Sunday, October 12, 2014

Savoring the Diversity and Uniqueness of People From Various Cultures

I love little cities like Portland, OR. There are ethnic communities everywhere. And there are so many events and festivals downtown, that you get to see, smell, and taste things from the various cultures quite often. 

I love going places where various people are dressed in ethnic garb and all are enjoying an event together. 

One of the reasons I didn't enjoy the little all white upper middle class neighborhood I lived in just outside Toronto was its lack of diversity. Downtown Toronto is a completely different story of course. 

But the place I lived was a bunch of cookie cutter homes with everyone driving cookie cutter vehicles shopping at cookie cutter strip malls. Cookie cutter meaning they are all the same. It wasn't nearly diverse enough for me to enjoy. 

I'd much rather visit funky little stores or go to one of a kind restaurants. 

In Santa Fe, it was kind of fun being in a minority for awhile. Most of the community in my neighborhood was either Hispanic or Native American, some were a mix of both - all having lovely brown skin, eyes, and hair. Having lighter skin, eyes, and hair made me the odd one out. It took a bit of getting used to. 

Santa Fe has its own flavor of course. But even there, it was fairly unusual to see a person of African American heritage with their gorgeous deep darkly-colored skin. 

I tried to avoid the lower section of Cerrillos Rd. whenever possible. It looked like every other city with giant malls, chain stores and restaurant chains, etc. 

I love diversity and uniqueness.

Have a deLightful day,

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