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Nutrition & Herbs, Aromatherapy, & Flower Essences - Nature's Natural Healers

Plants are nature's healers.

Practically every vegetable you can imagine offers some beneficial nutrients that support the human body. The same is true of herbs. Yet what you get from broccoli is different from what you get by eating a carrot. Both are beneficial. Both are vegetables. Yet they are each unique and offer different forms of support for human health.

Essential oils used in Aromatherapy also come from plants. And each one, again, offers an entirely unique benefit to the human body. Peppermint helps with...
nausea and stomach upset. Helichrysum helps to eliminate pain.

There is another form of support offered to humans by the plant kingdom. That support is energetic in nature and comes from the flower. And just like broccoli provides different "necessary ingredients" than carrots, each flower offers a different vibration to assist.

Of all the support available from plants, only flower essences provide assistance on all levels of our being - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

There are vast differences in the nutrition available from a carrot. If it is fresh and organic, it is scientifically proven to have higher levels of "the good stuff" than one that is frozen and grown in nutrient depleted soil and was inundated with chemicals.

The same is true for any plant-based product. There are many factors that determine the quality and potency of essential oils and flower essences.

The amount of nutrients in the soil, the location and habitat, other plants and even rocks in the vicinity, if they are grown naturally and organically or sprayed with chemicals. If they are harvested at their peak.

The method used to get the oil out of the plant greatly affects it's medicinal qualities. Low temperature and pressure with no chemicals is vital to an essential oil's quality and potency. It must be sealed air tight - just like the Egyptians did with the essential oil jars they buried with the pharaohs. Sunlight, heat, and air can destroy the delicate nature of an aromatherapy oil.

If produce doesn't say "organic," then it isn't. If an essential oil doesn't say that it is therapeutic quality, then it probably isn't either.

Now we move on to the more mysterious energy-based - and in my opinion most powerful - form of support offered by the plants - the flower essence.

Anyone can cut a few flower blooms and place them in a bowl of water, set it in the sun, and call it a flower essence.

The physical aspect of "creating" an essence only accounts for between 5 and 15% of it's quality and effectiveness.

A rose is not a rose is not a rose. And a flower essence is not a flower essence is not a flower essence. 

There are literally hundreds of factors that can affect the result when creating flower essences.

Again the growing conditions are very important. So is the location. I've made a flower essence from the same species of daisy in two separate locations - on the north shore of Lake Ontario and in the high desert in the American Southwest. 

Both were made at the peak of bloom in the same sacred way. I even used the very same bowl. Yet the resulting essences are vastly different in vibration and even their primary purpose (or benefit) is different.

The date and time the essence is made affects the result just like the date, time, and location of your birth affects who you are.

Approximately 20% of the overall result is based on the consciousness level of the person who makes the essence. (I actually thought this percentage would be higher).  I'm working on a new book that explains all about consciousness level.
A full 50% of the end result is based on the relationship between the person making the essence and the Divine Presence or Spirit of the plant - known by many names including Flower Deva.

These are the rudiments of figuring out the difference between a truly powerful (almost miraculous) flower essence and one that has much less power or benefit for the end user.

Since, as healing therapies go, all flower essences are easily affordable, why not ensure you are getting the very best. 

Have a deLightful day,

Debbie "Takara" Shelor

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BeadZPassionista said...

I had no idea about flower essence or many of the facts you presented. I tweeted and pinned so I have it for future reference. I can sense your passion and expertise for what you do.

wow101 said...

Thanks for sharing such an informative article, Takara. I took a session about aromatherapy years ago and found it helped me when I want to purchase my essential oils. It's always best to go organic.

Tina said...

What a wonderful blog!! I'm just learning about aromatherapy and this is helping me a lot.

RunningMy said...

What a great write up Takara, I have for the last 10 years used oregano oil for prevention of colds and also to help heal. Making a flower essence sounds very cool!

Anonymous said...

You did a wonderful job of explaining the differences in how a plant is grown and those differences affect the benefit of using those plants for nutrients and healing. Very interesting and informative article. posting this anonymous because I could not seem to connect otherwise... this is Pat Moon

Doiron said...

It's always in the quality of the harvest and the processing. Like you say, anyone can throw ingredients together and many do. Read the labels!! That's key...

Sharon G. Cobb said...

This is a great article with some amazing useful information. Thank you for sharing. Some of this I knew, some of it I did not.

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