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Shattered Fields and Other Repairs and Maintenance of the Human Aura by Takara

I was working recently with a private client from New York and I mentioned that they had a shattered field. The client was unfamiliar with what I was referring to and ask for further explanation. I share my response here because so few people have ever even heard of this concept. It is something that came to me directly from Divine Source.

Calling a field "shattered" is something that came to me about my own field several years ago as I dug deeper and deeper into why I was so highly sensitive, my nerves often felt ...
"raw," and staying energetically protected seemed a difficult talk.

In addition to a shattered field, raw nerves happen when someone is being literally fried from the inside from channeling high vibrations and information. I have developed some wonderful tools and techniques to assist energy healers and channels - since they all have this issue to deal with - hence the rapid aging that many of them experience.   

Since I discovered the shattered field phenomenon about my own field, on very rare occasion - like only 3 or 4 other times - I have encountered others that I instantly know have what I'm calling a shattered field. It is an extremely rare phenomenon - as I have stated. 

With the energy field around your body, and the numerous subtle bodies - fields within fields - there is an edge or boundary that when functioning optimally acts much like the membrane of a balloon - a very clear delineation between what is inside your field and what is not. Most people have rips, tears, and jagged edges to theirs. Any time the physical body (skin) is damaged through cuts, scrapes, surgery, etc., the field is torn. These holes and tears let in all sorts of disharmony, negative energies, and even energetic attachments. 

And some fields feel shredded or "shattered" - the term I was given for the phenomenon. 

It can happen from within or from without. 

Being near gunfire, an explosion, or any sudden loud noise can shatter a field. Blasting out energy - what I call spiking out - from bursts of anger and other intense emotions can shatter a field. Bicyclists who fall and get road rash all over from the scrapes can also do significant damage to the field. It is quite possible for those highly sensitive to energy, any type of constant disharmonious noise in the environment may slowly erode it. 

It can also occur when you go through an intense - and I mean wildly intense - energetic upgrade / download / alternate-reality experience that is sudden and leaves your whole body shaking afterwards from the intensity. That is what happened to mine after an experience at Chichen Itza in Mexico that left me barely able to walk or talk for hours afterwards. 

After I discovered what it was and had handled the necessary repairs, it happened again another time when I was in a ceremony lead by a Mongolian Shaman. Highly energetically sensitive people do not need intensity in ceremony (like sweat lodge, sun dance, bashing sounds near the body to clear it) to reach deep levels for transformation. Quite the opposite. If we are even given a hint of an idea or an energy, we run with it and make the changes on our own. 

I was married to a Shaman for awhile. I'm not sure he called himself that but others often did. We hosted Shaman, medicine people, and others from around the world in coming to lead ceremonies and workshops in Santa Fe, NM where we lived. Since my husband was in charge of the event, we sat up front right next to the space where this Shaman and his wife were "performing." She was doing some ancient dance and he was beating on a big frame drum very very loudly. He had dead animal parts hanging from his hat and other garments that had been handed down for generations. It felt completely creepy to me. The sound waves from the drum were often aiming right at my torso. It physically hurt. And the sound, being much more intense than my highly-refined system requires, literally shattered my field again. Thankfully I knew what to do about it and it was easily repaired.

It can also happen when you are in a tug of war with someone working energetically to steal your power. They tend to be very clever folks. The various negative energy darts and "barbs" sent your way to take what they want can damage the field. 

Since it is practically impossible to see ones self, some of this is very difficult to discover. One of my many gifts is the ability to "pick up" in others those things I have experienced myself or come across as I assist others. 

When I say "shattered" what it feels like when I tune in is that the edge of the field, the protective sheath, has been so damaged that its almost as if it isn't really there. Just being aware that there has been damage and asking for the repair and restoration of the field will assist in its reconstruction back to what you need.

The need for repairs to the energy field is one of the reasons I often recommend the Daily Harmony Meditation since it specifically addresses this on a daily basis. 

Every affirmation, prayer, chant, mantra, etc. has a particular "tone" or vibration to it. It begins and ends with a particular "feeling" and sets the resonance of your day when it is complete. This one is quite beneficial, particularly with repairing the field. Use it enough to become the resonance. Then again whenever you feel "off" or out of balance. 

Living in New York or any major city, remaining in balance with all the energetics flitting here, there, and everywhere is quite the task. I love NY. But the frenzied energy I feel whenever I am there is much less desirable to me now than it once was. When I was younger, the pulse of the city was amazing and I loved it. Now when I visit, its much too frantic and "driving" (best word I can find) compared to the tranquility of living on an island or the vastness and expansiveness experienced in New Mexico.   

I trust this gives you a greater understanding of things that can happen to your energy field.

I doubt you will find much information out there about a "shattered field" or that cutting the physical body tears a hole in the energy field. These are things that came to me directly as I seek to understand how things work on this little marble and create supporting tools and techniques for humanity to utilize in making it easier to be here. 

One of the best products to assist with repairs in the energy field and to dissolve energetics there that are disharmonious is Dancing Dolphin Finally Free. You can get your here.  

Have a deLightful day,

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