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Peering Through the Veil: The Step By Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace - Takara's award winning eBook now an Amazon Bestseller on the why's and how to's of meditation and creative visualization. She introduces you to numerous forms of meditation and all the steps needed to experience them yourself. She explains why meditation is so important to achieve wellbeing, success, and enlightenment. She then walks you through a guided meditation so you can have a first hand experience. Finally, she offers suggestions for going deeper into various forms of meditation. 

The Dancing Dolphin Way of Pendulum Dowsing: A practical, step by step guide for mastering the skill of dowsing and doing it Takara's unique way. Not only is this tool useful for finding lost objects and choosing the best vitamin supplements to support good health, it is also a powerful way to access higher wisdom and connect with God Consciousness.

Dolphins & Whales Forever: An Amazon #1 Bestseller by Debbie Takara Shelor.

Takara is Currently Working On

A new book series: Book one is about waking up to the truth of who you are and that there is much more to life than initially meets the eye. It talks in depth about the unexpected, seemingly bad, experiences in life being a doorway to the Divine and a higher purpose in life. Book two describes a new principle that can be applied to every aspect of life. When it is applied properly, a person can experience dramatic improvements physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Book two contains information that "came in" all at once, just like the healing technologies in Freeway to Freedom.

Dancing Dolphin Diagnostics: A brand new diagnostic tool that lets Takara provide a detailed evaluation of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. It includes information about every aspect of your life, your level of spiritual mastery, past life information, sensitivities, and much more. It then goes on to evaluate the best methods, techniques, and tools to assist you personally in making positive changes quickly and easily.

She is also putting together a powerful new workshop series.

Visit the Takara's Recommends Bookstore for books she has read and recommends to others. 

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