Thursday, May 9, 2013

Healthy Living vs. Harmful Living, It's All Part of the Platinum Principle

As you may have read in a recent newsletter, my dog Spirit had cancer. I say "had" because all visible signs of tumors are now gone.

I thought about how we managed that and realized that many people are probably quite interested in the whole how to deal with cancer issue.

First of all, I have to say that I am not a doctor. Therefore, I am not authorized to diagnose or treat disease and so this discussion is simply me sharing my story about my dog having cancer and the things we did to reduce and eliminate tumors in her belly.

A few months back, Spirit, my dear sweet dog, had a growth on her belly that began to grow at an alarming rate. In a week and a half, a place that was originally barely visible had grown to almost 4 inches by the time she had surgery. 

After its removal, the tumor was sent to Virginia Tech for analysis and it came back that it was a melanoma that was malignant. Most of it was taken out with the surgery, but it was "dirty" on the edges - meaning it was still in her system. I was advised that it was likely to reappear and it could get into her lungs.  I stayed with her night and day as she recovered, worrying about her every odd breathe.

It finally occurred to me that my level of worry was not healthy for either of us. I had to find a calm and centered place, lift her up in prayer/meditation, and trust that things would unfold as they should. The truth is, it was mostly out of my hands anyway.

Another place began to grow in the same region as the first. It was about 2 inches in diameter. At first I thought perhaps it was scar tissue, but its growth indicated it was not. 

Finding the calm centered place allowed me to "tune in" to her true needs. I began looking at the potential causes - water showed up in dowsing as the primary culprit. Too much uranium in the water in New Mexico and too much chlorine and other toxic chemicals in the tap water here.

Following the breadcrumbs the Universe gave me through Google searches and seeking the advice of a dear friend who successfully survived cancer, dowsing various things along the way, I came up with the following:

1) I decided no more surgery. It was too hard on both the dog and on me. She is fairly old and it wasn't addressing the cause, only the symptoms.

2) We needed to get her alkaline and fast. Dis-ease tends to grow in an acid environment. I began to only give her reverse osmosis water - just like I drink myself. And every time I fill the bowl, I add a Xooma Xtreme X2O sachet to a container of water, shake it, let it it sit for at least 5 minutes, and then add it to the water bowl (removing the sachet). X2O has a dramatic affect on alkalinity as well as providing necessary trace minerals and helps with water and oxygen absorption.

3) To keep her alkaline meant we had to also eliminate stress. When Jess and I are gone for days, she often gets upset to the point of an upset tummy. Obviously, I need to not plan any overnight adventures for Jess and I. Perhaps one or the other can be gone, but not both at the same time.

4) I started adding a particular flower essence to her water. A very unusual Google search adventure landed me on a page talking about some breakthrough product they were using with great success with cancer patients. I tried to find out how to get some and discovered the price was pretty astronomical.

As I read more about it, something about the scientific name caught my attention. It was a form of laurel. That made me smile with one of those deep inner knowings that only come from following intuition when you have no idea where it is leading. When Jess and I first moved to Virginia four years ago, I had been guided (almost like a demand) to create an essence from Mountain Laurel growing in a very sacred place in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This high end medical product was being made from the same family of plant that I just happened to have the essence of just sitting on my shelf. It is the main ingredient in the Finally Free blend.

5) Many cancer patients and people with allergies have had great success taking alfalfa supplements. Alfalfa helps support the immune system. I asked my good friend, Misty Gregg, who has written several articles for this newsletter, to get me a supply from Shaklee. Since it is recommended that adults take 9 a day, I had to come up with a way to get the dog to take them. Fig Newtons were perfect. Even though she has a sensitive stomach and we are very careful what dog biscuits we give her, she can eat fig bars without any problems. She doesn't seem to mind that there are 3 little green tablets hiding in every one I give her. Email me if you want to improve your immune system with alfalfa. 

6) Prayer and healing energy were included as well. The past few months a whole new level of energy has been coming through my body and hands. I have put my hands on the dog and her belly on several occasions when the energy was coming through. I also asked others to send her healing energy.

The new tumor that had developed is no longer there. I can't see it and touching her belly, I can't even feel it.

I have no idea if the cancer is completely behind us or if its simply a lull in the process. What I do know is that a tumor was quite visible. It began to shrink and it has now disappeared completely.

These are the things I was guided to do. I don't know if one single variable made all the difference, or if each component played an important role allowing for the final result to be a favorable one.    

Just before I went to Fiji a few years back, I channeled about 30 pages of information that I call "The Platinum Principle." The basic premise is that everything is energy. Some energy is beneficial. Some energy is detrimental. And that is truly all you need to know.

If you consider everything in your life from that perspective:
  • what you eat, 
  • the places you go, 
  • the people you hang out with, 
  • the things you do,
  • etc.
you can quickly determine what to change, what to eliminate, and what to increase to be more healthy, happy, and whole.

Healing is possible when you have learned the "lesson" the dis-ease is trying to show/teach you. The lesson is typically about alerting you to a detrimental energy in your life (a stress perhaps) that you have been ignoring.

It requires a combination of belief/faith/trust (that healing is possible), an intention to heal, the release of any fear that healing is not possible, and taking the actions you are guided to take that are necessary to change some area (or many of them) of your life.

Meditation is a powerful way to gain wisdom and to de-stress. However, you can't "wish" or meditate your problems away. Often, you must change something about yourself or your life. For Spirit, we removed stress, eliminated "bad" water, and increased "good" minerals and food that help her be alkaline and therefore, more healthy.

My main mission is to help you get "in tune" with your inner guidance system so you can do, be, and experience personal evolution, what your soul desires, and to lead a happier, healthier, more joy-filled and meaning life. That is best done through the practice of meditation and dowsing.

When you add in energy medicine, exercises, and tools that raise your vibration, it makes healing, achieving inner harmony, and staying in tune that much easier.

Tomorrow I offer a powerful EnLightening the Chakras experience in Roanoke, Virginia. This is a profound new process that I recently received and developed. It promises to help each person gain a greater level of unity of body, mind, and soul through complete harmony and alignment of the primary energy centers of the body. I look forward to seeing you there.     

As always, for serious issues, seek the advice of a trained health care professional.  

Have a deLightful day,

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Takara said...

I realized that I forgot something very important in this write up about the regimen we started using with my dog to heal the cancer and help her regain health. I stopped giving her tap water and started only letting her drink reverse osmosis water. Its the only water my son and I drink. Even the pitcher filter (Brita, etc.) doesn't take out enough chlorine and other contaminants to be healthy.

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