Friday, August 23, 2013

Spiritual Councils, Dolphin, Whales, and Human Assistance

Greetings Dear One:

Someone wrote a question recently asking me if dolphins and whales had a council. This was my response:

Many people talk about the Dolphins of Sirius B. And there are dolphins from there and they do good things. You might call it the council of Dolphins of Sirius B. However, those dolphins operate at a significantly lower frequency than the one's I have always worked with.

When it comes to Council's, I feel a great deal of honor and respect needs to be involved. There are protocols for addressing some of them. Sometimes there are hierarchies and if you aren't the one authorized to do the asking, your request simply goes unanswered. To some, we are just immature children, and they sort of roll their eyes and laugh at us. Just like people and ascended masters, every council is unique. I never presume to call upon any council that has not contacted me personally, or sent a representative, and suggested/invited me to do so. That is just me and I know as in most things, I operate a little bit differently.

When I need real assistance, I call another spiritual adventurer like myself with a similar resonance and level of consciousness - because where 2 or more are gathered is a powerful technology. If I / we are facing something new that we are unsure how to handle, we ask if there is someone or group that can assist. And we are often given a name of a being or group and we often see and feel the person, energy, or group when it is with us.

On my own, or with another, if I feel inspired to receive assistance from the dolphins and/or whales, I simply ask to bring in the dolphins or whales. That is because they did come to me in meditation years ago and invite me to include them in the energy healing work I do. The one's I work with and I have been at this for 20 years now. All I have to do is think of them or see them in my mind and they suddenly show up energetically. It is almost always a small group, sometimes a larger one, very rarely a single individual.

Have a deLightful day,

Image by NOAA

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