Pendulum Dowsing for Divine Direction

Pendulums for Dowsing by Debbie "Takara" Shelor

Anyone who knows me, knows, that I have a pendulum in every pocket, in every room, and everywhere I go.

Using a pendulum is a great way to enhance communication with your own inner (higher) wisdom. According to world famous dowsing instructor and former head of the American Society of Dowsers, Walt Wood, a pendulum is a "focusing device for mother's intuition." Dowsing isn't just about finding water. There are a million and one uses for dowsing and pendulums.

By dowsing with a pendulum, you can discover:
  • which vitamin would be most beneficial for you right now,
  • if you have noxious energies in your environment (and if so, you can clear them yourself using the pendulum)
  • if the uneasy feeling you are having is something you picked up from someone else or a deep unresolved issue wanting your attention
  • if there is anything whatsoever of benefit in this email - or if you can just delete it without opening? (I find this very useful!)
  • what workshops, books, nutrition or health products would actually benefit you
  • the best date for a workshop - or anything else
  • for businesses: where and when to place ads, which products and services are best to offer, which joint ventures to pursue
  • the list is endless
And it's not just some crazy back woods country folks that believe in these things. The U.S. military hires dowsers to find land mines. Police departments sometimes hire dowsers to find missing persons. Various utility companies hire dowsers to find water. I know a lawyer who's used his pendulum to dose who should or should not be on the jury - and he's won multi-million dollar verdicts with this as one of his tactics.

By dowsing often, you have sent a signal to your guidance system that you are ready and willing to listen to inner guidance. Your intuitive hunches will come more often and eventually the dowsing tool or pendulum becomes simply a verification of what you are feeling within your body. The signals received through the pendulum are the same as those interpreted with applied kinesiology or muscle testing used by most chiropractors, naturopathic physicians, and nutritionists.

I'm currently writing a book and developing an ecourse on Dowsing with a Pendulum for you to enjoy.

These fun and attractive pendulums are hand made. They are either my personal designs, or were designed by my mother, Thelma Shelor. She is a jewelry designer. Each pendulum has been infused with Dolphin Frequencies and other healing energies using my proprietary process. Crystals and semi-precious stones hold these frequencies better than glass. Just carrying one in your pocket will assist you in staying more centered and balanced. As you use them for dowsing following my methodology, they will actually assist you in healing and clearing the issue you are asking about.

Each one comes with my favorite dowsing charts.

Pendulums are now available at the Dancing Dolphin Online Store. Visit this link to get yours!

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