Tuesday, June 11, 2013

God, Religion, Christ, and Bishop John Shelby Spong

I was introduced to Bishop John Shelby Spong and his teachings a few years ago. And for the most part, I believe he has a valid message that is empowering to most people. I like what is being said here.

However, I have somewhat of a disagreement around the whole humanity piece. I don't think we are here going deeper into our humanity.

O.K. that is what we have to do at first. We have to turn and face ourselves. We have to look at our strengths and our weaknesses, our emotional baggage, our judgments of self and others, the times where we have been unkind and also the ones where we feel like a victim.

However, going through that process is done so we can heal those things in order to embrace and become our inner Divinity. We are here to become more like the Christ walking on earth full of compassion, love, forgiveness, truth, and radiating forth from us the healing loving energy of the Divine.


Have a deLightful day,

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