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Takara offers vibrational healing tools, long distance energy healing sessions, private consultations, Books and eBooks, workshops and classes on-line, on land, and at sea. Everything she offers is designed to increase your joy, raise your vibration, make your life work, and achieve enlightenment.

Free Support

Free Self Help Articles: At Takara's Spirit of Nature website, she offers hundreds of free articles. Visit the Articles Archive at Spirit of Nature for hours of reading to empower your life.

Free Guided Meditations: Takara has been leading free guided meditation related to dolphins, whales, and the oceans each Spring and Fall Equinox since 1998. Join thousands of people from around the globe who participate in these powerful and uplifting experiences.

Other Tools Takara Uses Personally and Highly Recommends

Xooma Xtreme X2O - water enhancement product. Start your day off right by turbo charging the water that you drink. Helps to lose weight, think more clearly, have more energy, and reduce pain. Gives you important  trace minerals, makes your body more alkaline, helps you become better hydrated, and much more. Takara drinks some every day.

Sunrider Whole Food Nutrition - the best herbal nutrition program Takara has ever come across. 

The BioElectric Shield - protects you from other people's negative energy as well as electromagnetic radiation. Medically proven to reduce stress, improve your immune system, plus many other benefits. Takara wears hers every day.

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