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Debbie Takara Shelor

Debbie "Takara" Shelor

Bestselling Author, Editor of Here's to Your Magnificence, head instructor at Magnificent U

Debbie "Takara" Shelor is an international recognized bestselling author, award-winning presenter, engineer, and mystic. People the world over affectionately refer to her as Takara - a name she received one day while in meditation. She later discovered that it means treasure and blessing in Japanese.

Her first life-altering mystical encounter with the Divine Feminine happened in her early teens.

She discovered in her late 20’s how profound a radical shift in diet and the addition of powerful herbal supplements could be in overcoming the health issues she had been challenged with until then.

At the age of 33, while working as an Industrial Engineer and front line supervisor in the pharmaceutical industry, she underwent another radical shift. Job-related stress caused a deeply buried emotional trauma to surface and she experienced what some would term a complete emotional melt down.

This dark night of the soul caused her to seek new ways to heal her emotional pain. One of those methods was meditation. Dolphins suddenly began appearing each time she meditated. Their presence was always accompanied by the same exquisite Divine Feminine healing energy she had experienced in her teens.

That launched an 18-year exploration of an extraordinary array of meditation techniques, energy healing methods, and pathways to enlightenment.

She has been illuminating the way for others for over a decade through books, eBooks, articles, newsletters, private consultations, and workshops. Her online magazine, Here's to Your Magnificence, has thousands of subscribers from countries all over the globe.

Her mystical connection and daily practice of meditation have opened gateways to higher levels of wisdom, healing, and consciousness. She shares these Divine gifts through her writing, the various products she creates, the long distance energy healing transmissions she offers, and by leading transformational workshops on-line, on land, and at sea.

Takara is the bestselling author of Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace; Dancing with Dolphins: Embracing Their Joy; Dowsing with Dolphins: The Fun and Fast Way to Choose the Perfect Dancing Dolphin Essences for You and Your Friends; Freeway to Freedom: The New Dance of Healing and Enlightenment; Life Works When You Are Happy, It Sucks When You Are Not; and Manifesting Your Beloved: Having a Love Relationship in Joy. She is a contributing author in Earth 2012: Oracles of the Sea: The Human Dolphin Connection.

Her Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Products have been thrilling customers the world over since 1998. Part of the Dancing Dolphin product line includes the Essence of Sound, co-created with sound healing expert, Jonathan Goldman.

She is the owner of Forchianna L.L.C., creator and primary instructor for Magnificent U, co-founder of Joy Weavers International, and President of the New River Valley Chapter of the National Association of Professional Women.

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