Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Soulmates and Soul Family

Takara & Millie Stefani, Best Friends, Soul Sisters, & Business Partners

Soul Family and Soulmates

Every deep connection I have with the people I hold most dear involves a powerful feeling we each experience when we are in one another's presence or we connect on the phone. 

The feelings are obviously very different based on the type of relationship, but this applies both romantically and with my closest friends. 

Regardless of how "off" I might be feeling, all it takes is a few words by one of my dear "soul sister" friends and I am clicked back into feeling centered, balanced, uplifted, and at peace. The same holds true for them. It has much to do with the resonance of their voice and the mutual love and admiration / appreciation we have for one another. We are "soul family." 

In romance, what I'm currently experiencing is so off the charts in intensity and feeling fabulous that I truly have no words. I simply have never felt this way before. 

I saw an image on Facebook recently that read: "Souls recognize each other by the way they feel, not by the way they look." - Liora

The people and things that matter most to me are all about the feelings I get when I engage in that activity (career / hobbies) or interact with those people. If you have not found your soul family, I strongly encourage you to follow that still small voice, finding the courage to go new places and do new things so you can. 

Have a deLightful day,

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Salvation Army No Support for Gays - Learning to Love, Honor, Accept, and Appreciate Everyone

I saw a post recently on Facebook that said the Salvation Army thinks Gays should die.

WOW - I find that absolutely unbelievable!

We are here to learn to love, honor, accept, and appreciate everyone - starting with ourselves. There are NO exceptions to this rule.

As long as you set yourself up in judgment of another, you will receive judgment (often tenfold like tithing) in return. Give love, receive love. Give hate, receive hate. This math is pretty simple. Give acceptance, receive acceptance. Give judgment, receive judgment. There is a pattern here - are you noticing? LOL

When you can learn to let go of judgment of self and others and learn to embrace and celebrate everyone's uniqueness, then and only then will the world become a more loving and peaceful place. It begin within.

As soon as you hear yourself judging and condemning, its time to go to work on yourself - not something outside yourself.

No one is perfect. We are all just practicing, aiming at growing and expanding in consciousness, awareness, love, and joy all the while. I can not possibly support a charity that does not have love and true support at its core!

Have a deLightful day,
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