Tuesday, May 20, 2014

WOW - Lots of Energetic Clearing Needed These Days by Takara

Lots of people take this time of year to do Spring Cleaning. They clean out the cob webs in their homes. Some go as far as rearranging furniture and throwing a bunch of things out. Its yard sale time in many neighborhoods.

Its also the time to start mowing the lawn, cleaning out and planting new flowers and vegetables, perhaps even clean out the garage or storage shed.

In addition to cleaning out the unwanted dirt and clutter inside and outside your home, it is definitely time to clear out the energetic dirt and clutter in your energy field, home, and business.

The last few days I've had lots of calls where people are just feeling stuck and fuzzy mentally. A little bit of confusion has been running rampant. As I work with people to clear out this disharmonious energy, I've been amazed at how long its been taking doing it with dowsing.

I clear energy using Pristine Clearing Mist if I'm with someone. Or dowsing if I'm not. Its much more powerful if two people do it together. Or if you are connected and both holding the same intention of clearing, even if only one is dowsing.

To dowse a place or space clear, obviously the pendulum system needs to be "programmed" to do such things ahead of time. Assuming that has already happened, you take the pendulum and start it swinging in a counterclockwise circle. Ask that whatever you are desiring to clear be cleared. And then watch as the pendulum continues to swing in a counterclockwise circle.

If you haven't done this in awhile, or if you have never done it, it can take quite awhile.

Eventually the circles will become smaller and eventually they stop. My pendulum always swings to "yes" when things are clear.

After clearing, you will want to flood the space with love, joy, peace, and all the other good stuff we use in the infusion step. Spin the pendulum clockwise when you do this and again watch as it continues and eventually comes to a stop or a "yes."  

Have a deLightful day,

P.S. This is just a tiny hint of what's in my upcoming book: The Dancing Dolphin Way of Pendulum Dowsing: The Fun, Fast, Highly Effective Method to Make Improvements in Every Area of Life While Fine-Tuning Your Intuition.


Monday, May 12, 2014

Manifesting the Simple Things with Divine Assistance by Takara

This article is the perfect example of getting divine assistance for manifesting whatever you need or desire.
I was on my way to Denver to teach a workshop and had a flat tire. I had driven up through Taos and continued on through Northern New Mexico. Then I headed east through southern Colorado. I'd just entered the only town I'd seen in over an hour and began hearing an awful noise emanating from my car.


I pulled into a 7-eleven and got out to assess the situation. As I walked around the car, I thought I would find the tailpipe dragging. Instead I found the back right tire, flat as a pancake.
As I entered the 7-eleven parking lot I noticed a Sheriff's car pulling in as well. I saw the Sheriff heading inside for a refill on his coffee. I told him my dilemma and asked if he could suggest a place that might help me out. We went into the store and he had the people behind the counter call several service stations.
It was nanoseconds after 5 p.m. on a Friday night in a little town that doesn't even have a McDonalds. None of the service stations were answering because they had all gone home for the night.
There was probably smoke coming out of my ears from the wheels turning so fast in my head trying to figure out why this situation was occurring and what I should do about it. Was it a lesson? Was I supposed to be delayed for some reason?
I was completely in observer mode. I knew that if I allowed myself to become upset by what looked like a very dismal situation, my personality would most likely be very unhappy with the outcome. In order to experience manifesting with divine assistance you have to remain calm and at peace - trusting that all is well in the world.
I only had one of those little donut tires as a spare and I was still over two hours from my destination. It was at least an hour to Colorado Springs where there might be assistance still available. But that meant I would have to have the car towed that far.
What other options were there?
Was I supposed to find a hotel and stay there for the night and get a new tire in the morning? That idea didn't appeal to me.
As the call ended to the last service station listed in the phone book with no one answering there either, I said to myself (and the Universe), "I need help here."
In less than one minute my "knight in shining armor" entered the store. He had on his uniform from the service station where he'd worked all day. It, like all the rest, was already closed of course. The people behind the counter, who had been making phone calls for me, explained my situation.
He called his boss. Then he changed my tire to the little donut and had me follow him to the service station where he worked.
His boss, his bosses' wife and their little girl met us there. They opened the shop for me and found a used tire just the right size. As the "knight" was putting on the tire, I asked the service station owner to prepare the bill so we could handle the money transaction and they could all go home.
He said, "That will be $20 even."
I just looked at him as if he was a Martian or something. In my mind I was thinking, "You must be kidding. It can't be $20. Tires don't cost $20. They cost $50 or $70. I've got my credit card right here. You guys opened up your shop for me. How can you possibly only charge me $20?" I was amazed to say the least.
I paid the $20 with a smile and gave a tip to "the knight." Then I headed off to Denver with a great story to tell my manifesting class the next day.
What was significant about the story?
What lessons did it offer?
In order to manifest with divine assistance you must:
1) Be very clear about what it is that you desire.
2) Feel what it feels like to have it.
3) Allow it into your experience - In other words, remain focused on your desire for it and NOT focused on the fact that you don't have it yet.
4) Have no attachment to "how" it will occur.
When I told the Universe what I wanted, it was amazingly clear. I felt with all certainty exactly what I needed, that I needed it now, and I never even considered that it might not be granted. I fully expected to receive what I asked for. I didn't say, "I'd like this if it pleases you." Nor did I say, "If it's in my highest and best interest I would appreciate some assistance."
It was all about the feeling. I never once allowed myself to fear anything about what I was facing. And I also didn't feel sorry for myself or feel frustrated with the way things were going. If I had any expectations about arriving at a certain time, I let them go as soon as I heard the noise. I moved instantly into "flowing with the moment" and seeing what the moment would bring.
The experience was exhilarating. I met all sorts of wonderful people who went out of their way to help a damsel in distress - the Sheriff, the 7-eleven personnel, the "knight," and the service station owner and his family.
In every life situation you have a choice. You can choose to experience life as a blessing and manifest with divine assistance. Or you can choose frustration, anger, or feeling like a victim. How you experience life is entirely up to you.
I trust that the next time you need some divine assistance, you will remember this story and it will help you in manifesting exactly what you need.
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nutrition & Herbs, Aromatherapy, & Flower Essences - Nature's Natural Healers

Plants are nature's healers.

Practically every vegetable you can imagine offers some beneficial nutrients that support the human body. The same is true of herbs. Yet what you get from broccoli is different from what you get by eating a carrot. Both are beneficial. Both are vegetables. Yet they are each unique and offer different forms of support for human health.

Essential oils used in Aromatherapy also come from plants. And each one, again, offers an entirely unique benefit to the human body. Peppermint helps with...
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