both had tears. The result is a potential 5-day workshop blending her material with mine. She is the co-host of a tv-show with John Gray of Venus and Mars fame.           

Many things, manifesting in particular, have become so much easier than it once was. They have to be true heart desires though. I had a thought one day that I should start being a guest on telesummits. I thought briefly about how I would go about getting invited since I have no idea how that works. Then I dropped that thought to move on to other things. The next day I received an email inviting me to appear on some upcoming telesummits. I LOVE how that works and I am so grateful for all the help I've received along the way.  

Synchronicity, opportunity, and unexpected blessings happen so routinely that it is often difficult to pull back the veil through words and explain my reality to others.

My job / mission / gift is to help you achieve a higher state of being. I call it the Magnificent Self. Your Magnificent Self is as unique as you are. It is the blending of your lower (human) nature with your higher (God/Spiritual) nature or what many call the I Am Presence.

As Jesus said, "I Am that I Am," he was encouraging you to do the same. Affirm it to yourself over and over. I say it before I dowse. I say it before I create Dancing Dolphin products. Along with several other statements of power that I have received through what I call Divine revelation, I make this statement at least once a day. 

As we were recently experiencing the Easter season, I began thinking about Jeshua Ben Joseph's (Jesus) life. There is so much more available to those who take off the shackles of fear and religious dogma that often surround his teaching. He is the great way shower, a beloved brother to those on a conscious spiritual path, a teacher of righteousness (right use of energy). His life is an example of what all spiritual seekers may experience as they rise in consciousness and awareness.

It begins when you realize you are different and that your interests expand beyond the interests, and often understanding, of many of those around you. Jesus began debating at a young age with Jewish elders about the meaning of various things in the Torah (Tanakh, what Christians call the Old Testament), the holy book of his faith

Those who feel guided to take up a conscious spiritual path are often required to travel, learn, and experience different people, teachings and traditions. Jesus didn't stay in his small village and neither should you. You have to get out there and travel, both internally through inner reflection and meditation and externally by taking trips both near and far. You have to meet people unlike yourself, study philosophies vastly different than the ones you know - not to judge them, but to actually find the golden nuggets in each one, allowing them to broaden your view, expand your awareness, go beyond your prejudice and fear. It can't be just any beliefs or places to visit. They have to be the ones you are Divinely guided to.

The spiritual journey, also called the hero's path, always includes a dark night of the soul, a moment when your beliefs are shattered, when all seems lost, when you feel you have nowhere to turn, that no-one can help you. Eventually you will give up and complete surrender - giving up all that you are and all that you think you know - while a part of you, the old you, dies. 

Eventually you rise again with a completely different perspective than you had previously. 

I believe you experience at least one true dark night resulting in what is often called "an awakening." It is that topic that I discuss at length in the first book of the New Dance series I'm working on. 

At some time during your earthly experience, you may become one with all things - merging, or at least glimpsing, true Divinity. It's palpable. It takes your breath away. The feeling is so immense that you most likely will be rendered speechless for awhile

That merging is what is called enlightenment, the attainment of the promised land, heaven on earth, Nirvana. Your goal from that moment forth is to attain a level of being in which the merging, the state of bliss, can be attained and maintained once more. 

It takes time to scale that cliff. I refer to it as the mountain of consciousness. Unlike earthly mountains, I don't believe the pinnacle is ever actually attained. We arrive at vistas and plateaus. We get comfortable, fully integrating the sights, sounds, and experiences at that altitude, and eventually continue to climb. The further you go, the more your companions will change and fall away. For part of the journey you will definitely feel alone.   

There are all sorts of people who will show up in your life mirroring to you the things you fear, your worthiness issues and self doubts. The job is to work through all that stuff, heal it, and move on. They may appear as friends, or perhaps even enemies. It is all for the learning and they are simply playing their part in your reality play.  

If you can trust, continue to follow that still small voice, then if you truly are on the right path, undeniable signs will be revealed that remove all doubt. 

There are four very distinct hurdles in consciousness you have to go beyond to achieve and maintain full merging with the Magnificent Self. The first is the awakening I mentioned previously. The second is when you rise above earth mind and the need for assistance to communicate directly with Divinity. The third is at a significantly higher level when you rise above what I call astral influence.

At each of these major turning points or vistas, you will discover that things operate completely differently at the new level. You will go from trying to learn and understand everything with your left brained logical mind, to fine-tuning your intuition, discovering how to tune in and feel your way, and eventually developing your inner knowing with absolute certainty.

I send you blessings as you travel your spiritual path. I am always here if you have questions, seek guidance, or want a turbo-boost of energy to help you and accelerate your rise to higher ground.        

Have a deLightful day,

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