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Takara has been on-line since 1998. As her interests and readership has grown, she continues to add websites on various topics.

Spirit of Nature - Her oldest and largest website with well over 200 pages. Many of the other websites grew out of this one. The primary focuses are personal and spiritual growth, connecting with nature, vibrational healing, Shamanism, and earth based spirituality. It contains the full articles archive - links to every article, meditation, insight, newsletter, etc. that she has written since the year 2000. A visit to the articles archive is highly recommended.

Dolphin Empowerment - Takara's second website. This one is also quite large with over 160 pages. It is specifically geared toward dolphins, healing energy, wild dolphin swims, and many of the energy healing products and services Takara offers.

Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Products - Takara's primary product line. As the number and interest in these products increased, they simply had to have their own website. Dancing Dolphin Essences are extremely high vibration, leading edge tools that are totally unique and powerfully effective for any issue you are facing. The new shopping cart for all of Takara's books, events, products, and programs is being developed here:

Magnificent U - Takara's flagship website for on and off-line training. Also home to her monthly email newsletter, Here's to Your Magnificence, enjoyed by thousands of subscribers from over 100 countries across the globe. She is joined each month by expert authors from many disciplines aimed at assisting you in being healthy, happy, and whole, body, mind, and soul. This global training network is headed up by Takara and her friend and business partner, Millie Stefani. They offer training, support, inspiration, and advanced healing techniques for individuals and groups the world over.

Peering Through the Veil - A website dedicated to Takara's bestselling book: Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace. - Takara's Author Blog with information about workshops, books, and projects she is working on. 

Homeschool Santa Fe - Takara homeschools her son, Jess. Here she offers many great links to homeschool resources for home schoolers everywhere. There are also online resources for homework help and even a bit of parenting advice. 

Absolute Joy Now - The blog you are currently on.

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